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Jun 3, 2010
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    1. BlueXenon
      I don't want to add too many ice climbers sets to my personal youtube playlist, however, I would add your set vs Gnes to the thread.
      1. DeLux
        you don't have to, was just asking
        Apr 19, 2014
      2. DeLux
        remind me later when I'm not dying and we'll make something happe n
        Apr 19, 2014
      3. BlueXenon
        I know it's late, but I reminded you :)
        Apr 25, 2014
    2. BlueXenon
      Hi Delux. If I made a top 5 videos for each character thread in the brawl forum, would it be deleted? I asked multiple mods many times if I or someone else can have ownership of the top 10 thread and there was no response. The brawl community is dying and I want to do whatever I can to help; I believe a top 5 video thread would bring interest back to the brawl section of smashboards. Thankyou for considering this.
      1. DeLux
        Am I on the videos?
        Apr 18, 2014
    3. M@v
    4. GangsterPuff
      excuse me, can you help move one of my threads to somewhere else?
    5. yolod
      Hey, So you live in Kansas? Any tournies going on currently?
      1. DeLux
    6. BlueXenon
      I can't tell if you're serious or not, lol. I added your set vs Gnes at Whobo 5 to the playlist. I forgot that one.
      1. DeLux
        I'm always serious. My set vs. Chibo tho

        And my set vs. MJG
        Nov 29, 2013
    7. BlueXenon
      I don't understand your response. Did you mean to say "None of the sets in your playlist are on the list"?
      1. DeLux
        none of my* sets are on the playlist :P
        Nov 28, 2013
    8. BlueXenon
      Hi Delux. I am obsessed with watching top level brawl sets and actually have a playlist, with over 90 videos so far, saved on my youtube account of my favorite brawl sets. I wanted to know if I can be the owner of the best videos for each character thread, because I think I can do a better job. Here is a link to my playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL00bIBU4bwUYA8a-HrpJbs1wsofVy3sS7
      1. DeLux
        None of sets are on the list sooooooo
        nope sorry :P
        Nov 28, 2013
    9. deadjames
      Hey Lux, would it be possible for me to get a link to last night's stream? I want to post my matches on the Pika boards.
      1. DeLux
        Nov 3, 2013
      2. deadjames
        Ok, cool thanks.
        Nov 3, 2013
    10. Indigo Jeans
      Indigo Jeans
      Delux, is there any chance any of the stuff from the Smash Lab was archived somewhere? Like the resources, guides, and links to the Google Docs? I'm asking because I noticed you are still listed as a moderator for the Lab, but the forum doesn't seem to be accessible. Or was it all completely lost in the move?
    11. BSP
      Is there a reason for your request?
      1. DeLux
        I've been playing Mario?
        Jul 13, 2013
    12. Yardo
      Hey, I am looking for any smashers in Wichita and wondered if you knew of any that might be hosting events?
      It's difficult to find anyone in the middle of nowhere, but I know there was some tournament last month, so there's got to be somebody around.
    13. FightAdamantEevee
      I kinda stopped having fun playing it a while ago
    14. FightAdamantEevee
      I don't play ssbb anymore, sorry pal :(
      1. DeLux
        what why
        Mar 28, 2013
    15. [Corn]
      Thanks for the awesome Icies tips man, had no idea I was doing something so wrong yet so simple.
      1. DeLux
        People have been doing things certain ways for a long time. Some of us are trying to ring in 2012 still for IC technology lol
        Mar 25, 2013
      2. DeLux
        I mean 2012, don't even get me started on the 2013 technology, funny what you can find just toying around in frame by frame for a month
        Mar 25, 2013
    16. FightAdamantEevee
    17. FightAdamantEevee
      Depends, when is it
      1. DeLux
        It was yesterday :P
        Mar 3, 2013
    18. PIKA321
      Hey I just join your KS Brawl FB page, my picture is the moon from Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask.
    19. PIKA321
      Yeah I saw that you guys have a FB group and I look at it every once in a while.

      And I may be able to come to one there sometime, the only thing is a ride because I'm only 13 so I don't have a car or anything.
    20. PIKA321
      I live around Kansas City Kansas and yeah I am very interesting, in fact I'm thinking about going to that tourny in Topeka, but I don't know if I'll be able to go because that's like a hour away from my house, I wish it were a little closer. :/
    21. C.J.
      Can you get on Skype?
    22. Marc
      Hence the no infraction. ;)
    23. Kel
      I dunno, St Louis is really far right now. We just moved back to Cincinnati, so we are super poor. I will see what I can do though, and you get first dibs
    24. Jace08
      Yeah it takes some time, but I think you could get really solid at melee as well in just a few months. Luckily I have no classes mondays and fridays, so that works out well we should definitely play then
    25. Jace08
      I've been waiting all my life to hear those words ><

      Well do you have a melee disc? I'm sure you already know that practicing the game's mechanics/tech skill is especially important starting out

      Find a character you love and try to stick with him/her. Watch lots of melee vids. I can help you a lot more in person. We should meet up and play, I can host here in the towers if you like
    26. Necrotic
      No...785-727-1463 try texting that. Thats my mobile number.
    27. Necrotic
      Ill be legit for 27th. Not gonna be on facebook anymore so contact me here, skype, or you can call me. 785-232-8790
    28. Rizen
      It was friendlies and the other team wasn't as good so you would attack me sometimes or SD and share stock. It was for fun.
    29. Rizen
      Oh I got mixed up. I played wifi doubles on AiB but it went down. I thought you were my partner but I probably confused the name. He had the tag MASK and use MK/ZSS. Lol my bad.
    30. Rizen
      GGs. AllisFail is fail. I need to watch my back with you as a partner, lol. Fun stuff :)
    31. Marc
      I was going off memory on a somewhat old AiB log post, thanks for the info.
    32. Cook
      Hm, that is kinda of not that far. I'll see if anyone wants to.
    33. FightAdamantEevee
      Yeah find me in Free Play sometime, and my aunt's gonna get me plane tickets so I'm not gonna carpool
    34. nealdt
      Always. Let 'em rip.
    35. nealdt
      Thanks :). Tell your friends!
    36. Sunnysunny
      Next time you drop by though, you gotta fight me then. <3

      Wifi can't handle Icy shenanigans.
    37. Sunnysunny
      Yea I just looked it up. ._.

      Apparently I fought Detta once in pools and then again in losers.
      One sec. Changing my application.

      Thanks for bringing this up to me.
    38. Sunnysunny
      I think it was a tourney around two months ago, when you and couple of dudes from kansas came over, and took our brawl lunch money. >w>

      I fought you in pools. I was the dude in the silk cowl hoodie~!

      EDIT: One sec. Imma go see if I can dig up the pools chart.
    39. Vinyl.
      Alright, added.
    40. mars16
      Coool, Adding you right now!!

      You can find mine under the About me thing. If you dont already know.
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