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Jan 29, 2015 at 1:15 AM
Jul 8, 2006
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Central Jersey

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Smash Journeyman, Male, from Central Jersey

QERB was last seen:
Jan 29, 2015 at 1:15 AM
    1. ZaXXoR
      well all i know is 2.5 feels alot more like melee, i had player the version prior and there was still input lag, they beefed G Dubbs alot, made his judgment hammer alot better, and all his moves l cancellable, I also found a trick to escape mario's cape, since G dubbs can attack out of his upb, if you do a quick aerial like dair or fair while being caped, u can immediately get another upb in, sometimes you can if he capes you wrong but if you use an attack you can upb right away, his combos are pretty amazing you should try it out.
    2. ZaXXoR
      Have you tried P:M 2.5 G&W?
    3. The Phenom
      The Phenom
      Happy birthday Aaron!
    4. Caleb Wolfbrand
      Caleb Wolfbrand
      AHHH Qerb you're awesome
    5. The Prophet_
      The Prophet_
    6. The Prophet_
      The Prophet_
      We got some discussing to do about Game and Watch's Double-Dair or Dair-Fair or Dair-Bair or even Dair-Uair in the air. I'll make the thread and post some videos of what I'm talking about.

      I'm thinking this untouched ability has Combo potential and can be used for Mind Gaming opponents.

      You know that you could Dair and jump again before you land on the floor right?

      Videos will be up within the new week and posted in the thread that I will soon make.

      Just wanted to preempt you about one of my future doings =P
    7. V3ctorMan
      just wanted to give a "personal thanks" for commenting.. it was my first major video.. so it meant alot to me.. ^^ ty ^^
    8. The Phenom
      The Phenom
      cool cool. It is a cool avatar.

      I was more so concerned because I was kinda expecting something like this. I'll try to explain it if you ask.

      Good to know though everything is alright with you =)
    9. The Phenom
      The Phenom
      QERB is that Game and Watch in your avatar? I hope it doesn't have a depressing meaning to it =( . What's wrong?
    10. The Phenom
      The Phenom
      Thanks! and Oh yeah, expect another video. It will be about a incident I had when I was 9 or 10 years old. It relates to the trailer/ combo video, and why I main him + why I picked up Mewtwo as one of my secondaries.

      GET HYPED XD !!!

      Oh lol Zack152 and Zorakbane told me to remind them when the trailer is released. Better do that now =D
    11. QERB
      i actually haven't checked any local tourneys since it's hard to travel right now cuz of my knee /= def let me know if you're going to one though i'll try my best to go. (if it has melee though haha)
    12. Ishieymoro
      Haha yeah, we should smash again sometime. Planning to go to any local tournaments anytime soon?
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