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GosuJasu and Toggle Sings are back with their newest Smash/Disney song! The duo has produced a variety of Smash Bros. songs in the past, such as Under FD and Hax$ton. Their latest song "Be Down-Aired" is from the perspective a plotting Ganondorf.
Last night, a massive event took place in Texas: TGC 6. The event had a wide array of talent, with names like Hyuga, ESAM, Nick Riddle, MVD and Dabuz in attendance. As per the norm in this region of Texas, Smash 4 ran three stocks for the tournament. As many have heard, the tournament ended up having to split the pot between top 8 because the tournament ran too late, but unfortunately many are blaming this on the use of three stocks and not telling the whole story. So here it is in full.
Welcome back to the Weekend Watchlist! We are happy to bring you our 38th iteration of this list. With the upgrade to the Smashboards Event System taking place last year, it's easier than ever to find a Smash event near you, but for those stuck watching at home, we've used it to compile a list of the best streams each weekend to feature here. So without further ado, here's the Weekend Watchlist!
Joining the trio of large regionals this weekend (along with Avalon U-II and Oh, Did I Win? 2) is Smash@Tier3 Volume 6, taking place in Mexico City, Mexico. Mexico City is home to some of the country's best, including the infamous fourteen-year-old Meta Knight prodigy, Leo. Can he and his fellow Smashers defend their home from Regi, the Mr. Game and Watch master from Guadalajara who placed top 32 at EVO 2015? As if readers needed another reason to be hyped: did we mention Corrin and Bayonetta will be legal for this tournament?
Joey Aldama, aka "Lucky", is one of the best Melee players today. He is currently ranked #9 on SmashBoards and has even defeated some of the Gods of Melee, most notably ... Mashable Presents: Lucky's Story...
Michigan has more to offer then just cars or the great lakes: the people there know how to Smash! An often overlooked region in Smash 4, Michigan has produced players that cause surprising upsets time and time again at majors. Not to mention the state still has a dedicated scene for Brawl still pounding away. This weekend, Oh, Did Win? 2 will be taking place, and many of these hidden bosses are set to attend alongside some not so hidden talent to compete in Smash 4. With any out of state player getting an extra $100 prize for making top 3, can Michigan defend its turf against top talent like Ally, V115, and Katakiri?
Wednesday's patch brought us the much-anticipated release of Bayonetta and Corrin. But equally important is the balance update released alongside them, shaking up the metagame for what is possibly the last time. Marth, Lucina, Roy, and Little Mac received notable buffs, while Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, Rosalina, and Sonic all had their weight slightly lowered. Every little change counts with a game as precise as Smash 4, and even the slight adjustments to Sheik's Vanish could mean the difference between victory and defeat. So you may be asking: when will we get to see top players compete on the new patch? Fortunately, the answer is "almost immediately".
by STOB, Friday
The release of the Corrin and Bayonetta DLC brought about a frenzy of activity within the Smash community. Players eager to talk about their experiences with the new characters flocked to the Smashboards forums, while others refreshed their browsers rapidly to check if the patch notes had been updated. The level of activity was so high that Smashboards actually shut down for a period of time. Looking through Twitter, hundreds of opinions on the DLC were available from just about everyone in the community. Videos have already been made, and the meta is beginning to take shape. Now that the dust has settled, what is the verdict on Corrin and Bayonetta?
No, it's not Lylat.

Lilac from Freedom Planet gets a brand new outfit in her very own Smashified art by the artists Artsy Omni and Chris Szczesiul. This is their first ever commissioned art, and it was requested by the developer team itself, Galaxy Trail. The art showcases for the first time Lilac's new look for Freedom Planet 2, a spiritual successor to Sonic the Hedgehog, and it was done in collaboration with Galaxy Trail's Character Design... Lilac gets Smashified!...
The time has come for universities across the United States to once again prove their Smash mettle in the collegiate crew battle league’s latest season: The Melee Games is now open for team registrations for the Spring 2016 season! Following an exciting semester’s worth of competition during the Fall 2015 season, this season TMG is opting not to have a grand finalist among all regions. Instead, the intention of TMG Spring '16 is to strengthen the league's core by focusing efforts to breed friendly competition between Smash scenes on college campuses in various regions of the U.S.
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