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January 2016 has come and gone, and with it, a huge month for Smash 4. The start of 2016 was an incredible rollercoaster with the second largest Smash 4 tournament of all time and major announcements regarding the game's future. As per usual with the series, the State of Smash 4 takes an in-depth, comprehensive look into Smash 4's competitive metagame of the past month, including community news, major tournaments and various other events. Without any further delay, it's time to get started with January's event...
Recognized as one of the most relevant exporting country in terms of baseball talents, Venezuela is where hard-work routines and effort in the field are the daily bread of all the professionals in the area of this enthusiastic sport. This ethic has influences in other fields as well, such as gaming.
Welcome back to the Weekend Watchlist! We are happy to bring you our 40th iteration of this list. With the upgrade to the Smashboards Event System taking place last year, it's easier than ever to find a Smash event near you, but for those stuck watching at home, we've used it to compile a list of the best streams each weekend to feature here. So without further ado, here's the Weekend Watchlist!
The second tournament in the Midwest Circuit, Frostbite, will be taking place in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This event is sure to show why the Midwest is 'Midbest', with some of its top players in both Melee and Smash 4 set to attend. Come meet the top threats attending and discover the storylines heading into Frostbite!
Have you ever been punished because of a ledge trump? Well, no more! The famous YouTube channel Beefy Smash Doods has recently uploaded a new guide on a tech that will end the "getting trumped" days.* ...
Amazing things can happen when the world of traditional sports collides with Smash. WOZO, a radio station in Knoxville, Tennessee, recently started a series on it's Sports program INKSports to discuss eSports and, as part of its first segment, invited Smashboard's own SmashCapps to discuss competitive Smash and how eSports compared to traditional sports.
In the first official Smash 4 tier list, Ganondorf was voted to be only two spots away from the worst character in the game. While this is better than being the lowest-ranked fighter on the tier list as he was in Brawl, not much can be said on this improvement. Some have wondered if Ganondorf is truly the king of the bottom tier, citing his dominance of various power rankings and surprisingly high placements at certain tournaments. So what do those in the trenches battling with him as a main think of him? We brought three of the best Ganondorf mains to weigh in!
One of the most exciting things in the Smash 4 community right now is its new challengers approaching. While some are still well-known from their days in Brawl, there are many players just beginning to make a splash on the scene. While many have had their moments to shine, few can say they did so by taking down Nairo at one of the most stacked Smash 4 events of all time and almost breaking into the top 8. The one who can is Hyuga.
Last weekend, we covered Smash @ Tier 3, a Mexican regional that took place in Mexico City, the home of some of Mexico's best. Players like Javi, Richi, D~Pollo and even Regi, who flew directly from Guadalajara, were confirmed to attend. Leo, a local to the area and the #1 ranked Smasher in the country, was also present. He was the favorite to take the tournament, but he encountered opposition from his cousin Serge, a young Lucario player.
A few years ago, we saw the story of top Melee players documented in a 9-part series called "The Smash Brothers". Those videos gathered the history of 7 of the most dangerous Melee players and their road to glory and fame, from the times when DI was witchcraft and a certain Forward Air to Down Air string had no name, to the era when Melee got a revival and the true leaders showed their moves.

Recently, Corey "False" Shin from Rush Hour Smash started a Kickstarter campaign to produce a sequel to this documentary, but instead of focusing on Melee, False would like to take a look at the controversial Smash game that divided the community. Yes, a Brawl documentary. The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is $6,303; currently, it has collected over $1,100 with 29 days left to donate.​
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