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Sep 23, 2014
Jul 7, 2008
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Feb 7, 1991 (Age: 24)
Home page:
Newburgh, NY

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    1. HT F8
    2. Walbytamer11
      Do these monthlies still go on? I haven't been to a tournament and I'm like less than an hour away.
      1. HT F8
        HT F8
        Hey man! Sorry for the super late reply, been real busy lately. We still have the monthlies, but Smash got removed due to lack of entrants. We're starting to build the community a little tho, and might be able to get it back in a month or two. You're in Stone Ridge?
        Dec 11, 2013
      2. Walbytamer11
        Mhmm, I can probably bring a few friends over also if that helps
        Dec 17, 2013
    3. HT F8
    4. A Diamond For Disease
      A Diamond For Disease
      Well I've playing Project Melee when I've had the chance. I am no where near as good as I used to be at melee but I would be down for playing if I can make it.
      1. HT F8
        HT F8
        Neither am I haha but I've been practicing again! There should be some good players attending. :)
        May 29, 2013
    5. HT F8
    6. F8AL
      Thanks, I like yours too! :)
    7. Shy Guy!
      Shy Guy!
      Proboly for the hell of it lol
    8. Shy Guy!
      Shy Guy!
      :D im pretty hype for this weekend haha
    9. Shy Guy!
      Shy Guy!
      I'll try but that's the day all the kids are comming that I'm housing :D lolol
    10. Shy Guy!
      Shy Guy!
      Yeah dude anytime!
    11. HT F8
      HT F8
      I quit smash. :(

      Edit: I'm back. ><
    12. Xivii
      No I just like adding random people. Thanks for the accept :]
    13. da K.I.D.
    14. Env BoricuA
      Env BoricuA
      imm soooo gased! i played like 3 hours of just sitting bymyself....and i picked up on shine 00S....i also did the fluxside once! =)
    15. Env BoricuA
      Env BoricuA
      yooo i finally was able to sign on to my account xD
    16. PK Webb
      PK Webb
      F8 if i throw a tourney on the 9th of january in poughkeepsie u think u can make it allied can prob take u
    17. da K.I.D.
    18. da K.I.D.
      da K.I.D.
    19. da K.I.D.
      da K.I.D.
      Well, im sorry you cant come then. but as far as your money situation goes, I think I have something that can help you out....

      but only if your really interested in making some money.
    20. da K.I.D.
      da K.I.D.
      1. Its more about having fun than winning. Even I know that. and you are guaranteed to have fun if you show up to a WNY smash event.

      2. How else are you going to get better if you dont come to the tourneys and play with the good players?

      3. I think some people from PA are coming to this, so theres still possibiltity that I could get you are ride...

      4. New York has an Orange County? WTF?
    21. da K.I.D.
      da K.I.D.
      where exactly do you live? if you really want to go, I might be able to secure transportation for you, but I have to know where exactly you are first.
    22. da K.I.D.
    23. Zhenkai
      I'm upstate in St. Lawrence County, almost right on the river, and what not. Not really sure how close you may be to that, but who knows.
    24. Allied
      sall good lolwas playing melee XD
    25. Allied
      ight pumped yo wut are u doing today?
    26. Allied
      Melee + brawl :D!?!?!
    27. Just Sexed
      Just Sexed
      We need to play :3
    28. Allied
      347 - 653 - 8900

      txt i'll scoop u if you need
    29. da K.I.D.
      da K.I.D.
      i saw you post in the ROM thread, and I have no idea where you live but I thought I should ask since its in new york.

      Do you live any where near syracuse, because theres a Regional tourney, going down tomorrow. you and your 5-6 buddys should come. if you want to see it just look in the tourney listings section for "Syracuse Smash" it should be near the top of the page
    30. Allied
      you live in newburgh i just saw, come play me :D i live in montgomery
    31. HyperEnergy
      Oh wow, you live in Newburgh? I definitely know people interested in playing melee, me being one of them. =)

      So yeah, if you can drive I could always set up a smashfest and invite you. Or I could drive to you. We should definitely find some time to play melee lol.
    32. PRID3_PR
    33. A Diamond For Disease
      A Diamond For Disease
      probably like 30 or 35 mins. you could just cross the bridge and take a train up from beacon for like a few bucks round trip. i live right up the street from the poughkeepsie train station.
    34. A Diamond For Disease
      A Diamond For Disease
      Um about 12 minutes. I live over by the mid hudson bridge.
    35. PK Webb
      PK Webb
      Word your puff is still deadly lol freakin rest man hahahaah. a crew vs crew dasy would be kool. my fox did ok 2day he is still in the making so far to go
    36. The Phenom
      The Phenom
      Thank you for your input on Light Sheilding!

      edit:also for the comment on one of my vids.

      PS:Trailer for Combo video June.
    37. Oracle
      Dj Professor K Baby!
    38. PRID3_PR
      prob the best ssbm match i ever seen
    39. PRID3_PR
      yeah thats chill dude its alll good we can work it out. btw the final match between dashizwiz and m2k on the loser brackets mad my nipples soo hard
    40. PRID3_PR
      i dont have a car though :( what we can do is though out some time during next week u can take my bus and ill drive u home so i dont have to worry about how u gonna get a ride. playing ssbm will be alot easier
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    Feb 7, 1991 (Age: 24)
    Home page:
    Newburgh, NY
    Melee Main:
    Brawl Main:
    Part of Hostile Takeover, multi-game TOs in Orange County, NY. I play Sheik in singles, Puff in doubles. Viva Melee.


    F8 iS RiPPiN
    Windows Live:
    [email protected]
    Twitch.tv Username:
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