Tavares Morton. Leader of SuperSaiyanSmashers. Aiming to become the best that I can be no matter how hard the process. I've been training Dedede, Rob, G&W, Luigi, Mario, and many others to try to gain momentum, and have done decently. Ill be posting my achievements in this section as my smash career progresses. This is more for me and less for those who read this. Mostly because if and when I do take a big loss, this way Ill be reminded that progress has been made and I have the ability to better myself.

3ds Online
Top 10 on 3DS Smashladder Fall Season 2015
1st Place at 30 Person
4th Place at 64 Person
Wii U Locals
9th Place at Hasl 13
7th Place at Hasl 14
9th Place at Birmingham Brawl 6
5th Place at DTS 1
4th Place at Hasl 15

4th Place at Birmingham Brawl 7
Crew Members
S3| Jetotro :4sonic: :4feroy:
S3| Hatton :4shulk: :4mario: :4kirby:
S3| Hero :4littlemac: :4corrin:
S3| RetroNitemare :4link:
S3| Cholo :4ness:
S3| Jumpofa :4mario::4cloud2:
S3| Dinnermancer:4myfriends: :4cloud: :4mario:
S3| Loser?:4cloud2::4ganondorf:
Aug 7, 1997 (Age: 22)
Huntsville, AL
UAH Student
Smash 64 Main
Melee Main
Game and Watch
Brawl Main
Mr. Game & Watch
Project M Main
Mr. Game & Watch
Smash 3DS Main
Mr. Game & Watch
Smash Wii U Main
Mr. Game & Watch




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