Your reaction to every newcomer yet


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Depending on how many have been released when you post put your reactions on all of them pretty simple actually I will edit in my reactions as more Newcomers come

Inkling ok that's fine I guess sounds like a niche character like Pac-Man

Daisy you have got to be kidding me [facepalm] what a waste [facepalm]
You get the idea

Ridely who the heck are you you look cool but like what fast forward to 59 percent down b best character ever!!!!!
Nov 15, 2007
Well there's only 3 right now.. but,

1st - holy crap the new smash bros!
2nd (figuring inkling's gonna be in) - Sweeet I wonder how Inkling's gonna play.
3rd (After seeing gameplay) - Omygod Inkling's probably gonna be my main. <3

Daisy: Nice! Gonna use her instead of peach :p. I Wonder what's different from peach.

Ridley: Wow, I can't believe they actually managed it. Don't care too much myself, but glad lots of people are gonna be happy about it. I wonder who else is finally gonna be in :)


Apr 25, 2018
:ultinkling:: They are super cool. Great moveset, awesome alts, and already fun characters in their games.
:ultdaisy:: No big deal. Glad for her fans. I'm happy she got her iconic dress and Peach's moveset.
:ultridley:: why? Though, I'll admit, his reveal was cool.


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Apr 20, 2015
I'm pretty meh all around tbh. Great additions for sure but I'll care more when the game is in my switch and the controller is in my hands.


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Oct 17, 2007
Happy to see Inkling and Ridley get in. Indifferent towards Daisy.

It's kind of rare for me to have a major "aghhh" moment at a character reveal. I had one when Mewtwo was revealed as a dlc character though.

I probably would have had one for Shulk if he hadn't been spoiled beforehand.
Nov 10, 2014
Inklings - "YES! NEW SMASH!! And of course Inklings."
Daisy - "I don't like Echoes, but if they're gonna be in the game, yeah, that makes sense."
Ridley - "Wow, they finally gave in huh?"
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Apr 9, 2014
Fishing Hole
Inklinks- wasn’t shocked, haven’t played their game yet so I hold no strong opinion

Post Nintendo E3- when I first logged on to the new website for smash ultimate I thought it was some fan made thing with Daisy and Ridley,

Daisy- this will upset a crowd

Ridley- hope it won’t disappoint anybody
Oct 14, 2016
Inkling: kind of expected to be the 1st unveil of the next game since they are the big new character.
Daisy: my ocd kind of now wants Pauline to round up the main Mario damsel-in-distress role and Waluigi who seems to be in every game Daisy is also in recently.
Ridley: kind of a surprise since I was starting to doubt it would ever happen since it hadnt happened already.
Jul 16, 2013
Inkling : yep saw this coming from 1 million miles away but hey bonus new smash also knew it would happen I knew since 2014

Daisy : yay no more complaints about the daisy alt


Trailer starts

Then sees Samus's boots


Then the very first moment of gameplay happens




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Jan 22, 2014
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Honestly I've been pretty tame so far, but mostly because I don't really have any characters left that would hype me up.

Inkling seemed way too obvious to be excited about, and honestly for as much as they did do, I feel a bit underwhelmed by how much their kit actually reflects Splatoon. I'm sure they have their reasons, but I really feel like more tilts/arials/throws could have worked in more of the Splatoon arsenal.

Daisy is sort of a non-reaction since I understand that Echo Fighters, while not effortless, do not "steal" a slot away from some other "more deserving" fighter. I do prefer Daisy to Peach as a character, but I don't really like that move set too much in the first place.

Ridley I was a bit more surprised by, if only because I had kind of accepted that they had no interest in including him. He looks fun enough, but, I'm actually not a huge fan of his design. Looks a bit like... I don't know, wrinkled and old looking? Maybe I'll feel differently by the time I play the game, but, I don't love looking at him for now.
Jun 22, 2018
So far:

:ultinkling: - I was really excited for the new Smash Bros. Not a Splatoon fan really but they have a cool and unique moveset for sure
:ultdaisy: - “Hi, I’m Daisy” is what I said out loud lol. I actually really like Daisy and was hyped for her inclusion. I was perfectly fine with her as an echo
:ultridley: - The hype was at an all time high. Ridley isn’t even one of my faves, and personally I didn’t really care if he got in or not all too much. But he was extremely deserving. And that reveal trailer was so good. And I knew everyone was gonna freak out in the best way possible. So I was happy


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Apr 8, 2015
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:ultinkling:- Hype but it was obvious we were gonna get them at some point

:ultdaisy:- Shocked and in a state of disbelief but was okay because she was an Echo.

:ultridley:- Hype but I knew he was gonna happen because of Vergeben.


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Oct 3, 2007
:ultdaisy:- Hey that’s pretty cool. Also the term echo is pretty cool. It’s all pretty cool! Might even play as her to go against my brother Peach main.

:ultinkling:- Very fitting to have them be the first new characters announced. After seeing their moveset, I’m still a fan and can’t wait to learn them and hopefully be good with Inklings.

:ultridley:- No waaaaay! I can’t believe Sakurai finally did it! He looks fantastic! He’s fast, he got powerful attacks and oh wow he killed :ultmegaman: and :ultmario:
Apr 28, 2008
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My brother wanted to see Nintendo Direct, and we hadn't been watching any of it. So I went over to him to watch a video of Inklings fighting each other. I thought it was a new Splatoon game, and I said, "I wouldn't be surprised if they added Inkling in the next Smash." Little did I know what I was watching was a trailer for a new Super Smash Bros. game. When the room turned dark and the Inkling turned around, as the camera zoomed into her eye, I saw a Smash icon. I said, "What? Is this a new Smash game? I didn't even know!"

Oh, it's Daisy. Why did they add another Mario character? What's an echo fighter?

When I saw a character swipe Mega Man and impale him, I knew who it was. I couldn't believe Nintendo would allow that, but I liked it. Then Mario was killed. With Samus alone, I was certain it was Ridley. I just didn't know what he'd look like. Once he broke through that catwalk, I thought, "Wow, Ridley looks like death!" When his move set was on display, I thought, "This is cool!" His final smash was amazing, too. It's visually one of the most powerful final smashes I've ever seen. I like Ridley's new appearance because he looks like he has a bony exoskeleton with softer spots along his inguinal area. His tail retained the metallic, blade-like structure.


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Jul 7, 2018
:ultinkling: I'd be more surprised if they weren't in a new smash game. I've never played splatoon so I'm not excited. The character does seem sorta unique but nothing that grabs my interest
:ultdaisy: Wait Daisy is a character but Waluigi isn't? Is this the same nonsense where they put Lucina in instead of Chrom? With that said, I play Daisy in Mario Strikers so there's a good chance I'll play her over Peach the occasional times I play Peach.
Echo fighters huh, that gives me some hope for other newcomers like Dark Samus, maybe another Street Fighter character like Ken, Shadow, Dixie Kong, Bandana Dee etc. The echo fighters announcement gave me more hope for characters I'd be interested in so this announcement was probably the most exciting even though we only have Daisy as of now. Admittedly at first it just sounded like a complete cop out. Their way of excusing seemingly "lazy" movesets that mirrored another character and didn't feel unique. But I'd much rather have Dark Samus than say a new pokemon IDK at all or yet another Fire Emblem character from a game I've never touched.
:ultridley: 'bout time. He should have been a playable character in sm4sh. I love Metroid so I'm glad to see him but I never play large heavy bruiser type characters so I'm unlikely to play him much at all.
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Sep 1, 2014
:ultinkling: - Holy crap, a new smash! This looks intense!
:ultdaisy: - Awwe yay! This'll make people happy :)


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Jun 27, 2014
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:ultinkling: - I didn't really react to them; out of all the potential newcomers for Smash, they were a given, and due to their role of acting as the debut for Smash Ultimate, I was too focused on going crazy over that.
:ultdaisy: - Ok.
:ultridley: - WHO'S TOO BIG NOW?!
:ultsimon: - Was overdue for Smash honestly, the leak kinda ruined the wow factor for me though unfortunately.
:ultrichter: - Now this was a genuine surprise, the fact we got a second character within the same third party was a legit shock. Would've preferred Alucard, but Richter is dope too.
:ultchrom: - LOOKS LIKE HE GOT HIS CHANCE TODAY. Not a huge FE fan, but I'm one of the very few people who doesn't mind an abundance of FE characters, so whatevs.
:ultdarksamus: - She was my third/fourth most wanted character so I'm hyped. I wish she was a unique character but not an echo, but I'll still take it.
:ultkrool: - ngl, I didn't care for him initially, but his trailer was so well made, I watched it like 20 times now, and between the hype gameplay, his amazing looking moveset, and the killer remix, I'm on the K. Rool bandwagon, can't wait to try him out!
- Was never a huge Animal Crossing fan, but Isabelle is a cutie, so I don't mind her inclusion one bit. The trailer itself just made me go "wut" cause I thought it was Animal Crossing, then the actual AC trailer came up afterwards, lol.
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Jun 13, 2018
:ultinkling: - Was happy by their inclusion. Splatoon is an amazing game, and new IP Representation is always a plus. Was even happier when they went into detail about how the inking worked in Smash.

:ultdaisy: - Cool that she got in, and I know for a fact that it made a lot of people happy.

:ultridley: - My reaction to this can not be put into words by how happy I was. Refer to the Vince McMahon gifs posted above by someone else.
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Feb 8, 2014
:ultinkling: duh, They look fun to play. My actual reaction was more confusion as what was actually happening until I actually saw the flame in the eye. Which huge gasp and literally me and the chair I was in moving backwards. I was literally taken aback.

I was in bed for E3 so my reactions were tamer by necessity. I was pretty much just smiling with a few jaw dropping moments

:ultdaisy: Yay, I thought this was perfect for her. I said previously that she was my most wanted costume and echo is essentially the same just with more personality.

:ultridley: it didn't take long to figure out who was being revealed, kinda dissapointed that him showing in E3 got so much discussion that it didn't really feel surprising. By what was basically going through my head was "what's he gonna look like, how big is he" I was very happy with this outcome though, his design is pretty much perfect. Great size. One of my most wanted. In my opinion, he was the most essential character missing from the roster.


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Jul 19, 2018
:ultinkling: - Not surprised in the slightest; it was obvious from the teaser that Inkling Girl/Boy would get a part, but I'm not disappointed in the slightest! From what I've seen so far from their moveset, they have quite the unique playstyle and look super fun to play.

:ultdaisy: - Eh. I don't really care for Daisy much but it's nice that she got the part, I guess.

:ultridley: - Now this. This is what caught me off guard. Now I know Ridley has been a requested character since like... Melee or Brawl? Somewhere around there. Personally speaking, I think his moveset is kind of odd and will take getting used to, but as a character I think he's a neat addition, at least!
Dec 24, 2001
Still up Peach's dress.
:ultinkling:: Well yeah dur, they're the most obvious inclusion to date. Splatoon was a megahit. A little unsure how to feel about them honestly as something about their moveset feels off to me but I cannot place my finger on it, I was a big supporter during Sm4sh(hence her still being in my sig), but my interest in Splatoon died about a year into the game's lifespan.

:ultdaisy:: The heck? Why is she using Toad? She's not their rule-actually **** it; Why is she a playable character BEFORE Toad? First Doc, then Rosalina and now Daisy? This is getting kind of irritating, but whatever at least Toad's now not a hapless meatshield. It's something. I guess.
Well I guess Waluigi is guaranteed to get in now alongside her as they are kind of counterpart-oh, he's an assist trophy. Oh. Oh wow this is not gonna end well...

:ultridley:: Aww, good for his fans. I have no real experience with Metroid or interest in Ridley as a character myself, but I cannot deny Ridley was exciting after so many years of denial. Now if Sakurai could just do the same for some kindness for other characters he's stuck unfairly in non playable roles we'd all be happy campers.
Aug 11, 2013
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-Inklings: Saw it coming, but it was still pretty exciting, but most of my hype for this character came when they showed how cool and fun their moveset looks like (i haven’t played Splatoon, i would have lost my mind otherwise)

-Ridley: I liked it, but most of my optimism for Metroid went away shortly before Smash 4, and i was an active Ridley supporter back then.

-Daisy: really good addition and i prefer her over Peach so i may play with her.

Honestly i’m way more hyped for the returning veterans specially Snake and Young Link, and the changes made to several characters.
Apr 24, 2015
Inkling: Want's too surprised, they were a shoo-in for the next Smash Bros anyway. Still, a very welcome addition.

Daisy: Not happy, she's pretty pointless and I'm not looking forward to more useless clones.

Ridley: Surprised, but overall neutral. Ridley was never a character I supported, but it's good to get a unique character and it'll be fun to joke with the Retsupurae voice for him.


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Jul 8, 2018
Ridley : Holysh*t, that's awesome ! I can't wait to play him.

Inkling : I can understand why they put them but still, I don't really like them.

Daisy : *facepalm* Can't you stop wasting the CSS with those echo fighters? They would fit perfectly as "alternate costumes" like bowser jr
Oct 27, 2013
:ultinkling: I felt nothing in particular towards them.
:ultdaisy: I laughed a lot and felt genuinely lucky because I didn't even think Sakurai would care enough to include her as her own character.
:ultridley: Just flat-out amazed that he finally made it.
:ultsimon: Well duh, he was already basically confirmed after E3. Felt good to see him in motion.
:ultrichter: Every Castlevania fan was saying Simon should have other Belmonts as alts, I saw what they meant at his reveal.
:ultchrom: Didn’t really care
:ultdarksamus: Thought it was kinda cool, but wondered why, then remembered it probably got a lot of ballot votes after Ridley was decomfirmed last game.
:ultkrool:Couldn’t handle it. I had to shut the video off and come back later.
:ultisabelle: didn’t really feel like anything happened, and I’m the kind of person who’s all for more attention for Animal Crossing.
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Aug 6, 2011
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:ultinkling: Not really surprised, considering how much of a success Splatoon was. Definitely deserving of a spot

:ultdaisy: Well, didn't expect that... Cool I suppose.

:ultridley: No way! You're joking right?! I never thought he'd get in based on Sakurai's previous comments, this is awesome!
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Mar 12, 2018
:ultinkling: - Their announcement was closely tied to Ultimate's announcement itself so I paid more attention to that. It was still cool tho!
:ultdaisy: - If it leaked beforehand I'd probably be really salty, but at the heat of the moment I actually really liked to see her in

:ultsimon: - I absolutely LOVED the trailer, plus his moveset was really cool so I really enjoyed seeing him in action, but my reaction was mostly "hey he's finally in" bc of Vergeben lol
:ultrichter: - I liked it bc it was a complete curveball. Also, it opened way for third party echo fighters (Shadow, Ken etc)
:ultchrom: - It was the kind of character I didn't know I wanted. Basically he completely killed any reason for me to use Roy :p
:ultdarksamus: - I was expecting it bc she wasn't shown as an AT. Still loved it tho, especially because of her(?) fans
:ultkrool: - That trailer was awesome. I got so ecstatic with his Final Smash
:ultisabelle: - I was pretty much expecting her to be revealed. The buildup was cute and seeing her was so wholesome. Plus, the finale announcing AC Switch was perfect
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May 18, 2014
:ultinkling: At first, I was thinking that it was just more Splatoon material, only to see the emblem as well as the silhouettes of all the fighters, so I knew it was coming.
:ulticeclimbers: Considering that they were cut last time for technical difficulties on the 3DS, I wasn't terribly shocked to see them return. But I was glad.
:ultpokemontrainer: It took me a while to understand what I was seeing, and was a little excited to see him back along with Squirtle or Ivysaur.
:ultsnake: I didn't recognize who he was right away, but when I saw the banner, "Everyone is here!" I actually got a little excited, even though we already knew about half the cut veterans from the previous game returning, and I already got what I wanted--the return of Sonic and Cloud.
:ultdaisy: I didn't mind all that much, actually. We knew that echo fighters are directly based off their original counterparts and control exactly the same way, with very slight tweaks to help differentiate them from their counterparts (for example, Lucina with her lack of tipper; and Dark Pit with a different Final Smash). For example, it looks like Daisy's hitboxes are going to be a tad different from Peach, if the rainbows vs. flowers thing is any indication.
:ultridley:Even though I'm not knee deep into the Metroid franchise, I knew without hesitation when I saw that trailer that it was gonna be Ridley. And I'm happy to see him in there too.

Btw, I added in Ice Climbers, Pokémon Trainer, and Snake because they were cut veterans heading into 3DS and Wii U. I didn't bother mentioning Wolf, Pichu or Young Link because even though I was glad to see them back, I already knew they would be back.


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Mar 20, 2015
:ultinkling: - I enjoyed Splatoon 1 while it lasted, so it's great that they made it in.
:ultdaisy: - I always felt kind of bad for Daisy and how Rosalina got in sooner than she did. I understand that Rosalina has more to work with, but... I would've been fine if Daisy made it in Brawl as a clone of Peach.
:ultridley: - I don't really care for his character all that much, so I wasn't fazed at all by his reveal trailer.
:ultsimon: - I never played a Castlevania game before, but Simon feels like a worthy addition.
:ultrichter: - See Simon.
:ultchrom: - Although I kind of agree with the whole "too many FE character/swordfighters" debate within the Smash community, it's nice having the Awakening trio all together in Smash.
:ultdarksamus: - Dark Samus I don't have much to say on. The only Metroid game I thoroughly played was Metroid Fusion, so I'm not too familiar with Dark Samus. Still, good for her. Or is she an it?
:ultkrool: - See Ridley.
Isabelle - When I saw her reveal trailer, I originally thought it was an Animal Crossing game. I was a bit miffed that it was her Smash trailer instead, but afterwards they revealed that Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch was in the works. So yay for Isabelle.


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Feb 22, 2014
:ultinkling: loved it but not surprising... felt like they were the most obvious shoe-in
:ultridley: YES!! been wanting you since Melee
:ultdaisy: oh... won't play her but I like her better than :ultpeach: so, a plus.
:ultchrom: not another one....
:ultdarksamus: didn't ask for you but you're cool
:ultkrool: He finally made it. I'm so proud
:ultsimon: guess that leak was right
:ultrichter: wait... who?
Isabelle: .... how can I possibly say no to that face.

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Apr 24, 2014
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:ultinkling: 'At least this will be an interesting character in Smash Bros.' My thought when Splatoon was first revealed.
:ultdaisy: Was surprised it took this long, might play as her instead of Peach if she has "HI I'M DAISY!" as a taunt.
:ultridley:Its about time. This make up for how lousy the roster additions were in Smash 4.
:ultchrom: Don't care about Fire Emblem. but now Roy and Ike are obsolete because, By Crom! I will play as Chrom!
:ultdarksamus:Saw this coming sine Echo Fighter became a thing. A good addition.
:ultkrool:It finally happened he's everything we could have hoped for (tears in eyes).
:ultsimon: A good addition.
:ultrichter: Hey maybe we will get Shadow The Hedgehog, Ken Masters, or Ms. Pac-Man.
:substitute: (Isabelle) I relay thought she would just be an echo this is disappointing for a full newcomer... Hey, at least were getting Tom Nook as an echo, Oh nope its just a reveal for another Animal Crossing game, disappointing.
Nov 15, 2007
Isabelle - She's actually in! I kinda knew it from the start of the trailer. What, she's not really an echo? dang, well this is better than just being an echo. So I think this is actually really good. Just gotta get over not having another one in. Too bad some people are having a much harder time with this. I think things will be fine, with more smash directs.


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Feb 19, 2015
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:ultinkling:: Oh wow, a new Smash Bros.! This is gonna be good. Maybe Bomberman, Krystal, and Vaati will finally be in the game this time.
:ultdaisy:: I'll admit, I did not see that coming... Luigi will be thrilled. (Plus I can finally recreate my old fanfic in Smash...)
:ultridley:: They actually did it!!! The absolute madmen!!!
:ultsimon::ultrichter:: Oh, it's Castlevania. Well, that explains Bomberman being an Assi- OH MY GOD, IT'S CASTLEVANIA!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!! ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!!!! (Okay, I was spoiled by TV Tropes, but still, I love the Castlevania universe and its lore, and I am really looking forward to putting my Belnades OCs up against Dracula.)
:ultchrom:: Oh, cool, it's Chrom. I should get back into Fire Emblem Heroes sometime...
:ultdarksamus:: :dizzy: {We don't have a shrug emoticon, so this is what I went with.}
:ultkrool:: Oh, hey, K Rool is in! And he's a heavyweight zoning character!!! :p Say hello to my latest main.
Isabelle: Time to watch Smashboards explode in delight!! (...Hey, what's with all the salt?!?)
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Jun 14, 2008
Inkling - That's cool. We expected them in Sm4sh, but we never got them.
Ridley - Oh my gosh! He looks so freaking cool!
Daisy - Really? Daisy is better than Peach, but really?
Simon Belmont - Finally!
Richter Belmont - WTF? Castlevania back to back?
Chrom - Great, another FE clone.
Dark Samus - Oh, that's pretty cool she's in Smash.
King K. Rool - OMG, OMG! Wait, wtf? Trolled by Sakurai. Holy ****! He's here!
Isabelle - Please no. Really? Why? Whatever.


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Jul 24, 2018
Inkling - Cool, but predictable (after watch the moveset I was really excited).
Ridley - Awesome.
Daisy - Waste of time, but because it's a copy and paste character I'm ok.
Simon Belmont - Don't know who you are, but you look very cool!
Richter Belmont - One copy and paste is ok by me.
Chrom - Don't care.
Dark Samus - Ok, she is.. dark now.. Don't care too much, but ok.
Isabelle - Commoooon... bring me Crash, Rayman, Skull Kid, Spring Man, Goku... not Isabelle.... argh... fine....

Also, Isabelle video was the most boring character reveal from smash ever. I don't care too much about her, but.. it's fine, as long as they give us some more cool characters.

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Nov 10, 2007
Inkling- man i need to play there games, they got good design
daisy: meh
ridley ; OMG not to big
simion: so rumors are true, got to play some of the games
ritcher: who
King k rool: first my most wanted now my second on a roll
Isabelle :.... this is it, the trailer was rushed and bland, the character is pretty much an echo that got a number like dr.mario, how is this going to tide us over until the next reveal?


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Aug 19, 2018
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Inkling - Obvious shoe in but I’m excited regardless

Ridley - Legendary request that Sakurai himself said he couldn’t get to work properly. Insanely hyped to see him finally make it

Daisy - Cool. I’m not a huge fan of her or anything but sure why not

Simon - Perfect choice for a third party rep. Castlevania is so synonymous with the NES despite not being a Nintendo franchise

Richer - Cool I guess. I did know who he was unlike most people since I played Rondo of Blood but I would’ve rather had Alucard as an echo

K. Rool - Incredibly hyped. I was so disappointed to see them ignore him for a decade. Made me so happy to see him back in action

Chrom - Meh. I like Fire Emblem and I know everyone says it but seriously why so many FE characters? Chrom is basically a clone of a clone who already has another clone. Marth, Roy, Lucina and Chrom are way too similar to justify their inclusion. Plus Ike being pretty much the same but heavier. Only Robin and Corrin are unique among the FE cast

Dark Samus - Glad to see Metroid get two new reps. Also makes sense given she will probably play a role in Prime 4. I’m totally fine with her being an echo.

Isabelle - I’m excited. I enjoy Villagers move set but I just don’t like his character. I never liked the way the Animal Crossing human protagonists look so it’s nice to have my favorite animal in the series playable instead. She’s just too adorable. Shame so many people were upset over her reveal, I was really happy about it.
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Dec 21, 2007
Inkling - Not a fan, but knew it was coming.

Ridley - i’ll take real big badass boss Ridley over a stupid tiny version playable anyday, but he had the popularity (though i feel that anyone that is ok with this ridley isnt a true fan)

Daisy - ****, more excited for her than those two.

Belmonts - Have never touched a castlevania game, but the characters seem fun and the music they bring is badass, im down.

Chrom - Im on board with the “no more FE swordguys” gang, but Chrom was getting in, just accepted it. Glad matt mercer got another gig!

Dark Samus - seems chill.

King K. Rool - wow they did it! First newcomer i actually wanted

Isabelle - what is this dog**** on my screen?
Aug 24, 2018
The Lor Starcutter
Daisy: Seriously?
Ridley: It's about time!
Simon: So the leaks were true....
Richter: WHO ARE YOU?
Chrom: Anutha one
Dark Samus: YOOOOO
King K. Rool: NO ******* WAY
Isabelle: *Sigh* At least she's not Shantae....