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Known issues/Bugs list (READ BEFORE MAKING A THREAD)

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by Project M, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. Project M

    Project M
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    Mar 28, 2012
    Hello, and welcome to the Bug Reporting forum! Here you can report any bugs or issues you found with Project M 3.0. This is a list of known bugs. Please make sure you read to make sure any bug you may be reporting isn't already known. Thanks and as weird as it sounds, we look forward to hearing about any bugs, so we can fix them!

    Training Mode will save your character selections when going into versus, causing the controller plugged in port one to control two cursors instead of one
    Subspace Emissary has a chance of freezing, notably the first fight with Kirby and Mario vs Petey Piranha is most likely to freeze. Play SSE and other one player modes with caution.
    Upon completing Classic Mode or All-Star Mode with any character, you do not get their character trophy but Mario's trophy instead. This is because of the added characters Roy and Mewtwo -- who do not have trophies, otherwise, the game would crash.
    If Snake's mine is placed in the exact middle of any stage and he pulls out a grenade, sometimes it will explode.
    If Snake is in the air and his opponent is in the air as well, when he tries to sticky them with a C4 it is possible that he will perform the animation but the C4 will not stick. How you will notice this is that Snake will not say "There!" It's pretty much Snake "missing" the sticky. In Brawl what would happen is the C4 would just drop to the floor but because we made it so C4s can't fall off anyone, the C4 just... disappears and no SFX for successfully sticking the opponent is played.
    When ledgesnapping during the apex of UpB, the first frame of Diddy's ledgegrab will have him placed at odd angles and a small distance away from the actual edge.
    Attacking a shield can push the attacker off edges (e.g. Marth Fsmashes a shielding opponent, the shield pushback pushes Marth off the ledge.)
    C-stick can still affect jump directions. However, jump direction is determined before entering the air so it does not interfere with c-sticking an aerial as early as possible on a jump.
    Wii Remote D-pad will run instead of walk from a single press
    Some characters when they have someone grabbed will pummel with the C-stick instead of throwing.
    C-stick up while crawling will still result in a down smash
    Port priority in relation to grabs is still not fixed
    Lucario's Super Aura Sphere still has some oddities on Green Hill Zone
    In Training Mode, if you have a controller in any other port besides Port 1 and enter Training with that controller, you will be able to control when the CPU shields. (e.g Controller in Port 2, enter Training Mode, when you shield the CPU will shield also despite being set to Stand)
    Edge canceling aerials with the C-stick can be done by just standing still. This is because of the C-stick counting as direction + A.
    Sometimes tethers will fail to latch onto the ledge if you are above the stage level.
    The Timer item has lots of physics oddities and can cause instant deaths.
    If Roy or Mewtwo are on the same team as the character they are cloned from, they will be the lighter shade of their color. For example, if player one is red Marth and player two is red Roy, Roy will be lighter like he is another Marth.
    Some of the Alternate Costumes and Roy/Mewtwo are prone to cause lag when multiple are used.
    Audio Fade occurs during replays.
    Setting C-Stick to Tilts will cause Up and Down smashes.
    (Hey, are you about to hit the "Report" button to report a Project M 3.5 glitch? Please don't! Once you've made sure it's not in the above list, go ahead and make a thread for it. Thanks!) -Shadic
    #1 Project M, Jan 3, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 12, 2014
  2. Narpas_sword

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    • Moderator
    • Project M Dev Team
    Dec 11, 2013
    Wellington, New Zealand
    Reported 3.6 Bugs:


    Training Room Camera Glitch
    All star mode results incorrect result when both players die as match ends.
    Single player stock icons are brawl default.
    Tournament mode is accessible and crashes on character select.
    Iceclimbers getting hit with diddy peanut during side b causing freefall
    Yoshi's Shield Unresponsive After Rolling
    Lucario and Mewtwo have no sounds (or very quiet) on netplay build
    Intermittent - Roy sword effects missing on netplay
    Frozen Wolf after Roy Final Smash
    Yoshi's Island (Brawl) can force grab releases
    Meteor Cancelling can be jump buffered
    Meteor Cancel Window Doesn't Match Changelog
    Most in game items act as Links Hylian Shield vs projectiles.
    Yoshi's egg throw fall speed increase
    Multijumpers can tap jump before the normal meteor cancel delay when meteored
    Unspecific - Release points for throws where the victim is outside of hitbox.
    Zard Glide Cancel - b reversing inconsistancies
    Visiual errors with some costumes on Delphino Plaza
    Can Use A, Z, and C-stick for Ike's Quick Draw (Side-B)
    Olimar Yellow Usmash Hitbox is lower than RBW.
    Captain Falcon: Falcon Kick hitbox error
    Ganondorf Sword Taunt Graphical Glitch
    Yoshi's Unshieldpokable Shield is Shieldpokable

    To Test:

    white flash when edgecanceling Dair on Battlefield as Ganon
    Invisible Pikmin glitch
    Yoshi's shield can look as if it's not decaying (getting darker)
    Getting hit with Marios cape while gordo Dashing gets gordo stuck to DDD
    Metaknight: Dimentional Cape - take damage but not moving
    Wolf upthrow in debug frame by frame makes you jumpsquat on first frame
    Spawning locations on saffron, above pits
    Falco Landmaster, falls between buildings then warps high above blastzone
    In the Subspace Emmisary, after Lucas teams up with Pokemon Trainer - unable to enter door
    Subspace Emissary Crashes Game On Certain Level
    Check warpstar behavior on stamina / wrap around blastzones
    Ice Climbers Respawn After Losing
    Luigi endge cancel missile on saffron ends game
    Samus SWD input.
    Kirby's downspecial doesn't affect Master Hand
    Nana doesnt get her percent reset in Regen mode
    Jet Set Sonic has graphical glitches with his spindash on classic brinstar/brinstar 64
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