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YouTuber Delzethin Asks: What Now?

Discussion in 'News' started by EmaLeigh, Apr 6, 2018.

EmaLeigh "EmeLee" O'Neal, Apr 6, 2018 at 9:04 PM
  1. EmaLeigh

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    Smash Cadet

    Mar 7, 2016
    Sewanee. TN
    what now.jpg
    Although the most recent Nintendo Direct’s Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch announcement gave us more questions than answers, it’s proven to have refreshed and reinvigorated many members of the Smash community, including YouTube content creator Delzethin.

    In his most recent video, Delzethin covers the potential designs and moveset of the guaranteed newcomers, the Inklings, which he suspects will be akin to Villagers and Robin in terms of alternate skin styles. He also ponders what the glimpse of Breath of the Wild Link could mean for characters such as Mario and Samus or the casts of The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem in terms of aesthetics and playstyle. Additionally, he outlines three categories for potential newcomers: first-party (e.g. Decidueye, Bandana Dee, Spring Man), third-party (e.g. Rayman, Monster Hunter, Bomberman) and popular Smash ballot picks (e.g. Krystal, Isaac, Shovel Knight).

    While he doubts it’s a port, Delzethin acknowledges that it might not be a completely “new” game. He believes it’s an “iterative sequel,” built upon its predecessor’s original assets, code, and game engine, yet adds enough new content for it to be considered a new game. Watch the entirety of his speculations below:

    Keep an eye and ear out for more of Delzethin’s Smash content by subscribing to his YouTube channel.
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Based in the Southeastern United States, EmaLeigh has been playing Smash since its inception but joined the competitive scene about two years ago. She dual mains Pikachu/Fox in both 64 and Melee and Pikachu/Charizard in PM. Identifies as "scrub." Her goal is to nurture Smash’s growing scene, git gud, and have fun. Check her out on Twitter @emaleigh_o (but only if you want to).
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Discussion in 'News' started by EmaLeigh, Apr 6, 2018.

    1. Connery
      That's been the question people have been asking themselves for a month now
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    2. Ghirahilda
      I think the "they are looking at the fire" theory is not a good accurracy because the light squeme really tells that the fire is behind Mario and Link and that's why we can't see their faces, so I don't think they are looking at the smash symbol
    3. BluePikmin11
      This is a solid video in terms of the analysis of the game being an iterative sequel.
    4. Mr.ケイ
      The devs need to update several of their veterans like Mario, Samus and the Zelda characters. We haven't had any new Zelda reps come in since Melee (I don't count T. Link since he just replaced Y. Link) and updating the main 3 would effectively serve to give us 3 new characters while cutting the fat in the form of Zelda's bottom tier since Melee moveset and Ganon's unispired Falcon clone moveset. Samus also needs better representation of how she actually is in her own games with normals and aerials involving her shooting beams (kind of like Villager, Megaman, and Mii Gunner).
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    5. Scribe
      They could have turned around at some point
    6. Andinus
      For online I'd like to see people have a reputation ranking, which will go down for ****ty behavior like quitting matches, having a bad connection, excessive tag changes, excessive in game self destructs, idling etc. Get rid of the ******* reporting system and FG hell banning, and let people form reputations on their own. This way players can decide who they want to interact with better, and jerks and clowns can be avoided for players that want to play the game properly, but if someone wants to play with someone with a ****ty reputation or have a ****ty reputation they can, without the risk of being soft banned for weeks on end.
    7. Applebutter61
      In time all will be revealed...

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