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Uhm, not really too much to say about myself, except that I've been a mostly oblivious player of many games, and it wasn't until around a few months after Brawl's release that I became aware of competitive Smash... and it was only until after I was convinced to try the Project M mod did I start to feel more understanding of the Melee community.

I'm a longtime procrastinator in what things I'm supposed to do, I graduated high school, but have yet to decide on what to strive for in the long run. I've dabbled in a few things, such as writing, making videos, spliced music tracks together into medleys of sorts... and contemplated improving on my drawing and artwork ability. but overall the one thing that I've done more than all of that was play video games.

Not very socially outgoing in-person, nor do I have the confidence to boldly try brand new things. I have the mindset that who I am for real aught to extend to the internet. I can assume I'd probably be seen as bit too serious about everything and can't quite take a joke once I get used to someone. but when I'm having fun, I'm prone to laughing spurts of sorts. I'm also very poor with remembering details the first few times, I'll often need to be reminded who someone is, and if I've met you before and forgot, I apologize.

I've sort of grown into a bit of a pessimist, despite trying to be optimistic for others. I can be unaware of whether or not I offend someone at times due to the fact that I hardly ever go out. I'm also not one to quickly take sides as of lately until I hear both sides of a debate, and even then I try to be neutral in the topic regardless of my own opinions.
Mar 26, 1992 (Age: 29)
Chipley, FL
Melee Main
Brawl Main
Project M Main
Smash 3DS Main
Smash Wii U Main


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