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Ah great, now Deltarune Chapter 2 is out. Before I was just kinda hoping Ralsei would be in. Now after I get to play Chapter 2 it's going to be super fresh in my mind whenever they do decide to release the last DLC fighter. Then instead of being "oh well" I'll now feel crushed. Just arg!

Time will tell though. Ralsei is the only character that could overtake :ultsephiroth: Sephiroth as a main at this point.
I adapt to whatever gameplay style a character requires, so I have no idea what the "best" playstyle would be for me. So I just go with the characters I love the most. Smash makes me love all the characters, so in the past I would try to main characters that represented a part of me/my life because I love it when people have more personal reasons to main a character. :ultbyleth::ultlucario::ultpit::ultpichu::ultridley::ultdarkpit::ultwolf::ultmetaknight:

Then came along :ultsephiroth:Sephiroth, and he's like the embodiment of the emotional feeling I'm trying to chase by trying to get better at smash. When you get so good that most people you run into, you can just stay calm and polite while you kick their butts effortlessly because you know exactly what they are going to do while you move around swiftly with precise strong attacks. I used to spend my time mastering random games all the time, so it was common for this to happen, but I don't have the time I used to anymore, so I had to pick one game and it was Smash. Turns out fighting games are a lot more complex than I originally thought, but I'm still chasing that feeling. Unfortunately I feel like at this rate I will never be satisfied unless I can consistently 3 stock my :ultpikachu:Pikachu main friend who does go to tournaments.

Here's the thing about Ralsei though, he's the character I've related to the most out of any video game (probably any type of media) because the way he acts around everyone. I like it when people play characters that represent who they are as a person (not everyone does this, as much as the smash community likes to portray literally everyone as a copy of their character/gameplay). So if Ralsei got in, I'd main him no matter what... though uh.. I'll be honest, if he got banned from competitive play, or generates an absurd amount of hate from friends would definitely discourage me quite a bit.

Speculating about what Ralsei would be like in Smash
If Ralsei does get in, I'm expecting the Tension Points (TP) mechanic to play a big part since TP is required to cast his spells in Deltarune and it's interesting. There's 3 ways to get TP
1. Defending - Not really interested in this, but either you get it from blocking, or from a Joker's Rebel Guard/ Incineroar's Revenge esque move that lets you take reduced damage while you charge it up. If it's from blocking, it needs to be a small amount so people don't run away. With that said~
2. Fighting - Attacking people gives you TP, so a large reason for people to not camp, especially if their opponent can charge things as well. He might be a healer, but he's gonna have to beat you up if he wants those heals.
3. Make the opponent whiff attacks - Now this is the interesting mechanic that I want to see as I never see this type of mechanic in any other game and I don't see any other character having a mechanic like this. Just depends on how close the attack has to be. Whether it just has to be in a vague area near the person, or so close that the opponent has to make the little spark appear on your character (or maybe a bigger bonus the closer you get with the spark being a big boost?).
Expecting him to fight mainly with his scarf. I expect him to cast some spells he has in Deltarune as well. Expecting him to be light as heck, but that's okay, because most characters I love are light as heck.
Honestly though, I'd be surprised if we didn't get Papyrus or Kris in before Ralsei. Though Ralsei is very popular, and maybe favorite in Deltarune. Also he is an anagram and looks suspiciously like a lot of people's favorite character Asriel from Undertale, so I'm hoping he gets in.
I like how this game is pretty much a monster collector now
Hey there buddy pal friend [Slime]

I can make your [darkest] dreams come true!

All I need….!

Is that sweet sweet kromer

Come on…don’t you wanna be a [BIG SHOT]?
When you are the only remaining planned character for Smash 64 but are not added in Smash Remix:
It's funny how now that Smash is focusing on big show-stoppers, the fangames that once succeeded by making those dreams come true are now putting in the absurd and unpredictable retro characters people originally played these games to avoid.
I grew up with Diddy Kong Racing DS, and when I heard what Taj sounded like in the original N64 version I was actually kinda horrified. Not because of the Arabface (well... partially) but rather because he wasn't enunciating everything condescendingly.
Yes, I was wondering what it felt like, so I decided to go on a bombing run of likes myself. It was interesting.
Once all the chapters are done, I’m almost completely certain Deltarune will be better than Undertale. It won’t have as much influence, sure, but in terms of quality I think it’ll be better.
I really hope developing my game will be as fun as conceptualising it has been.

Recently I decided I wanted my game's universe to have reverse cartoon dimorphism (basically, imagine all the women look like EarthBound characters, and all the men look like Pokémon characters) - but then I realised: I already had the design for my protag, and he's a cartoonish boy! So you know what I did?

Bam! She's a girl now, just needed eyelashes and longer hair on the front - also sleeves. I can't remember why I put in the sleeves. (This design is 100% not final BTW, I want to give her a stronger silhouette) But the thing is: I already had his name - Daniel - and that's not a very feminine name! But then inspiration struck from the most stupid possible place: the original version of Caillou was a baby and when they aged him up for TV they kept him bald because it was impossible to imagine him with hair

and now Caillou is iconic as "the bald cartoon boy", so naturally Daniel can become iconic as "the mermaid platformer mascot with a male name" because of an odd holdover

Now, the game's previous working title, the embarassing borderline-parody "Bodacious Dude Daniel" became a problem because, well, "Dude" is in it. I evaluated multiple title options and settled on "Daniel's Peculiar Tail"

It seemed like a title that could've actually been given to a 90s game and not a parody; I felt a "Name the Species" title only really works if they're a relatively obscure animal (hedgehog, bandicoot) and have a descriptive name; (supersonic speed, crashing into boxes) and while "tail" is refering to Daniel's fin as well as a story in this context I hoped it'd create positive subconcious associations with Sonic's buddy Tails given my only real target audience (I don't believe in target audiences TBH, but there's certainly people who will like my game more than others) is fans of 2D Sonic disillusioned by 3D outings, especially the "Adventure" and "Dark" Eras which notably downplayed Tails' sidekick role as they went on.
If Takamaru got in Smash, they should scrimblofy him - and possibly even age him down - like how they animefied Pit. It'd distinguish him further from a majority of swordfighters (MK and Toon being the only real similar comparisons), shorten his frame, and be pretty cool for the 5 classic Pit enjoyers out there.
Tankman from Newgrounds
Tankman from Newgrounds
No, Takamaru can't be Scrimblofied. He is still perfect like himself.
Unless Takamaru would be too Anime-styled person and we need to change him, but no.

And speaking of Classic Pit, Classic pit would be DLC Costume for Pit, but it would look like Melee Trophy Pit to make him more Realistic, but not too realistic like Modern Pit.
They kinda already did with Takamaru in Captain Rainbow...
Okay, random point - does anyone have a character that they are sort of in a weird state as to whether they want to see them in Smash, like "I mean it would be cool but like, there's so many better picks"?

My own is Scizor.
That's pretty much how I feel about Bandana Dee. He used to be one of my most wanted, until I recently realized he's really boring in more than one way compared to the rest of my wants and even other Kirby characters.
Now I think he'd be neat but I don't really have much investment in seeing him make it in. If he's in, cool, but there's plenty of other characters that I think would be much cooler.
Wario Wario Wario
Wario Wario Wario
Crash Bandicoot and Tetromino.

Crash is my favourite game series of all time, but I do not have ANY faith Sakurai could do the super marsupial justice.

Tetromino is a character I'd only really want if it was done right - Smash Crusade did a really good job with it, but I don't like the idea of humanoid tetrominos or (overly) anthropomorphised tetrominos
It's the morning, I've stayed awake all night and I'm tired out of my mind, and I just wrote a roster for a Simpsons platform fighter complete with archetypes.

In case you're wondering, Sideshow Bob's stances would be between his regular self (short knife, more power) and captain persona (long sword, less power)
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