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I'm back earlier then I thought I'd be. Overall I think my dog is gonna be a-ok. Its just the weather and she's also getting older otherwise besides resting more she's still been eating, drinking and playing actively.
if Crash gets in Smash and people try to boycott Nintendo for working with Activision, I will be rolling down the aisles. gaming boycotts NEVER work. EVER. they never have worked and they never will. just buy the games you want to play and don't care about who the money goes to.
Just wanted to say, that's an excellent avatar you have right now. I've used that same piece as my avatar on Steam before.

It's one of my favorite pieces of Toothless/Light Fury fanart.
the Fortnite black hole was a cop out, I was expecting it to last a month at least.
That would've been a horrible decision on Epic Games' behalf to make players wait an entire month to play the game again. IMO, two days was a reasonable time for the players to decipher the Scientist's code, and then enjoy the brand new island.
You're really good at staying in character
have you ever considered making an Eggman parody account on Twitter?
Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
Didn't know Eggman made drawing & ****post on the internet.

And no, I never thought of the idea because, twist here, I don't actually have a account on twitter dot com.
Well you stay in character otherwise lol
but ok
Going to be gone for a while. Feeling anxiety and worrying over my dog who might not be feeling well.
For those who watch death battle, the newest video is up and damn it’s good.

I won’t spoil it but all I’ll say is the comment at the end by the winner was the most disrespectful thing in history. Nothing will top that.
I kind of lost interest after they royally screwed over Ben Tennyson, but Ganon vs Dracula sounds interesting.