Zelda vs d33 impossible MU

Apr 15, 2015
Honestly I don't think the Zelda MU is terrible for D3. Zelda's advantages in this matchup mostly revolve around her ability to play around Din's fire and cornering Dedede. If she can get a grab, it usually means that you're gonna take 50-60%. Of course, Din's fire is actually kind of difficut to maneuver around, considering Dedede is a giant pear, but it's not entirely impossible to escape. Zelda also likes to counterpick to stages that give her opponents less escapability (like FD, smashville, etc.)

As Dedede, it's very important for you to be able to maneuver around Din's fire. Using waddles to move quickly around the stage is very important. Intercepting Zelda with n-air has been pretty effective for me, even at low percents. Getting grabs is also pretty effective. Zelda is susceptible to downthrow tech chases, and you can get a lot of percent on her if your reactions are on point. KOing her is kind of hard, I will admit, but if you can read where she's going to end up when she uses Faeore's Wind then F-smash is a great KO option. Killing with F-air is also possible, but a lot harder since Faeore's is still really good.

Other moves I've found a little success with are B-air out of sheild if Zelda is hovering around 110% and inhale. Coming down from the air with inhale is not a bad option, and exhaling her offstage can force her to teleport if she's in a bad spot. If she does, you can probably get a downthrow. Upthrow -> Upair also isn't that bad, but I can't tell whether or not it's guaranteed.


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Jun 16, 2015
its unwinnable.

devs cmon man give d3 some love. cmon.
Psycho you really need to offer more to these threads you start. What do you find difficult about the matchup? What specifically should the pmdt do to help d3 in this and similar mus?

Please, stop just complaining about your character. If you can't play d3, switch mains. That's the beauty of pm, there's a lot of viable characters
Jun 8, 2009
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Upthrow upair is not guaranteed, not at percents that it would kill anyway (she's too heavy of a floaty)

The best way to deal with dins fire is to use nair to clank, it can simultaneously remove the hitbox and apply pressure.

The most difficult part of the mu is dealing with her multi hitbox smash attacks imo. You can double stick DI both upsmash and fsmash to avoid the strong hitbox, which really helps surviving this mu. But her neutral b > ftilt/uptilt > upair/fair/bair is really stupid painful and is difficult to deal with.

Her recovery is relatively hard to edgeguard. It's hard to be close enough to fair without her escaping past you with her up-b. It's also hard to cover the ledge and punish her on landing. The best compromise I usually consider is to be tricky with your edge hog, hover near the ledge and either grab it as she's teleporting or commit to trying to beat her landing with dsmash or grab.
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Apr 15, 2015
Honestly I was confused most about trying to beat her in neutral. DIing her multi-hits is so important, but I wasn't sure exactly which way.

I feel like Din's is slightly harder to play around than those moves, though. Especially if she corners you. I'll have to try out n-air more if you've found success with it, tako. Thanks for telling me about it :D
Jan 18, 2014
guys my biggets problem is when she dins fire and then does the crystal shield aoe thing.... to hits all around her and fast. just those 2 spells alone like i cant touch her.

mind you i played a really good zelda. dins fire is the only problem really. if it didnt have instant recovery and it would be fine.

Dedede needs a way to deal with spammer. make it suck smaller but make it come out faster and able to eat projectiles. SOMETHING to deal with projectile spam. please.
id clink the dins fire but no avail just sits there into a mine. then she just short hops and aoe crystal move that beast pretty much everything.

cuz after the dins fire. u gotta worry about it instantly coming from behind and a short hop. so u cant grab her. and even if u do grab her she can just set dins fire to come back.

dins fire is WAY to fast recovery. thats my only issue. its too safe.

Dededes biggest issue is spammer...

examples - pkfire,dins fire, yoshi eggs,diddy's ****,rob

also long range grabs counter dedede. yoshi tongue is amazing agaisnt dedede and you cant ****en miss agaisnt dedede. hes ****en huge.

im never switching mains. Everyone likes pm cuz of variety. everyone is tired of seeing spacies.

Stop making characters like metaknight diddy who have no ****en bad match ups. I mean if you make EVERYONE viable then people will ****en love this game. Best example is street fighter. that game is slow and basic as **** but its actually pretty balanced and many characters can be played in top tourneys.

Make everyone have a chance. cuz why not?

AND if she grabs you and up throws u she always will hit up with that huge purple ****....
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