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Last Activity:
Dec 20, 2010
Jan 28, 2006
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Chapel Hill, NC

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Smash Lord, from Chapel Hill, NC

NC-Echo was last seen:
Dec 20, 2010
    1. Ragnar0k
      You left your phone in my car.
    2. l0zR=)
      BILL i left my hat at your place dood. Its a black hat with an A on it, it was in your room dude. Please hold it for me until herb man. Thx
    3. Juno McGrath
      Juno McGrath
    4. Dr Peepee
      Dr Peepee
      I haven't forgotten. XD
    5. Dr Peepee
      Dr Peepee
      Sure I will! You're fun to chill with, Bill. haha rhymes
    6. -ACE-
      holy **** you're on the boards!
    7. mr.fizwidget

      call rag either way...

      his number is 1-910-315-2684, if you dont already have it...

      if you do decide to go then you just need to pick out a rendezvous point with him in raleigh...
    8. mr.fizwidget
      if you want to go then you could meet rag in raleigh sat around 12...
      we got gas covered so there would be no expense there...
      we are staying with crio who is charging 15 bucks per person...
      i assume you are not entering so the only other expenses would be food...

      we are putting all of this together last minute...

      let me know
    9. mr.fizwidget
      rag has an open spot if you want it...

      but yeh i understand...
    10. mr.fizwidget
      you going to pound bro?
    11. Dark Hart
    12. Dark Hart
      Dark Hart
      Hey bro, are you going to that Asheboro tourney? Melee and Brawl+
    13. Dark Hart
    14. Dr Peepee
      Dr Peepee
      Thanks man. That's legit.
    15. Dr Peepee
      Dr Peepee
      Umm.....you should edit that crew battle post. It's only gonna casue trouble.

      I think the fact LoZR and I won should be enough.
    16. Juno McGrath
      Juno McGrath
      hey man i was wondering if this week was good for you for me and kale to come by and hang out?
    17. smash brawl player 99021
      smash brawl player 99021
      Bill, can you link me/send your Brawl+ Codeset? The ones I've downloaded don't have L Cancel for some reason

      It's smith btw :P
    18. rPSIvysaur
      Hey Bill, can you PM or VM me a picture of yourself and your face so I can start working on the Captain Bill texture
    19. theAPExp
      thanks bill
    20. theAPExp
      are you able to house me, stingers, jim, and maybe 2 others on friday night
      if we show up early to billfest?
    21. Juno McGrath
      Juno McGrath
      hey man, are you going to be at NCSU on Halloween? i know you've probably got better things to do, but im hoping at least one cool person will be there.
    22. Dr Peepee
      Dr Peepee
      Hey man, you doin alright these days? I rarely see you post so I'm sure you're very busy.
    23. Shady Penguin
      Shady Penguin
      Sorry, I can't go.

      Parent johns.
    24. Shady Penguin
      Shady Penguin
      That sounds interesting.

      If I went with you, would I also be able to get a ride to the State tourney?
    25. BigLøu
      Im teaming with rayku at this if were able to go.
    26. zCasanova
      People *****, people moan and people complain.

      You have way more players than we do, which means you also have way more people using MK as either a main or a secondary—meaning you're going to have way more of the complaining part than I do.

      Stick to your guns, they'll get over it, and come tournament time, everyone will realize why a banned event was a good idea.

      Props to you, though, if anything, I'm seriously interested in seeing the results for this.

      We're also going to try to bring ~2 full setups, since Brawl's a really slow game and you're doing it with Brawl+ this time. Hopefully, that'll help cut back on the run-time—you didn't like it better having Brawl on a day by itself?

      Things were so smooth at the last Billfest.
    27. Dr Peepee
      Dr Peepee
      Oh, well I got an e-mail saying that you tried to send me a message but my PM box was full.

      Well, I cleaned mine out a bit anyway.

    28. Dr Peepee
      Dr Peepee
      Sorry about that.

      I have lots of saved messages I like.

      You can resend whenever you're ready.
    29. theAPExp
      thanks bill
    30. stingers
      awesome, thx bro. will anyone else be there friday night that u know of?
    31. stingers
      bill are we allowed to come friday night for billfest? apexp/I/jim/2 of my friends u dont know were planning on coming then.
    32. stingers
      o dear god...you don't know how bad i agree
    33. stingers
      it's all melee bias...
    34. stingers
      i'm sure when people read it in the morning they'll agree with us lol
    35. mr.fizwidget
      you should hold a billfest this weekend...

      or next weekend...

      or sometime hella soon...

      im gonna enter brawl and melee...

      and get power ranked in both :)
    36. Praxis
      Did I see you post that NC banned Metaknight?
      I'd like to get some more info on your state's current situation.
    37. Shady Penguin
      Shady Penguin
      Are you leaving for HERB on Saturday?

      If so, do you think Uncle and I can get a ride if we drive over to your place? (we'll split gas if you want)
    38. stingers
      lol the file was too big to be uploaded. after like an hour and a half the thing finishes and then it tells me the file was too big.

      if you know a website where i can upload a big file then i'll do that. otherwise at least you got the picture
    39. mr.fizwidget
      when are we teaming in brawl?
    40. stingers
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    Chapel Hill, NC


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