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May 29, 2015 at 4:06 AM
Nov 11, 2008
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Smash Hero, from Georgia

Player-3 was last seen:
May 29, 2015 at 4:06 AM
    1. Drover
      I was looking at some of your postings and stuff and I saw some Falco threads and stuff. That and your pic fooled me.
    2. Drover
      Lol you fooled me.
    3. Drover
      This is Drover from AIB. Decided I should make a Smashboards account since AIB is pretty much dead...real dead. Just wanted to tell you that I saw you and Reflex at Nerdacon lol. I saw you when you were watching Reflex play in the doubles tourney. I also saw Reflex 2 stock alot of people in friendly 1 on 1s lol.
      Just wanted to get that out there.
      (Btw I added Kismet2 which you don't get on anymore I assume)
    4. -King Dedede-
      -King Dedede-
      You Don't Main Falcon Anymore?
    5. DallasPhat
      Big 3 would be amu lee cho, be home in 10 let's get some games in.
    6. DallasPhat
      Awesome junglers you should pick up are lee sin, amumu, maokai, nocturne and cho.
    7. DallasPhat
      Want to jungle for me and Dekar?
    8. Nike.
      What's your main roll/lane in league?
    9. Sephiroths Masamune
      Sephiroths Masamune
      Thanks, I'll be sure to try it out.

      Anything special on the mastery tree I should be going for?
    10. Sephiroths Masamune
      Sephiroths Masamune
      Skill order, masteries and runes for jungle cho? I'm guessing REWQ 9-21-0 and Apen red, Armor Yellow, Mres Blue, Movement Quint?
    11. #HBC | Ryker
    12. #HBC | Ryker
      #HBC | Ryker
      Never forget.
    13. yoshq
      Hmm I don't think so, I think it's actually a very fluid thing, like you can put you're teaming with one person then change it once you get to the event. They just care who pays money pretty much.
    14. yoshq
      If I could reg us? What do you mean? Afaik you have to register to enter the event...
    15. #HBC | Ryker
      #HBC | Ryker
      Team with me for midtiers a WHOBO, you scumbag.
    16. #HBC | Ryker
      #HBC | Ryker
      I'm patching! I want it so bad!!!!!!
    17. #HBC | Ryker
      #HBC | Ryker
      He beat my *** with pure fundamentals on game two playing Mario.

      I've got to save my dignity, man. I can't take any other side. Also, I would love to talk to you about it at some point. Catch me on Skype when I'm off work.
    18. #HBC | Ryker
      #HBC | Ryker
      Dude, BSP for top 5 Luigi before you. The next time I see you, I want to show you some of the **** he did to me that I can remember. Wrecked me so hard for two stocks. I STILL almost pulled it out, but got UpBed for a dash attack I thought would cross-up but underestimated Luigi's traction. Then I CPed FD and got bodied by his Mario. I contribute it to being to rattled from Game 1 to remember to jab him more.
    19. #HBC | Ryker
      #HBC | Ryker
      I did it. I got 5th. Not all, but mostly Ike. Nigel had a much better showing today.
    20. #HBC | Ryker
      #HBC | Ryker
      I just realized that I paid you to ruin me in singles.
    21. #HBC | Ryker
      #HBC | Ryker
      You going to be at tourney tomorrow? I want to take your money.
    22. Nike.
      Andy so mad at Wampuh about blue. Vlad doesn't even need that ****!
    23. Nike.
      whats your summoner name? :)
    24. Conviction

    25. Conviction
      what time? I work until 4
    26. Conviction
      aight hmmm....so i need a transport
    27. Conviction
      How much more would it cost. I got a job so I really don't think it would matter but just wondering so I can put that money to the side.

      Is GA carpooling up there?
    28. Reizilla

      Great things are coming.

      You're just in time for season 2.
    29. Nike.
    30. Zatchiel
      Fun games @ Salt, mate :D Was nice to finally meet up.
    31. Zatchiel
    32. Zatchiel
      Hey, what part of GA do you live in?
    33. Zatchiel
      I'm sure if you ask around, people will toss in 5$ for you to go.
    34. Zatchiel
      The door fee...
      Is 15$... Same as always...
      Unless you meant housing? You could prob. pair up with me if i find someone to share a hotel split with.
    35. Zatchiel
      Were you at SIEGE? If not, i wanna see you at Tipped Off :(
    36. Zatchiel
      Get@ AWA plz?
    37. Teran
      I dunno, but probably not.
    38. Teran
      There's not a list, but when I was a mod I could check infraction histories and there are guys that really take the cake.
    39. Teran
      Nah bro you aren't the top for most infractions. :3
    40. Teran
      Never kill the dream!
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