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    Esports Medal Event Added to the 2022 Asian Olympics

    I'm mostly thinking of Sakurai. He seems to hate the idea of Smash becoming a competitive game.
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    Esports Medal Event Added to the 2022 Asian Olympics

    An asian esports tournament with no Brood War or CS? What is this madness? Also, with Nintendo's weird attitude towards competitive smash, we're probably not going to see either Melee or Sm4sh in this big of a capacity for a while.
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    PPMD Will Rise Again, Here's Why

    Quoting Nietzche was a bit of an eyeroller, but otherwise this was a great read. I appreciate op-eds like this, so keep 'em coming.
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    Idea: Using DAir as a ground attack (Or as i call it, Radddish Hopping)

    I feel like this is quite similar to rising nair, which probably covers more options. I'll test this out later, though, and see if it's fast enough to be a viable tactic. Also, you don't need to use tap jump, right? For example, I occasionally use R to jump, and I feel that this would work as...
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    Smashboards 2016 Smash Wii U Wrap-Up

    They're slowly talking over, infiltrating the system...
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    2GGaming Sponsors Ranai for Genesis 4

    Villager mains represent!
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    Learn Audible Tech Chasing with GimR's Latest Video

    For sure. I don't doubt that this is real, it's just nice to keep any experiment as valid as possible. It's also likely that I've taken one too many philosophy of science courses this semester and I'm unconsciously analysing every little methodological detail.
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    Learn Audible Tech Chasing with GimR's Latest Video

    While this is definitely useful knowledge to have, there are a couple problems with the scientific process. If a few more people run a similar experiment - preferably other high level players - that might help get rid of the confirmation bias and help prove the theory.
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    Could I get some tips on maining Sheik?

    You literally can't have eight mains, dude. At that point, they cease to be mains. If your priority is Mewtwo, and then Diddy, then focus on Mewtwo and Diddy. Those are good characters who, if you put more time and effort into just those two, you'll see vast improvement. Sheik may feel easy to...
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    Could I get some tips on maining Sheik?

    Also, looks like you already have a lot of mains on your roster... If you're serious about playing Sm4sh competitively, maybe considering dropping a few of those. I honestly think even three mains is too many; you should have one or two mains, and a pocket or two. It's impossible to main eight...
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    Villager Controls! Tilt Stick vs. Smash Stick

    Sm4sh has this bug where, if your C-stick is set to smash, you lose momentum when you use it. So, if I'm using my aerials, and want to move around freely while doing so, I need to set my C-stick to Attack. This is critical for Villager, who thrives on walling with bair and fair. Any serious...
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    New Tech Discussion: Footstool Platform Cancelling - Sheik

    This is a pretty awesome mixup option! I'll be labbing this over the rest of the weekend for sure.
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    Editorial: A Smashing Debate, Part 3

    I need to develop skills that are required in any fighting game, like making good reads, baiting attacks, stage control, etc. Who knows if I will play smash 4 after Melee; but I think the Melee scene where I live is stronger than the smash 4 scene, and I can get more support that way.
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    Editorial: A Smashing Debate, Part 3

    Stuff like this makes it a challenge to play Sm4sh sometimes. We have so few stages with so little MU difference. Omegas are also a super weird problem to tackle, simply because there are so many. Maybe I should just play Melee... Disclaimer: I'm not saying Sm4sh is a bad game, or that Melee is...
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    Training Challenge: Shield Button OFF

    Interesting... When playing Captain Falcon, I tend to use shield as an offensive as well as defensive tool, such as pressuring and baiting with run up to shield. However, this challenge could teach me to look for new ways to put on that kind of pressure/bait.