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Recent content by DoH

  1. DoH

    Smash @ Xanadu 6/8-6/10 results ft. Westballz, Redd, HAT, Smash G0D, GimR, LLOD, NEO, Dunnobro

    Uhhh why is there a gendering of the bathrooms? There are no differences between them besides the sign and the population is heavily weighted towards one gender. There's no warrant to limited men to one restroom, especially when they are single access to begin with.
  2. DoH

    Bianca Del Rio as Rosie the Riveter

    Bianca Del Rio as Rosie the Riveter
  3. DoH

    VaNz Stuff.. about Peach (Tactical Discussion)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ6h5CiZDY4 a half hour of me vs mccain you're welcome
  4. DoH

    Teams tier list ?

    Peach/Fox is the best team IMO
  5. DoH

    Options after Bair on shield

    Forward smash!
  6. DoH

    VaNz Stuff.. about Peach (Tactical Discussion)

    I'm not entirely sure, but I do know that a reverse parasol will kill puff at 0 on Yoshis
  7. DoH

    VaNz Stuff.. about Peach (Tactical Discussion)

    You can smash DI through him and hope he messes up, otherwise just SDI the shine various lengths to make it harder for him to get in a rhythm. If they hit you with a shine at around 90 you should die from an up smash :(
  8. DoH

    Aggro Peach?

    Vidjo always had the edge as the best Peach in the US. As Vidjo faded, Xelic was the top placing Peach for a hot minute, then VaNz rose, then MacD snatched his wig. I play pretty aggressively. My philosophy is that if you're death comboing them, they can't death combo you.
  9. DoH

    VaNz Stuff.. about Peach (Tactical Discussion)

    You can't CC the shine if you're getting waveshined
  10. DoH

    VaNz Stuff.. about Peach (Tactical Discussion)

    Peach dittos don't have to be campy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSx5uSfp7ZM
  11. DoH

    Smash @ Clarendon 10/24/14 Results (50 entrants)

  12. DoH

    How do YOU deal with jigglypuff?

  13. DoH

    Ideas to keep players coming back?

    Yeah who even watches football that sport is like 150 years old
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