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Another @Sumabato comes to a close with a familiar champion. @Komorikiri finally snapped his losing streak and regained his spot at the top of western Japan without dropping a set to anyone all day. He went almost exclusively Sonic this time as well, only bringing out Cloud for various game two situations. Unlike another player headed for EVO, Komorikiri did not claim he would win EVO but instead said, "I hope to meet all of your expectations next month at EVO." Thanks to Nairo's donation drive, Komorikiri as well as three other players will be heading to EVO this year to compete, so staying up to date on the Japanese Smash scene is as important as ever.
It's time for another exciting Japanese tournament! On June 18th, Japan time, players will duke it out at Sumabato 11! Currently at 192 entrants, this event is sure to impress!

Overview and General Information

Low Tier City, the largest tournament series in Texas, is about to have its fourth iteration this weekend on June 18 - 19 at the Let’s Play Gaming Expo.

Originally started three years back, the name ‘Low Tier City’ came from Dallas’ (its original host city) reputation for being congested...
One of JP3's Latest Works

In this day in age, tournaments have surpassed the simplistic, bad audio and video quality streams and videos. Not only have we improved audio and video greatly, but we have added overlays and graphics to give the matches and tournaments flare and interest. These people are called Graphic Designers, and they have created some amazing works of art. Today, we have one of them with us to discuss what they do and what their profession is like. Take a look into the mind of a designer with...
I had the privilege of meeting up with Colorado TO Double A Battery on his most recent tour of Japan. As we are both Smash TOs and Japanese speakers who participate in the Japanese Smash Community, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get another opinion other than my own out there. While he echoes a lot of what I have been saying in my article series thus far, he does offer some interesting points and observations I want to share with everyone in the Smash Community. Give him a follow @TheAABattery and check out the interview!
Flashback to 2015, where Illinois saw the town of Gurnee hold a Smash tournament in Key Lime Cove, an aquatic waterpark. What started off as an event with a clever name and fitting venue from GamersHQ became the meeting grounds for Illinois's largest Smash Bros. event ever, holding over 600 attendees, competitors and spectators. It was truly a sight to behold, with Smash 4, Melee and Project M being the featured games.

Now, it's 2016, and GHQ has returned with Smash 'N' Splash 2. Welcome back to paradise, Smashers. Enjoy your stay.
If somebody told you that famous rapper Lupe Fiasco would play Smash 4 champion ZeRo, would you have believed them?
The difference between Japan's Smash 4 scene and Melee scene is simply staggering. While the die-hard Melee players who regularly attend Japanese tournaments have also made their way to American major tournaments before, their numbers are few and their local tournaments are infrequent. @Master Hand, the only remaining monthly Melee series in Japan, gets roughly 30 players a month and @Sumabato, the Wii U monthly tournament series in the same Kansai region, gets anywhere to five to ten times those numbers. Many names from the King era of Melee either have completely moved on to Smash 4 or have retired from competitive play, but there are still some who strive to improve their tech skill and dream of reaching that Melee major top 8 stage.
Today is the final day for The New England Invitational streaming on Twitch at BigBlueES and featuring top players from the region in a Smash Summit style event. The bracket can be found here and features top players such as Slox, Mafia, Zoso, and...
Looking for where the top players are Smashing this weekend? Check out some of the biggest events for Wii U in the United States happening today!

Texas Gaming Championship 8
- Houston, TX: Featuring Vinnie, Megafox, Trela and more...
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