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Character Files #14 Bowser
First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. (1995, NES)
Latest Appearance: Super Mario Odyssey (2017, Switch)
First Smash Appearance: Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001, GC)
Latest Smash Appearance: Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS (2014, Wii U, 3DS)
Melee: 25th of 26
Brawl: 32nd of 37
Sm4sh: 25th of 55
Hey man just want to say thanks for all the support you have given for Geno. I am a relatively new Geno fan, he is the only/first character I wanted in Smash, and I really think he needs a return, to please all the Geno fans, for potential remake of Super Mario RPG, for an official remix of Beware the Forest's Mushrooms, to finally have an official 3D and HD model and render
Just started F-Zero GX yesterday, first game of the series that I've played, and as far as style goes, it's one of Nintendo's coolest IPs. The gameplay is amazing too, I've been a fan of all kinds of racing games since I was a young child, and this might be the best racing game I've ever played! In an ideal world, Nintendo would just drop Mario Kart, given the state that series has gotten in, and just make a new stunning F-Zero (possibly with some kind of Mach Rider crossover?). Black Shadow is the best!
People are allowed to be grateful for what Sakurai has given us and yet not satisfied. They are not allowed, however, to be mad at Sakurai over a fictional character who isn't in his game.
That is all.
Here's to hoping that some of the cute mascots we both like make it into DLC! If any one of Banjo, Spyro, Amaterasu, or Chocobo make it, I would be over the moon. It's silly, but Banjo would probably make me break down and cry like a man child, I've loved the characters forever. I'll love the game regardless of whoever makes it in of course, but man. Honestly I feel like Chocobo has the best chance, haha. Wouldn't that be something!
I think a Minecraft stage would be pretty neat actually! Although as for Steve himself...I sort of find his character somewhat bland. He's kind of just a blocky average guy. But knowing Sakurai, he could make any character fun and interesting! I just wonder how he would pull it off with Steve without making his movements look awkward. Banjo-Kazooie is pretty much the Microsoft must pick in my eyes~

Looks like me and you are huge lovers of animals/animal characters! And the cute ones as well. I'm really hoping we get more toony like character for DLC this time around. I'm getting a little tired of anime sword fighters, haha.

And I'm kind of always talking about Chocobo. Well not always but pretty often anyway! So looks like you'll just be wanting him even more and more if you hang around me too long, heh. I think it'll be pretty neat if they could somehow implement Chocobo's jobs into his moveset. Maybe he would be able to change between at least three of his jobs at will? It would make for a pretty diverse moveset! But if that is a bit too complex for them, I don't mind the jobs being represented as alternate costumes at least <3
I do think that when Sakurai / Nintendo decided to start including 3rd parties they set themselves up in a tough spot. Before Sonic, people had a general idea of what could and couldn't make it into Smash, but now there are literally hundreds of 3rd party characters, all popular in their own way. I think it's tricky because we end up with discussions like "why Banjo-Kazooie should get in over Minecraft Steve as the Microsoft representative" in the first place. That statement a decade ago would have made everyone laugh and think that premise in and of itself is just absurd.

And also brings us to the discussion of whether Square is getting a second representative and whether it's going to be Chocobo, Chrono, Sora, Dragon Quest character, or any number of thing that has plenty of fans.

I think as long as people set their expectations reasonably it's fine, but I gotta admit I'm really pining for one of those 4 characters I listed above, and while I'll accept it, I'll undoubtedly be a bit saddened if none of them happen, etc.

But in the end it's a game, and what looks to be a really great one at that, so I can't be mad, hah.
Yes yes, I completely agree! With all these third parties in the game, who knows who might get in next. Anything can happen now, but that's what makes all this speculation so exciting! Speaking of a decade ago, I sure wouldn't have been able to predict the Smash roster would become this huge and diverse. It would of blew my mind, that's for sure.

And yeah, Square Enix definitely has tons of choices when it comes to a character they can put into the game. Every time I think of that, I just try to remember that out of all the mii outfits they could of put in Smash 4, they picked Chocobo and Geno! Geno seemed more like something to satisfy his fans to me. Especially how he got a splash screen unlike any of the other mii outfits. But with the other seemly random pick having been Chocobo of all characters, it really brings my hopes up.

I think our expectations are pretty reasonable with the four you mentioned. They all seems possible one way or another. But yeah, I'll be a little sad as well if not even one of them make it into the game in the end. But like you said, this is Smash Bros Ultimate we're talking about! It'll still be great regardless, wooo!

If none of them make it, I'm sure we can help comfort each other over the initial disappointment, haha. But if one of those four do make it or even more, lets be sure to celebrate together friend~
Hey, where is that Protector art from? I tried looking around, but stuff like reverse image searching just led me back here anyway.
Aw, they uploaded the individual art for everyone except the Protector and Hero?

But yeah, I really like their art. The Ronin/Ninja is my favourite too (but it helps that they just have really nice designs anyway). Wish they didn't put the big "X" logo over it, but oh well.
Dunno why they never did put their solo art up, but still, I managed to get a clean version to use even if I had to cut the sword off short.

And I don't mind the X in the Ronin art as it blends so well with their color scheme imo.
I don't mean so much that I think it looks bad, just that I'd prefer to have the clean art without any logos and stuff over it.

also I'm slow and only realised because of that image that now I can have those two in the same party in EOX. Since Ronins don't suck as much any more I might actually try that out. I'm going to have the most stylish team possible. :p
Likes: Shishœ
Quick Question: Are Run, Run Rottytops and Rottytops' Theme the same song? Again, I know absolutely nothing about Shantae.
Nah, they're both separate songs. The latter one there, is the theme which I was referring to. :)
Dang. I can't seem to find that then, sorry. Would you be fine with Run Run Rottytops?
Yeah, I'd be fine with that. :)
I was influenced by DrPerplexion DrPerplexion ‘s Character Profiles to start my own version using deconfirmed/unconfirmed characters. I will be posting these periodically:

Character Files #01 Banjo & Kazooie
First Appearance: Diddy Kong Racing (N64, 1997) (Banjo), Banjo-Kazooie (1998, N64)
Latest Appearance: Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts (2008, Xbox 360)

Neutral: Claw Swipe (Banjo slashes up to three times with his claws)
Dash: Foward Roll (Banjo rolls forward after diving.)

F-Tilt: Magic Wrench (Banjo slashes downward with the Wrench)
U-Tilt: Kazooie Peck (Kazooie stretches up and pecks once with her beak.)
D-Tilt: Leg Swipe (Banjo performs a low kick.)

FSmash: Beegul Bash (Banjo takes Kazooie and slams her downward)
USmash: Wing Slash (Banjo slashes upwards her wings three times)
DSmash: Snooze Pack (Banjo hops into his pack and regains some health.)

Nair: Feather Flap (Kazooie spreads her wings as Banjo spins in place.)
Fair: Ratatat Tat (Kazooie performs three pecks in quick succession.)
Bair: Bear Bash (Banjo performs a back punch)
Uair: Drill Epck (Kazooie aims upwards and stabs her beak while Banjo spins quickly)
Dair: Beak Bomb (They stall in the air and crash downwards for a stalll and fall.)

FThrow: Kazooie performs several wings strikes.
BThrow: Banjo crams the opponent into the pack and then ejects them behind him.
UThrow: Jumps up high with the opponent and then slams them back down
DThrow: Performs a Drill Beak by slamming them down into the ground.

N-Special: Beegull Blaster (Pulls out Kazooie. Special fires eggs. Attack performs Beak Bayonet. Throw puts it away. Taunt changes the eggs from either Fire, Grenade, or Ice)
S-Special: Beak Buster (Dashes forward while smashing Kazooie’s beak forward.)
U-Special: Spring Jump (holding up after ending the attack causes Kazooie to flap her wings for a hovering period)
D-Special: Wonderwing (Kazooie pulls out her wings which grants them limited superarmor and takes less damage)
Final Smash: The Jingonator (Banjo and Kazooie summons the Jingonator who appears in the background. It breaks out and begins to fly about the stage while slamming into opponents before finally releasing a blast of power.)

Spiral Mountain

Mumbo Jumbo


Snake: Hey, what am I fighting exactly?
Colonel: That’s Banjo the Honey Bear and that’s Kazooie, the Breegull.
Snake: Uhh...when did I step into a kids book?
Colonel: You didn’t. The rules of war has changed the moment you stepped into Smash.
Snake: You got a point. Dinosaurs, talking foxes, a boy who can see the future. It’s all pretty crazy.
Colonel: It’s best not to ask why, Snake. Focus at your task at hand.
Snake: Which is?
Colonel: Giving that bear and bird combo a good old fashioned story book beating.

Viridi: Hey Pit, don’t go hurting those cute animals!!
Pit: Aftually, they are the ones hurting me.
Viridi: Did you do something to anger them? Steal thier bananas? Burn down thier home?
Pit: Nope! I can’t get a read on these guys!
Palutena: That must be Banjo and Kazooie.
Pit: Whooza whatsit now what?
Viridi: Use your words, Pit.
Pit: Can you repeat that again, Lady Palutena. And slowly?
Palutena: You are facing the duo, Banjo and Kazooie. Banjo is the bear and Kazooie is the bird.
Pit: I see. For a pair of animals, they have some moves!
Palutena: Of course. They use thier abilities to fight the evil witch, Gruntilda. She kidnapped Banjo’s cute sister to drain her of her youth and beauty.
Pit: That’s heinous!
Viridi: the Forces of Nature wont stand for that!
Palutena: Well, I suppose we could try talking but Kazooie has quite the mouth. Fighting it out by be better.
Pit: Gotcha! I’ll give them the old “Give up and say uncle” move I’ve been saying:
Viridi and Palutena: Oh dear...