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Recent content by Kaeldiar

  1. Kaeldiar

    The Project M Backroom Releases New PM 3.6 Tier List

    Recovery got hella buffed (can grab with side-b, up-b can sweetspot), and he has good MUs against most of the viable characters, instead of having bad MUs against most of the viable characters. Also..........Gentleman can be performed more easily (just have to hit A x3, like PAL), Falcon kick...
  2. Kaeldiar

    The Project M Backroom Releases New PM 3.6 Tier List

    D and below would SERIOUSLY struggle to. C is possible, but not likely. Luigi, Ivy, Squirtle, and Roy have placed 1st or 2nd.
  3. Kaeldiar

    The Project M Backroom Releases New PM 3.6 Tier List

    "you know how in Melee fox beats top tiers but can get cheesed by mid tiers and even struggles against like Samus? But Sheik kinda bodies every melee mid tier? Now imagine a game where every character is that cheesy mid tier that can **** with fox but loses to Sheik. Also the trend of results at...
  4. Kaeldiar

    The Project M Backroom Releases New PM 3.6 Tier List

    "Released Aerial Spin Charge Action Leniency" In a nutshell, you aerial down-b charge on someone's face, let go, then get a sort of a buffer window. It does a lot of damage and can lead to crazy combos. Check out Shockbound's reddit post for a longer description and a gif of its awesomeness in...
  5. Kaeldiar

    Request: Farore's Wind Effect Mod

    Whoops! Wrong build. You want THIS ONE, not the one I linked you. As I said before, there are some other graphics updates that Elf threw in, so if you wanted a purely "Zelda 3.6, but has teleport trails that can be toggled" you'll want to come in to the Discord and talk to Elf. He's the genius...
  6. Kaeldiar

    Request: Farore's Wind Effect Mod

    You want the Holy Priestess build by Elf (@otheusrex). You can toggle the teleport trail on/off by holding A/Z during its startup. It has a couple other graphical effect changes. Not sure if there's a build of JUST the wind trail, but you could ask him yourself. Not sure if he's active on...
  7. Kaeldiar

    Combo chart

    up-throw, up-smash, f-tilt, and sweetspot dash attack. Chain those together in some shape or form. f-throw makes a nice mixup when you're doing chaingrabs, too. It's fast, so they're unlikely the get the tech.
  8. Kaeldiar

    Why Were Fireballs Gutted?

    Umbreon overstates how much he designed 3.5+ Zelda. For one, the fireballs were an idea that Magus had wanted to experiment with for a while, based on Viola from SCV (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3WVi9JowQI#t=14s). The reason 3 fireballs were removed is that they were SUPER good if you were...
  9. Kaeldiar

    Combo chart

    That's pretty hype. Didn't take a super close look at it, but did you take into account the extra 0.5x hitlag on electric moves?
  10. Kaeldiar

    Match Notes

    Hot damn! I skimmed a couple pieces of this. Definitely didn't read all the way through, but I wanted to mention... Not sure when he wrote/said this, but f-smash once had a 0x SDI modifier on it. Now it's x0.25. Additionally with Nayru's, you can SDI it down and tech out of it. I once had the...
  11. Kaeldiar

    Data Zelda: Hitboxes and Frame Data [3.6]

    Okay, so I finally took the time to figure out all this crap...D-tilt is a rather complicated move to break down, because it serves several purposes. It was even more complicated in 3.0, but in either case, here's what you need to know from a "how to use this in combat" standpoint: 1. meteor on...
  12. Kaeldiar

    Data Zelda: Hitboxes and Frame Data [3.6]

    Lux is right. We can't mash at 30 fps, which would be "perfect" mashing, so when you mash, you don't actually usually the first possible frame. You end up hitting B later. That's why it's important to have good timing in Smash Bros. Understanding how long it takes for hitstun to wear off or for...
  13. Kaeldiar

    HELLO, FRIEND <3 I responded in the conversation

    HELLO, FRIEND <3 I responded in the conversation
  14. Kaeldiar

    Triforce of Power: Show us Your Swagger

    "You will jump into my foot...I command it"
  15. Kaeldiar

    Zelda Matchup Anthology

    My Olimar MU experience comes from having been an Olimar secondary until his recovery was massacred, and I've played Steelguttey on Netplay
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