Zelda Grab Followup Details


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Aug 12, 2017
Note: This is a WIP, I plan on making this a detailed cover of ideal grab punishes for Zelda against all the top tiers.

Throw damages (unstaled):
Uthrow: 11%
Dthrow: 9%
Fthrow: 12%
Bthrow: 11%
Pummel: 3%

Basic Throw Use:
Uthrow: Main chaingrab, particularly on fastfallers
Dthrow: Generally outclassed by Uthrow on fastfallers, best against Floaties
Fthrow: Limited usage, pretty situational but can be good for edgeguards
Bthrow: Kill throw when facing away from the ledge

Fox Followup Details:
If Fox doesn't hard DI forward/back, guaranteed Uair chaingrab ends at ~55% (55% AFTER the throw), assuming Fox is mashing jump. You can usually get a pseudo-guaranteed grab up to 69%, or go for a kick, Usmash, or Uair. If Fox hard DI's back you CANNOT regrab at low%, but you can dash attack, and at 0-3% turnaround Utilt (0-9% if it isn't hard back).

Peach Followup Details:
Peach can escape Uthrow any% with hard DI left/right. Uthrow-Uair works on most DI until 30%. Dthrow leads to a guaranteed dash attack if they try and tech (rather than jumping out), which works into lower 60%s on hard DI out. If they try to jump out, you can kick, or in some situations Up air. Kick is pretty free until Bthrow will become a relevant kill option. Fthrow can lead to the same dash attack / kick chase, but only at very low percents and on DI in / no DI, so I don't recommend it.

Falcon Followup Details:
I know you can chaingrab with Uthrow to ~70, but the timing is very tight. If you want an easier, option, just go for Uthrow into dash attack (low%, up to ~35) or kick (around 30-35% or above), or Utilt on no DI.

Puff Followup Details:
If Puff is near a ledge, then Fthrow/Bthrow to get her offstage is good. If you are not near a ledge, you can Dthrow - Kick on most DI, and Dthrow - Uair if Puff DI's in and tries to escape straight up. Be careful though as Puff has a ton of options with DI here, and this can very easily backfire.

On missed tech, Zelda can jab reset with Dtilt, Dair, and Nair. Dtilt is generally preferred on the ground, but Nair is good if they miss tech on a platform.

Dtilt jab reset %s:
Fox: 61%
Falco: 30%
Marth: >10%
Falcon: >10%
Sheik: ~15%
Peach: ~13%
Samus: >10%
Puff: >10%
Note: These are the percents where they will go through the full getup animation. You can Dtilt and punish at MUCH higher percents, but the opposing character will get popped up by Dtilt rather than slowly getting up.

Any suggestions for what else to test?
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