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Hey, I'm a long time forum lurker, (not-so)new account holder! I plan to go to my first tourney in a couple of weeks if I can find one! I've been watching Melee for years, but haven't played in as many years. :( Got caught up with Brawl hype, and that's how I found the pro scene.
I've started to begin getting traction in the competitive smah scene at my college(Cornell), placing high enough to get money in our local tournaments. Haven't had the chance to travel yet.
Jul 3, 1997 (Age: 25)
Long Island, currently upstate
Smash 64 Main
Project M Main
Smash 3DS Main
Smash Wii U Main
Mr. Game & Watch


Fun fact; Some of G&W's animations don't actually have limited animation. G&W is just moving really, really fast, so fast you can only register it if he's extreeeeeeeeeemely slowed down.
So in Smash Brothers, G&W is the fastest thing alive. Take that Sonic!




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