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The yearly multi-game tournament KVOxTSB 2016 will be hosted in Osaka from April 29th to May 1st. In addition to a first look at the new King of Fighters and a chance to play the console version of the latest BlazeBlue, KVOxTSB will host Smash 4 and Melee tournaments on Sunday, May 1st.

Currently, the event for Smash 4 is set at 116 entrants. Smashboards user @Djent has kindly given us a preview of the big names to look for in this tournament.
God-slayer William "Leffen" Hjelte has shaken up the world of competitive Melee in the last few years. Aside from his pristine Fox play, the 21-year-old Swede is well known for his often times villainous persona and for being the first player to take down all five of Melee's "Gods". Leffen was on a tear in 2015, winning many major tournaments such as CEO 2015, HTC Throwdown, BEAST V, and more. As Leffen was hot off his HTC Throwdown win, many were looking to him as one of the favorites to win The Big House 5. However, he was rejected entry into the US when travelling to The Big House 5 -- and it was announced today that his subsequent Visa request has been denied.
Competitive Melee has often been compared to jazz music, and drummer Andrew Barhite has taken that analogy to an entirely new level. Listen and watch as he brilliantly performs Armada's iconic 4-stock on Leffen at BEAST V on the drums.
Melee’s elite with face off this weekend at the Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo (EGLX), one of Canada’s biggest gaming conventions. EGLX will feature 8 of the current MIOM top 10 and many more of the world's best, making this tournament a must-watch. Here is everything you need to know about EGLX, including the major storylines and stream/schedule information.
And we’re back with the last installment in the Venezuela’s Triple Crown series, featuring the biggest Venezuelan tournaments this year. Today, we’re taking a look at Dragon Ascent, the 6th edition of the National Tournament; this year's tournament will be taking place in Caracas and it will feature players from the whole territory.

Let’s begin:
The Spring 2016 Top 20 Melee Ranking done by Smash Europe has concluded. While some of the top placements might not come as a surprise to many overseas, the ranking does provide valuable insight on those players who are bubbling under. Sweden keeps a firm hold on the top ranks with @Armada and @leffen ranking at number one and two respectively. Below them are frequent travelers to the US: @-Ice- and @Professor Pro. The remainder of the Top 10 includes strong shows from Amsah, Zgetto, Android and more....
Welcome back to another edition of Weekly Character Showcase! This is a series where we analyze the playable characters in Smash 4 and what they can do with both general and character-specific advanced techniques.

Like Mewtwo last week, we have another top-tier threat!* Greninja arrives this week at full power, and while he may not have much, the Ninja Pokemon will use everything to his advantage. To help us with this article we got Drystan from the Greninja Discord.
The Smashified Team, known for their top-tier art has premiered their latest entry in the Smashified series -- Masked Man from Mother 3. The commentary features the founder of Smashified, Omni Jacala (Artsy Omni), co-lead Chris Szczesiul, and special guest ChuggaaConroy. Within the video, the team announced that there will be more Mother content in May, such as additional characters and trophy renders. This time lapse video also contains a remixed theme created by Omni Jacala!
Throughout the years, the Smash community has grown to be more than just the players, housing others who contribute in different but equally respectable ways. The art community is growing and with last week's spotlight being on a graphic artist, we went and conducted an interview with a man who is part of MuffinBros Graphics. This group does their art in a different form, so today in this Smash Art Spotlight, we will be talking with Muffin_Man, one of three "muffins."
Star Fox has always been an important series to Smash. Fox McCloud was one of the first four original characters programmed in the prototype that Satoru Iwata and Masahiro Sakurai made to pitch Smash 64. In every Smash iteration, the Star Fox series has generally seen an increase in the amount of references it contains -- whether it be through fighters, items, stages, music, trophies, or even stickers. With the newest release, Star Fox will surely continue to play an important role in both Nintendo and Smash's history.
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