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Your Own Lego Theme!


Smash Apprentice
Apr 11, 2022
The first person says a franchise and how many Lego sets it gets. The second person says the centerpiece of each set like a building or a vehicle. Then that person says a franchise and how many Lego sets it gets, and the next person does the same.

Person 1: 3 Sonic the Hedgehog sets.
Person 2: Emerald Coast, Green Hill, Death Egg
5 Super Mario sets.

I'll start:
4 The Legend of Zelda sets.


Smash Hero
Apr 4, 2020
1. The Mystery Shack
2. Fearamid
3. Stanmobile & The Stanowar
4. Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons

3 Monster hunter sets
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Smash Apprentice
Apr 11, 2022
1. Pokemon Center
2. Pokemon Tower
3. Meowth Balloon
4. New Bark Town
5. N's Throne Room
6. Pallet Town
7. Rocket Base
8. Pokemon Stadium
9. Spear Pillar
10. Saffron City

4 Halo sets


Smash Lord
Oct 29, 2018
The Velvet Room
  1. Pac-Man Arcade Machine
  2. Pac-Man Tabletop Arcade Machine
  3. Goro's Mansion
  4. Pac-Man's House

3 Teletubbies kits
Okay, so we'd start with "Teletubby Land" (which would actually be the Home Dome.) It'd be a bigger set, similar in design to MOCs for places like Bag End and would likely be one of the only ones to contain all four of them. Next up, we'd have a large-ish build for Noo Noo, in the style of the Ultimate Collector's Series for IPs like Star Wars or Marvel - as well as a small, minifig-scale build for him to go with it. Lastly, I'd suggest a sort of open field with some prominent landmarks like the magical windmill and plenty of flowers and small hills. It'd be a nice landscape-styled build that could connect to the Home Dome similarly to a modular build. Soo:

1. Home Dome
2. UCS Noo Noo
3. Teletubby Land

And, well... let's say 3 Windows kits (as in, Windows the operating system. As for exactly what - go wild!)
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