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Peach, Wolf, Fox, Pichukachus, Lucina, get out of the way. There is only 1 top tier now. Joker.
So I've been doing a pretty legit (what appears to be bread and butter) 0 to death combo against every character in the cast in quick smash that isn't pichu or squirtle, or tink... or isabel and villager, basically, if you're normal or large sized and Joker touches you, you're dead, period. 99 out of 100 joker mains WILL be carried by the character, confirmed. All you have to do is 50/50 the little characters with a frame trap, and the rest of the cast just juggle from one side of the stage to the other, then get your free joker edge guard because you don't need to be good at edge guarding to consistently do it with Joker.
I can confirm this, I got hit by it using 3 different characters. Joker is legit overwhelmingly advantageous with both damage and kill options. He's basically Ganon but fast and with projectiles and edge guards better than Link does. He also has a splice of Cloud Limit and Lucario Rage Abuse. He also unlike the rest of the cast, has LEGITIMATE wavedashing out of aerials and his gun. Character is pretty busted and has almost no flaws whatsoever, and advantages that would make other characters be 'good', he does infinitely better. I was watching a Lucina's fair get beat by his jab, like WHAT? I still trash most Jokers tho because a bunch of REALLY BAD players have high GSP with Joker so they are on Elite Smash. At least I get free Ws against carried players. Congratulations Wolf Mains! You are no longer the designated target for the term 'carried'. Feel glad.
Lucy Fleetfoot would make a good human Pokemon rep. she could run around, attacking mostly with kicks and the Link Beamer, while getting help from her Aipom and Manectric for her grabs
I would prefer Looker, tbh.
when Stage Builder was first announced I wanted to make a stage based on Haunted House for the Atari 2600 where a spotlight spins around the stage and that's the only area you can see - but unfortunately it seems to be impossible.
As a kid, I always wanted to figure out how to play as a CPU in Brawl. that's right, not unlocking Tails or playing as Master Hand - playing with the grey CPU logo above my head. I had long forgotten about that quest when I discovered the Control option in Training Mode a few years back, but it all came back to me and I feel satisfied somehow.
Does anybody wanna buy the fighters pass for me?
Step 1: Go to the store
Step 2: Buy a $30 Nintendo gift card yourself
Step 3: Redeem it and buy the fighters pass
Then you can use the extra 5 bucks for something else. Like an indie game.
Hey Nebula i remember ages ago you posted a drawing of some of us that were in the SSB4 Geno thread i wanna take a look at it again cause it brings back good memories ;)
You're only a real Joker main if you've played games in the Persona franchise and watched a ton of anime, no exceptions. Don't get mad, you expected this.
You're only a real Lucas main if you've played Mother 3. But since it is a Japanese exclusive, rip you. Don't get mad, you expected this.
Wario Wario Wario
Wario Wario Wario
You're only a real Mii Fighter main if you've played, watched and read all media every Mii Fighter you have originates, stars, or even cameos in, no exceptions. don't get mad, you expected this.
what if my Mii fighter is mii.
Bunch of people in the discord complaining about losing in quicksmash to joker a lot. Like... duh, you don't know the matchup, don't expect a win to be handed to you just because the character is new, besides, Joker is legit looking like he could be one of the best characters in the game. Pending on how he develops, he actually just might be the best. Character seems sort of like a free wins machine but you might as well learn to exploit his disadvantage state while people still don't know what they're doing with him yet.
I’ve purchased the DLC for sure and I’m also certain I’ve updated my game to version 3.0. But even then the Joker dlc won’t appear and I’ve tried refreshing the game multiple times. If there’s anyone with this problem please let me know, or anyone who knows how to fix this

Edit: Found out what to do. Go to the eshop and on the screen with the dlc, press your profile picture on the top right and redownload the dlc
It ought to have are available in bigger packs. I desired to get a bigger % that could ultimate for as a minimum three months, however they do not have it. So stacking your resources ahead of time will be smart. What is the secret to a satisfied and a hit marriage? Promises, commitment, love? How about passion? Passion, however, cannot be one-sided. It takes to tango.
I love my family.
My Husband.
My Children.
My God.
Feeling the pain of rejection is the worst when you are rejected your whole life.
Jesus did say, "If the world hates you, know that it hated me before it hated you."
Seriously, I would LOVE to choose to fight people who have little to no experience than cocky, show-offy tourney-goers who have a sixth sense. I can't function under those circumstances.
Joker's great, but I just know once I learn him, this bitterness will grow back as fighting better players is still unavoidable...
What's good? Been a minute! :D
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