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Zelda's True Combos (Science Thread)


Smash Cadet
Nov 5, 2010
Switch FC
6100 0383 6350
A thread to jot down all of the true combos I can find with Zelda and maximize her potential. Damage numbers will vary slightly based on sweetspots and jump type.

Tested Without Rage or Staling on medium weight character: Pit.

Low Percent Combos are WHITE.
Medium Percent Combos are BLUE. They range from 25-50%.
High Percent Combos are GOLD. They range from 70-100%.

Up Tilt true combos into:

Jabs: 21.8% (max)
Up Tilt: 17.2%
Nair: 21.8-26.6% (listed because you no longer need to use the back hit. Pivot into the nair for max)
(back hit)
Side Tilt: 20.6% (angle high for best chances)
Side Smash: 29%
Up Smash: 26.1%
Nair: 19.8%-23.9 (Pivot into nair for max)
Delay Short Hop Fair/Bair: 29%
Dair: 24.9%
Nayru's Love: 21.8%
Farore's Wind (Sweet): 30.2
Uair: 25.9
Bair/Fair: 32.6

Down Tilt true combos into:
Fair (Sweet): 27%
At 40%
Dash Attack: 21%
Dashing Farore's Wind: 28.2

Nair Landing true combos into:
Jabs: 15.4%
-Approaching Landing-
Side Tilt: 15
Up Tilt: 11.6, Nair 24.8
Side Smash: 22.2
Dashing Up Smash: 20
SH Nair: 26.8
SH Fair/Bair: 23.4

Dashing Farore's Wind (Sweet): 24.6%

Dair (Sweet) true combos into:
Jabs: 30.9
Dash Attack (Sour): 30
Side Tilt: 31.2
Up Tilt 27.8, Uair: 48.2
Side Smash: 39.6
Up Smash: 36.7
Delayed Down Smash (Front): 34.2
Down Smash (Back): 31.2
SH Nair: 30.4
Short Hop Bair/Fair (Sweet): 39.6
SH Dair (Sweet): 35.5
Nayru's Love: 32.4

Nair: 37.2%
Bair/Fair: 43.2%
FH Dair: 38.4%

Up Throw true combos into:
Nair: 31.2%
Fair/Bair (Sour): 18%
Uair: 33.6%

Down Throw true combos into:
Up Tilt 18.2%, Nair: 36.2%
Up Tilt, Bair (Sweet): 42.2%
Up Tilt, Uair: 35.5%
Up Tilt, Farore's Wind (First hit): 25.4%
Dashing Up Smash: 27.2%
Retreating Nair: 19.2%
Dashing Nair: 25.2
Pivot Fair/Bair (Sweet): 33.6%
Retreating Dair (Sour): 14.7
Jumping Nayru's Love: 22.8%
Farore's Wind (First hit): 16.8
Uair: 26.9%

Phantom Slash (Fully charged) true combos into: (Damage values listed don't take Phantom into account mid combo. Also of importance, Phantom slash combos into or out of nearly everything depending on percent, timing and placement.)
Dash Attack (Sweet): 31.3%
Delay Side Tilt: 28.9%
Delay Down Tilt: 23.5%
Side Smash: 37.3%
Up Smash 34.4%
Down Smash (Partially charged): 33.2%
Falling Nair 20.5, Up Smash: 33.8%
Falling Nair, Up Tilt: 29.1, FH Nair, 45.3%
Cross up Falling Nair, Fair/Bair (Sweet): 48.5%
Cross up Falling Nair, Dair (Sweet): 42.1%
Falling Nair, Dair (Sweet): 35%
Falling Nair, Uair: 37.2%
Short Hop Fair/Bair (Sweet): 34.7%
Fair/Bair Sweet: 40.9%
Short Hop Dair (Sweet): 30.7%
Dair Sweet, 19.2%, Fair Sweet: 60.1%
Fthrow: 28.9%
Bthrow: 31.3% (in order to do this, B reverse the Phantom while over the target, land and throw them immediately)
Uthrow: 30.1% (Must be done from the perfect distance, otherwise the Phantom will hit before the throw is released)
Dthrow: 22.3% (same as bthrow)
Din's Fire (Quick, Sweet): 26%
Din's Fire (Charged, Sweet): 33.7% (Max. In order to land this one, summon the phantom a medium distance away and then rush behind it and cast. Release it after the phantom's slash, not during.
Farore's Wind (Second hit, Sweet): 28.9% (For this one, timing must be precise so that both attacks hit nearly simultaneously, otherwise the Wind will send the opponent above the slash)
Farore's Wind (Second hit, Sour): 25.3% (The sourspot sends the opponent away, so it doesn't require precise timing)
Dashing Farore's Wind (sour): 33.7%
Dashing Farore's Wind (Sweet): 38.5 (Requires precise timing exactly on the Phantom's hit)

Off Top
Landing Nair- Dashing Farore's Wind at 65%
Up Throw at 150%

Your Back to Ledge
Dthrow- Bair (Sweet) at 45%
Utilt (back)- FH Bair (Sweet) at 55%
Back Throw at 110%

At Ledge
Dair (Sweet)- SH Dair (Sweet) at 45%
Phantom Full Charge- Dair (Sweet) at 45%
Phantom Full Charge- Din's Fire (Charged, Sweet) at 60%
Phantom Full Charge at 105
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