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    Media Ridley Match Analyses, Tips/Discussion

    I've yet to test it, but I know that an Up-B angled downwards will spike aerial opponents. This could work to edgeguard K. Rool, but 1) It's risky and can cost you a stock if you dont snap to the ledge and 2) I'm unsure if Ridley Up-B will beat out K. Rool's Up-B. If anyone has experience doing...
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    Need help improving

    Yes, I do realize this is for 1-on-1 tournament style play, which is what I wanted advice on. I've been used to looking at my own character's position on screen from free-for-all games with my friends. The advice has been working for me in online 1v1 battles by the way
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    Need help improving

    Thank you so much for this! I'm already seeing improvement after trying to focus in on my opponent during the match. I'll try to implement everything else mentioned over time.
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    Need help improving

    I've been using Ridley, actually! Let me go into specifics: I would say I'm having most trouble with two specific things, winning the neutral exchanges and returning to the stage (which is one of Ridley's weaknesses, so I'm not surprised with that). How should I react to opponents dash...
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    Need help improving

    Hey all, I've been having a wonderful time with this game so far! I've completed Adventure mode, Classic mode with all characters, and even completed all the achievements. However, as of late I've been having an issue. I keep getting my @$$ handed to me online. See, I've been able to enter...
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    Super Smash Bros. Beginners Guide to Competitive!

    Hey there! I wanted to share with you all this Super Smash Bros. presentation that I made for my friends and colleagues to teach them basic competitive concepts in a fun and engaging way! I made it in Microsoft Powerpoint, so I suggest you open it in Powerpoint and watch the presentation...
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    Preload Question

    @staindgrey It was working at first, but I figure it got corrupted somehow. I'll look for a new one, but for now I'll try to preload the game onto the hard drive
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    Preload Question

    I believe my problem was a bad microSD card. I'll update when I get it downloaded
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    Preload Question

    Has anybody been able to successfully preload the game onto their Switch systems yet? I seem to get an error whenever I try to download it, is the game not actually able to be preloaded yet?
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    My only problem with Incineroar

    You just made me realize: Incineroar Neutral B + Max speed spirits + speedy items = RED BEYBLADE OF DEATH
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    @Nazyrus Hello, welcome to the forums! I just saw your Red Savarin art and I'm very impressed! Keep making great art, no doubt i will try to follow your work in the future. Hope you have fun on the forums :grin:
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    New to Smashboards, want to meet new people!

    Hello! My tag is AggroFrag and this is my first venture into Smashboards! :grin: I'm looking to get into the real competitive game once Smash Ultimate launches, and I figured that the boards would be the best place to share tips and tricks. I'm also here to meet new people who want to play...
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    My only problem with Incineroar

    Incineroar's recovery looks awful from anywhere but the high position, since Up+B has incredible kill potential and can scare people away from the ledge when Incineroar is coming from the high position. Is he able to use Up+B in the air after a Side+B?
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    Delzethin Weighs in on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Newcomers

    As a Pokemon fan, I'm pretty biased in saying that I love Incineroar's inclusion in the game. Sure, he isn't looking like a top tier character, but he looks like a fun character to play and for that reason I'll try him out. And I want to annoy my friends with his constant taunting