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Recent content by Max?

  1. Max?


    Holy **** Schmoo. This is quite a great find, the UpB Ledgesnap is pretty huge imo. Now I need to actually learn how to UpB cancel loll Great stuff team
  2. Max?

    Grab Punishes Frame Data (WIP)

    Wow. Literally top tier thread
  3. Max?

    DK Crew: Three Experts Weigh In On Melee Donkey Kong

    lmao oook man. I won't bother trying to MM you because you will just duck me as you have done in the past. Instead, if you can actually get to me in tournament before getting knocked out we can go from there.
  4. Max?

    DK Crew: Three Experts Weigh In On Melee Donkey Kong

    In what, friendlies? Let's see it in practice and then I will believe it, until then keep dreaming.
  5. Max?

    DK Crew: Three Experts Weigh In On Melee Donkey Kong

    Njzfinest is a total scrub, and these other players live in scrub regions. DK is terrible, he does NOT have good matchup vs. Fox/Falcon or Puff. Throw follow ups on Puff? That's great, good luck getting a grab on a good puff. Any laggy move done on shield, any launcher = immediate rest. All...
  6. Max?

    Q&A How to Wreck *****es with Ganon?- Linguini Q&A Thread

    Hasn't PPU bodied Kage in bracket before? 4 stocks to 4 stocks in a crew battle for fun doesn't mean too much imo
  7. Max?

    My current main may be holding me back so I want some advice

    If you know everything about the character then you should be beating people and placing in tournaments. There is more to this game than just hitting buttons. I would say continue using Luigi, do not stress what others think about you, have fun, and just improve. If you really love this game...
  8. Max?

    BandDGames: 20 MORE Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Melee

    "It was a difficult fight" You said it Roy
  9. Max?

    A Luigi in Top 8 of the Second Biggest Melee Tournament of All Time...

    He played so good, def got a good bracket imo.
  10. Max?

    FC Return Complete Results! July 4-5

    Bracket image for Melee?
  11. Max?

    Q&A Doc General Discussion: Ask and ye shall receive ft. otg and Shroomed!

    Always funny to hear DJ talk about his Doc when he never, ever, ever ever plays him.
  12. Max?

    Meta 2015 Community Tier List Voting

    Can you site examples of this? I fail to see how a character who has more range, better mobility, a moveset that combos seemlessly into itself and into finishers, and does NOT need grabs to get things started has a worse neutral than someone who is short, stubby, has an insanely hard combo game...
  13. Max?

    Meta 2015 Community Tier List Voting

    So you think that someone who sits around and just watches streams has an opinion and understanding of the game that is equal to someone who actively plays vs. high/top level players and ACTUALLY goes to events and competes? Many people in the community now are stream monsters who have very...
  14. Max?

    Meta 2015 Community Tier List Voting

    In all fairness Doc can beat a fair amount of telegraphed approaches with SH cape. He can waveland out of it, so he has the option to approach in if it hits or WL away and retreat if he misses. Doc on paper is the best mid tier, but its so ****ing hard to actually execute these things. The...
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