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Recent content by Diana's Safe Landing

  1. Diana's Safe Landing

    Mario Combo Video

    The Corvallis scene has a long history. It's been active since at least 2011 and there has always been state PR level players. The Oregon scene is also filled with friendly people.
  2. Diana's Safe Landing

    Mario Combo Video

    What up mario boards. My god this place is dead. But mario mains will live forever baby. We're like roaches; always livin', never dyin'. And on that note:
  3. Diana's Safe Landing

    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    Just in time for xmas, Winter Theme FoD: https://modulous.net/mod/1222/Icy%20Fountain%20of%20Dreams v2.0 v2.1 happy holidays =]
  4. Diana's Safe Landing

    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    Does anyone know how the water on fountain of dreams works? Is there a texture for the water's surface? And how do you remove the reflective effect? Edit: Found it, this is the texture for the water on FoD both in the main fountain and in the small fountain. However, its only visible in the...
  5. Diana's Safe Landing

    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    How do you navigate modulous? I click "See all 1024 mods" for melee and it only loads one page :/
  6. Diana's Safe Landing

    Pictures/GIF of Dreamland Windboxes?

    Couldn't find anything with a prelim google search and I'm really curious now. Can anyone help?
  7. Diana's Safe Landing

    double jab reset??

    I started doing the double jab because I saw SW doing it and it just looked really cool. One thing I've noticed is that the second jab actually covers tech in place if they managed to input a tech.
  8. Diana's Safe Landing

    What are some things you have to be able to do out of muscle memory

    Here is a crucial one not mentioned often: Being able to act as fast as possible out of lag. Ideally after the lag from a move you should be able to do your next input on the first possible frame. This is harder than it sounds because every character has varying amounts of lag on all of theirs...
  9. Diana's Safe Landing

    Any advice on the Luigi MU?

    Cant stress enough how important WELL SPACED upairs are on him. Uthrow -> Well Spaced Uair flat out beats his nair. Also the instant transmission combo, Shine -> Illusion. This true combos on every member of the cast that can be waveshined including luigi. Depending on percent and DI the...
  10. Diana's Safe Landing

    Legality Fox backtrow on Peach

    This is an uncommon technique and it's good to shed some light on it.
  11. Diana's Safe Landing

    Data COMPLETE: Fox Hitboxes and Frame Data

    Does anyone have a GIF of the firefox hitbox without the flames? Can't see **** lol
  12. Diana's Safe Landing

    Mario Social Thread

    Mario's most universal movement option for all his match ups is wavedash. Try to get max distance on your WD's in practice. Of course you also have to combine wavedash with dash dancing, just like with every character, but in mario's case he relies more on wavedash. Try to practice max distance...
  13. Diana's Safe Landing

    mario vs marth not that bad

    Dash dance nair? That's a pretty big stretch from my experience in the MU. Mario's SH nair is slow and weak. Trying to punish marth's whiffed aerial with one is not reliable. Nair OOS can punish marth for misspacing on your shield and even then its only a good punish option when hes at kill...
  14. Diana's Safe Landing

    Mario Social Thread

    Pretty vague question, but I like to pick Yoshi's and practice wavedash, ledge dashes, wavelands, autocancels, shield drops etc. I also turn game music off and SFX on max so I can hear when I'm fast falling.
  15. Diana's Safe Landing

    mario vs marth not that bad

    Honestly it's all over once Marth stops doing unsafe things on your shield. Openings are few and far between on any marth with semi-competent dash dancing.
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