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    characters you DON'T want in smash

    Well, non-videogame characters and real people are obviously out of the question, but as for the characters I don't want in Smash that are from video games, there are a few: · Fortnite guy - Shouldn't even have to explain this one. · Freddy Fazbear (FNAF) - Doesn't have any chance of getting...
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    Hanzo Academy's Star Student: Asuka for Super Smash Bros Switch (Mai Is Down, What Does That Mean For Asuka?)

    Count me in as a supporter. Asuka would be an excelllent addition to the Smash roster. Also, I'm aware that some people might view Senran Kagura as "too mature" to have a rep in Smash due to one of the franchise's game mechanics being that the characters start to gradually lose their clothes as...
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    KOS-MOS Returning to Battle: DLC Season 2.

    KOS-MOS would be an awesome pick for DLC, and she has a real chance to make it in too! I absolutely support.
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    Arle Nadja, Puyo Popper Extraordinaire pops into Smash Bros.! (New Management!)

    I will admit, I do not know a lot about the Puyo Puyo franchise, but I would like to see Arle Nadja added to Smash. She would be a great addition to the roster, definitely much, much better than many characters most people are requesting. I support!
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    Shrine Maiden of Paradise ~ Reimu Hakurei (Touhou Project)

    Reimu is easily one of my most-wanted characters for Smash. Doubt it will happen, but it would certainly be a dream come true if it did. Add me to the supporter list!
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    The Purple Energetic CPU: Neptune for Smash DLC

    I've only made an account a few hours ago but stumbled onto this site last week to see if there were any threads supporting Neptune for Smash. I had no luck in finding one until last night, and since then I have some renewed hope that maybe, just maybe, Nep has a shot of getting in. Previously I...
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