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Finland, Turku
Melee Main
Project M Main


if any of you ever want to make something absolutely delicious, here's a recipe for a semi-traditional Finnish Archipelago bread:

1 litre butter milk, 3 dl dark syrup, 1.5 pieces of fresh yeast, 1.5 tablespoons salt, 3 dl malt, 4 dl oat flakes, 3 dl rye flour, 10 dl wheat flour

Mix the butter milk and syrup and warm to hand temperature.Pick in yeast. Mix in the other ingredients. Put the mix in cake tins etc. and cover with a cloth and let sit for an hour. Leave plenty of space for the dough to swell up. Like lots. Bake in 150 degrees celsius for 1.5 hours. Is absolutely delicious and goes incredibly well with salmon tartar and pickled fish.




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