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Recent content by Blackwolf666

  1. Blackwolf666

    Recolours! What do you want? Post them here!

    Bring back Black Yoshi and I'm golden.
  2. Blackwolf666

    I have no idea how to improve

    my basic suggestion just continue learning different ways to move/approach/recover/etc practice those ways and get better at adjusting with the right practiced method against human players. However what's even more important than that is learning how to predict your opponent and take advantage...
  3. Blackwolf666

    Nintendo Switch 5th Anniversary Retrospective

    Favorite switch game is smash ultimate, no contest, many switch games came before and after it but it is the one game I never get bored of. Future hopes for switch is adding gba and GameCube games to the library.
  4. Blackwolf666

    Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot Camp delayed due to 'recent world events'

    It sucks that people will have to wait to play it but understandable, not the right time to put out a game that makes war look fun.
  5. Blackwolf666

    Official Next Smash - Speculation & Discussion Thread

    I’ve said my opinion a few times in other places but the things that I want from the next smash are a break the targets maker, updated smash run, better online connectivity, melee style adventure mode with branching paths (doesn’t need to tell a grand story with several cutscenes imo but would...
  6. Blackwolf666

    The Final Smash Ultimate Balance Patch has Released

    I was here hoping for some pichu and banjo buffs.
  7. Blackwolf666

    Social THE Social Thread 2.0

    out of the choices splatoon 3 or BotW2... the only two games among them that i think I'll get. Everything else doesn't interest me, besides maybe legends Arceus but after sword and shield disappointed me i decided to put that series behind me.
  8. Blackwolf666

    Super Smash Bros. 6 Theory

    At the back of my mind I imagine that a smash game will come out multi-platform. I feel like that’d be a bad idea since smash has remained one of the biggest reasons for people to buy Nintendo consoles for nearly 2 decades now, but dunno all these 3rd party characters just make me imagine
  9. Blackwolf666

    KH music you wish was in Smash

    I'd just like Simple & Clean along with all the other songs they've used for a cinematic opening.
  10. Blackwolf666

    Anyone else + Ultimate's DLC = underwhelming?

    After playing as and against Kazuya has made me realize... I actually dislike how fighting game characters are implemented in smash. To me it's cool in concept but i dont vibe with it in practice may be because i havent played many fighting games since the PS2 era. I still respect the inclusion...
  11. Blackwolf666

    What's stopping Sonic from getting more characters?

    Sonic characters have a lot of potential and Sega has had a great relationship with Nintendo but, no offense to Sonic fans (I'm kind of a fan myself) I just don't see Sonic characters as a high priority for smash bros outside of the blue blur himself. I'd love to see characters like Knuckles or...
  12. Blackwolf666

    What characters do you wish got into Ultimate?

    Bandana Waddle Dee: New Kirby character with decent moveset potential involving his spear and super strength that makes me smile. Also Waddle Dee slowly became one of the main supporting characters in Kirby games since kirby 64 Shantae: didnt get into the series until after Smash 4 but I've...
  13. Blackwolf666

    Bandana Dee, the Legend of Dee - Our Star Ally as DeeLC?! (v(- ' ' -)>↑

    Didn't get Dee but he always felt like more of a base game character with a pretty balanced moveset rather than a DLC character with an exploitable gimmick. Hope he's among the first revealed for Smash 6
  14. Blackwolf666

    A New Wah-volution!: NEW Waluigi Support Thread

    congrats everyone. The pay off of Waluigi fans and memers may not have been this generation but, the groundwork has been laid with a meme that has reached the entire world. No doubt this will bring his name up as a newcomer more than a few times when it comes to smash 6 development.
  15. Blackwolf666

    Official Challenger Pack 11 Reaction Thread

    come to think of it, yes, lol.
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