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Another Player

He prefers to play DLTK because the normal ranks have been played immensely by other speedrunners. He prefers positional play over the risky tactical skirmishes of the normal ranks.
Attributes: His abilities are best reflected outside of the Goldeneye blitz format. Primarily used control style 1.1 with auto-aim off. GE Mission Status: Top American Dark_LTK Champion and runner up. 14 proven Levels by October 31, 2008. Completed all 20 levels of the LTK league. PP7 Specialist on the 00 Agent level. Completed single segment runs of agent, secret agent, and double agent.
Public Multiplayer status: He has won every multiplayer game since the games inception except for several games. I’ve played hundreds of games of Goldeneye 64 Multiplayer. I’ve played everything from normal to flag tag. I overwhelmingly win in free for all up to four players. IE: In first to twenty points in a normal mode my opponents might have 8, 5, and 3 points on average. It totals 16 when I get 20 and usually something like this is the result. Recent play at end.
Magic Status: An all-around gamer and Magi Master, was the ‘guy to beat’ at many Magic the Gathering shops using unorthodox ideas like mono-red defense and counterspell-less blue. He participated in numerous magic tournaments placing 2nd or 1st in many of them in a variety of formats. His preference is the legacy format using non-net non cookie-cuttish decks. A great drafter and Sealed Deck gamer he has Pro potential.
Captain of his HS Chess team three of his four years resulting in the (Mark era) suffering only three losses out of 45 games against strong opposition. The only one in his High School’s history during his freshman year to achieve a perfect 10-0 against his opponents from 10 other high schools.
Mastered FFVI beating the game at level 19 (low level clear) and maxed the natural game at level 99 with all spells, equipment, and abilities. Dido with Final Fantasy Tactics.
After beating Sim City, completed favorite building game of Civilization II on Emperor level with a rating of 9560 (956%). It's over 9000!
Excellent SSBG's Super Smash Bros. Series being the best in his group in all versions N64, Melee, Brawl, WiiU. Though this game may be easier to understand compared to other games.
At board games he conquers Risk, an expert Scrabble player, Settlers of Catan, and an upset in 2006 by placing 6th in Washington’s State Chess Open.
On April 08, 2008, Mark announced retirement from the game GE 007 to focus on Perfect Dark where his cartridge deleted all his files. He now has to start from scratch. Owns two games of The Resistance: Avalon - Played all varations leading to an understanding making it interesting on either side.
Emerald City
Game Master
Smash 64 Main
Melee Main
Brawl Main
Pikmin & Olimar
Project M Main
Smash 3DS Main
Smash Wii U Main
Toon Link
Smash Ultimate Main
Young Link




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