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    How difficult was it for them to add Netplay to Melee?

    You can play any local multiplayer gamecube game online via dolphin's netplay function. We used to play melee netplay the same way for many years, things only started changing recently.
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    How to not take 50-60% from Fox lasers with Sheik?

    You always want fox at least within dash attack range on the ground. Otherwise he can just laser for free. Try to close the gap with a wavedash forward and get into a range where you are effective (about the length of a battlefield platform). Once you are within that range, you can counter his...
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    Searching for the German Melee Community and can´t find it - German-Smash-Boards GSB (just tagging)

    Yeah the german smash boards are no more. If I remember correctly, they had some server issues and just left the forum to die after that. All the german players are now on the german smash discord and you can also find people in various facebook groups, especially for local meetups, but the...
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    need a 19xxce rom

    I googled "xdelta mac" and this is the first result.
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    need a 19xxce rom

    We don't do this kind of stuff here. Inside the zip file, you can find a .xdelta patch file. You can find software to apply xdelta patches on Mac.
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    How to stay focused during matches?

    Working with the four things you listed, I belive that you should only have to focus on the "(reads)" during a tournament match. The other three points, you need to practice/learn/theorycraft beforehand (I think this is something you allude to in your last paragraph). I think there's a major...
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    Question Regarding Computer Monitor For Optimal Netplay Tech Skill

    Yes, I've been recommending the VG248QE for years and it's what I use myself. It's very likely to be one of the best LCD monitors for netplay even now. Here is are informative reviews of the monitor: (includes recommended settings for users) (in...
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    GameCube Controller not working with Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter for Mac

    I don't know much about OSX, but you could try running the windows version of dolphin or faster melee with wine. I don't know if it'll work with the drivers for the controller adapters but it's worth a shot. Apart from that, I highly recommend looking into windows virtualization or dual booting...
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    melee / moves discussion

    There is little you can do once you get hit. Sometimes you can DI rest at very low% or on certain stages/with certain characters but that's not something you should be concerned with. Regarding IC grabs, you can try to mash out at lower %. Start mashing early, you basically need to predict it...
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    Pro controller for melee

    I was about to say the same thing. Apart from that, there should be adapters that accept the pro controller for PC, but at that point you should always just buy an original gamecube controller instead.
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    I am searching for a bit of help for installing online Melee

    What are you having issues with? The guide on smashladder is pretty clear and they also have a decent FAQ for troubleshooting. If you have any specific problems, I can probably help.
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    new all cast tech?

    It's pretty well-known. For anyone who isn't familiar with wiggling out of the tumble animation, I recommend Kadano's video on it or reading the ssbmwiki article on tumble.
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    Does melee have lag with unofficial av cables?

    Those cables don't introduce any input lag. In fact, if you buy a video cable with SCART or s-video output (assuming that your TV accepts either), you're gonna get better picture quality than with the original AV cables.
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    Winning Neutral Against Falco

    Two easy things that work pretty well as marth: Waveland onto sideplatform to avoid laser, then wait for them to approach and then fall through platform with fair or run off fair. Full jump or shorthop->double jump at a good time, then threated with aerials and mix up your fast fall timings and...
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    How does L cancel works ?

    To my knowledge, there is no underlying reason. It's simply programmed into the engine directly as "if landing AND shield was pressed 7 frames before -> shorten landing lag". At least, this is my understanding. I think @Achilles1515 and @Dan Salvato would know for sure as they've analyzed the...
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