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    Kaede Plays Along! Danganronpa for Smash Ultimate

    I support! I really like your selection of music a lot especially. I wonder what the choice would be for the victory theme... The main DANGANRONPA theme remixed? Trial themes? Clair de Lune as its basically Kaede's theme anyway? Hard to say...
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    Lady Lyndis of Fire Emblem Fame For Smash! (Possible chance?)

    I realize I've never posted in this thread! I support Lyn! She's a fun character from a fun game. Then she can also come with like half a dozen Mii Costumes which are all just based on her in various seasonal outfits from Fire Emblem Heroes. :upsidedown:
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    Layton takes the case! The Professor Layton for Smash Ultimate support thread! Unwound/Lost Future HD out now!

    I somehow hadn't heard of this franchise! I'm glad they were able to make their localizations work out though. Now time to add it to my backlog... my very long backlog... my backlog which only gets longer over time... i should probably finish my mobile re-playthrough of Curious Village sometime...
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    Fight to the beat of the music and your heart! Cadence for smash Support thread

    That's, uh, a challenging question. I guess it'd partly depend on licensing, but I also can't imagine any of the composers/arrangers rejecting having their work featured in Smash. I feel like the OC ReMix version would be the most obligatory of all the non-Danny-B-ones, as Nocturna is the DLC...
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    『SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI』General Thread

    A spirit event seems like a decently safe bet. ATLUS being in this game without Jack Frost is too suspicious to not feel like they're waiting for something, even if it's just a promotional spirit event. Demon summoning is definitely my ideal moveset as well. We still don't have a real...
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    Sunrise Up Again! Isaac for Smash Ultimate DLC

    I swear some rumours nowadays feel like Nintendo devs played musical chairs to decide who gets what IP (see, Next Level Games gave Strikers to Camelot, while Camelot gave Golden Sun to an indie dev)... Overall though, this idea kind of goes against what Nintendo has said about Cadence of Hyrule...
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    『SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI』General Thread

    Yeah, I'm sure Nintendo (and maybe SEGA?) is helping out with SMTV coming out at the same time worldwide. It just strikes me as weird that Nocturne is listed for "Spring 2021" in English if V comes out before March... given how March is when Spring begins...
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    『SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI』General Thread

    The fact Nocturne was announced as "Spring 2021" makes me wonder if they are going to release SMTV in English before they release Nocturne HD in English? As otherwise it seems likely the two games would launch within weeks of each other? It'd be weird, but not the weirdest thing ATLUS has done...
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    Raguna Plows the Competition!

    I support! Rune Factory is a fantastic JRPG franchise and it'd be cool to see a character blending life simulation and JRPG combat mechanics in Smash.
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    Danganronpa Protagonists Bring Hope! Makoto, Hajime, Kaede and Friends for Smash Thread

    So, what kind of content would people be interested seeing from Danganronpa in terms of stage cameos/spirits/Mii costumes? I feel like the six characters mentioned in OP plus Monokuma and co. would be needed cameos/spirits, but beyond that I'm unsure. I kind of like the idea of mixing...
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    Attack! Imperial Floral Assault Group! Sakura Shinguji for Smash Switch!

    Really good spirit board! From what I know, that looks like a good variety of characters from across the franchise. Only one question: Do you think the ace spirit would be a singular character, or would we get something like Hero's Party or the Phantom Thieves repping a group of characters at...
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    Fight to the beat of the music and your heart! Cadence for smash Support thread

    Hmmm... My impulse is to make a pun off of "Beat," but Cadence's moves don't feel like they can fairly be characterized as bringing "Beat-Down" and such. It'd be funny to make a pun that uses the word cadence, but it's also an uncommon word and would look weird twice on the sign... "Explorer...
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    League of Legends Champions for Smash

    It'll be interesting to see how their story-based games go! I'm wondering how many people will get into them on the grounds of finding League's universe/character-design interesting, but not caring about MOBAs. It's interesting, as the MOBA community is kind of considered its own thing a lot of...
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    Just another one of the "possibilities": Ragna the Bloodedge for Smash Ultimate!

    Lack of news is worrying at this point for sure, in spite of the placeholder announcer files for tonnes more characters.... It is kind of a weird roster to end with, but I guess they were never going to satisfy everyone. Definitely wouldn't have expected Neo to be the only RWBY character to get...
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    Arle Nadja, Puyo Popper Extraordinaire pops into Smash Bros.! (New Management!)

    I mean, that would require some bending of canon abilities, but I guess I wouldn't look a gift Amitie and Ringo in the mouth? That said, I agree with everyone else that Arle is far more likely, possibly with Carbuncle if they're feeling spicy.
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