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    What Are Your Unpopular Gaming Opinions? (Ver. 2)

    It's kind of sad that those are unpopular opinions. I love those stages!
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    Poppi boosters, engaged! Poppi from Xenoblade 2 support thread!

    That moveset is beyond great. I love the use of pictures. Tora and Poppi would be very hard to master as a defensive character that has to keep a partner in position for the Affinity Line. Can Poppi be attacked?
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    Typhlosion For Smash Ultimate

    I'm going to ignore chances and just take a crack at the moveset. Typhlosion's level up moves have a lot of fire, smoke, and curling into a ball, so I'll work from there. Let's throw in a warm-up and cool-down mechanic for fun: Whenever Typhlosion deals 20% damage, it's attacks will have...
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    characters you DON'T want in smash

    -Waluigi is perfect as an assist trophy. It's like he was born for the role. I wouldn't want him playable. I probably would have pegged Daisy as another great assist trophy with some Strikers-based attacks, but an Echo she is. -Bandana Dee is a character I never understood. He's just a generic...
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    Who is Your New Main?

    Pokemon Trainer, Yoshi, and Wii Fit Trainer. With some Pichu and Corrin on the side.
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    Fjorm Breaks The Ice! - Fjorm For Smash Ultimate!

    I'll support her on the condition that she have a Sharena-based alt color.
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    Fjorm Breaks The Ice! - Fjorm For Smash Ultimate!

    I'll support Fjorm on the condition that she have a Sharena-based alt color. I'd like to have Sharena, but I can't argue with ice powers moveset-wise. Either way, Fire Emblem Heroes provides the easiest mobile representation for Smash.
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    Thoughts on Transformation Mechanics

    Another super casual here to say that I played transforming characters back when they transformed and barely play them now. The ability to transform and have double the moveset was the reason I played Zelda at all. It was so cool! I'm not sure why we can't provide balancing scrutiny to Zelda...
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    Everyone should return, No cutting!

    I remember playing only Yoshi and Pichu in Melee, then playing so much Pokemon Trainer in Brawl. Naturally, I barely ever won anything, but it was fun. I wish Squirtle or Ivysaur came back instead of Charizard. Or better yet, replace Squirtle with Piplup/Oshawott and Ivysaur with Bayleef. I...
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    Social The Egg-Cellent Dinosaurl! Yoshi in Smash Ultimate Thread!

    Because the Shroobs are awesome, that's why. But yeah, I forgot about Yoshi's sudden lack of upper body strength in that game. But while we're talking about what Yoshi can eat, can Yoshi eat Pikmin? I don't think he can, but I haven't tried it. Shutting down Olimar like that woul be even...
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    What’s the best original 12 character?

    Yoshi was the character who made me a Nintendo fan. Super Mario World was the first Mario platformer I enjoyed because Yoshi made it so fun and I've logged a ridiculous amount of time into Yoshi's Story and Yoshi's Island DS. Also, hitting that Dair is the best feeling in Smash. I'd hate to see...
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    If a SSB had team mechanics like Marvel vs Capcom, What would be your team?

    Yoshi, Palutena, Duck Hunt or Peach, Corrin, Sonic
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    Custom Robo's Holosseum Champion - Ray for Smash Switch!

    I was kind of sad that ARMs came around and took the "hardcore esports" niche that I was hoping Custom Robo would someday slot itself into at Nintendo. Oh well. I still loved the Gamecube and DS games and still support Ray as a playable fighter or an Assist trophy in Smash.
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    Unpopular Smash Ultimate Opinions! - Read the OP before Posting

    -I support Snivy, Bayleef, or Sceptile as a newcomer not to fill a grass starter quota, but because I like them. I'd trade both Charizard and Greninja for any of them. -I think that Lusamine riding in Nihelgo would be the most exciting Sun/Moon rep possible. -Tetra is still my top pick for a...
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