You are Sakurai in 1999, what becomes your roster input for 64 and later installments?

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Oct 25, 2015
Kidnapped by Sakurai.
You read the title right, you are the director of Super Smash Bros.

You and Iwata planned to make the game as Dragon King: The Fighting Game, But have it scrapped and decided to make it Nintendo based instead featuring familiar characters and elements.


1. You can’t exceed roster limits at the time of developing a certain title, the number of characters must stay the same as canon. (64-12, Melee-25, Brawl-35, 4-58 including DLC) This goes for cuts as well.

2. The characters you add must exist at the time.

3. Regarding Melee, it’s either 1 unique newcomer or 6 clones, your choice.

4.Transformation characters can count as one character.

5. As an extra challenge, the Original 8 are untouched, you must be obliged to add them.
You can only choose the four hidden characters
for 64.
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Sep 26, 2018
Planet Spaceball
About Dark Samus in brawl, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes was released in 2004, 4 years before brawl was released
(sorry i broke the rules, I keep my roster small)
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Sep 3, 2017
64: Ness stays, Captain Falcon is cut in favour of Muddy Mole, Jigglypuff is cut in favour of Squirtle, Luigi is cut in favour of Bowser

Melee: Peach, Zelda/Sheik, Mr. G&W, Falco, Mewtwo and Pichu stay (note: I probably wouldn't have come up with the idea of including the ICs or Doc as a separate character). the spot Bowser would take if he was a new character is taken by Wario, the ICs are replaced by Duck Hunt, Young Link is replaced by Paula as a Ness clone, Ganondorf is replaced by Daisy as a Peach clone, Marth is replaced by Diddy Kong, Dr. Mario is replaced by Luigi as a Mario clone, Roy is replaced by Dixie as a Diddy clone, Doc is an alt costume

Brawl: Toon, Dedede, Lucas, Sonic and Olimar stay (yet again, I wouldn't have come up with R.O.B.). Wario is revamped from Land to Ware. the slot that would belong to a new Diddy is taken by King K. Rool, Meta Knight is replaced by Waluigi, Pokemon Trainer is replaced by Onix, Pit is replaced by Mini Kangaroo, R.O.B. is replaced by Excitebiker, Ike is replaced by Kumatora, Wolf is replaced by a decloned Luigi, Lucario is replaced by Tingle, Snake is replaced by Pac-Man

3DS/Wii U: Bowser Jr., Villager, Little Mac, Ryu and Miis stay (I wouldn't have thought of WFT). Rosalina is replaced by a decloned Daisy, Greninja is replaced by Genesect, Robin is replaced by the introduction of Marth, Lucina is replaced by Slippy as a Fox clone, Corrin is replaced by non-clone Ganondorf (I like Ganondorf as a clone, but wouldn't have come up with that idea cuz' ya' know, no Falcon), Palutena is replaced by Ashley, Dark Pit is replaced by Tiny Wario as a Wario clone, WFT is replaced by Dr. Kawashima (if he approves of course), Shulk is replaced by Jill from Drill Dozer, as DH replaced the ICs earlier, Duck Hunt's new slot is given to the return of Duck Hunt themselves, same goes for Pac, Mega Man is replaced by Crash Bandicoot, Cloud is replaced by a Namco Museum trio, Bayonetta is replaced by Tails.
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Aug 24, 2018
I love these threads!

12 above, + :ultbowser::ultpeach::ultganondorf::ultzelda::ultsheik:( as a separate fighter):ultmetaknight::ultridley::ultfalco::ultdiddy::ultmewtwo::ultpit::ultyoshi::ulticeclimbers:
Brawl: 25 above, + :ultwolf: :ultjigglypuff::ultlucario::ultpokemontrainer::ultzss:(as a separate fighter):ultrosalina::ultmarth::ultgnw::ultrob::ultlucas:
Smash 4::ultduckhunt::ultgreninja::ultisabelle::ultike::ultmegaman::ultolimar::ultpacman::ultpalutena::ultrobin:ultvillager::ultbayonetta::ultryu::ultcloud: Plus a bunch of other fighters, see signature
Jul 16, 2018
Smash 64 - It’s a roster of 12. There are no veterans to consider.

Smash Melee - It’s a roster of 20. No veterans are cut.

Smash Brawl - It’s a roster of 35. No veterans are cut.

Smash 4 - It’s a roster of 56. No veterans are cut.

Smash Ultimate - It’s a roster of 70. No veterans are cut.
Geno, Skull Kid, :ultdarksamus:, Bandana Dee, Krystal, Blaziken, Decidueye, Issac, Rex and Pyra, :ultinkling:, Springman, Alucard, Ken, and Steve.
Melee is only 20 characters instead of 25. I was abiding by the one unique newcomer or six clone characters rule and chose one unique newcomer.

Zelda can transform into Sheik in previous games, so I brought that back in my roster picks. I’m counting them as one fighter in Smash Melee and Smash Brawl. The same also applies to Samus and Zero Suit Samus except for the fact that Zero Suit Samus doesn't come in until Smash Brawl.

Instead of counting Sheik and Zero Suit Samus as characters separate from Zelda and Samus in Smash 4 and Smash Ultimate, I still counted them as one with their counterparts, but I decreased the amount of characters used in Smash 4 and Smash Ultimate to compensate.

I’m also counting Pokémon Trainer as one fighter in all regards.
Not Included - Veterans that I would have never included up to this point in time.
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Mar 14, 2014
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I might edit in Brawl and on later but I want to make one for 64 and Melee for now at least. (it's hard for afterwards considering how much Smash has influenced it)

It's a bit difficult, I have to think what I would have thought of, even if I think they were pretty good ideas in the end, as well as my previous point with how Smash influenced some games, but here goes, I'll try detail the other information I can add, in terms of priority:

64: :mario64::dk64::link64::samus64::yoshi64::kirby64::fox64::pikachu64::luigi64::falcon64::052: and if I can add one more character since I believe Meowth would be around as taxing to make as Ness and Jigglypuff combined, while I think Ness was a good choice in the long run, I am unsure if I would have considered him as much as others.
I think if I could I would likely add someone like Banjo Kazooie with some of Mario's attributes, Marth with some of Link's similar to how Ness and Falcon share a few from others too but still feel fairly unique but I believe that would be it.

Melee (with my previous roster):
Unique characters::mariomelee::linkmelee::dkmelee::pikachumelee::samusmelee::foxmelee::kirbymelee::yoshimelee::bowsermelee:(My bias wants to say :icsmelee: but most likely) :pit::marthmelee::mewtwomelee::luigimelee:Banjo Kazooie/:diddy: (If Rareware doesn't get bought out or it doesn't end up preventing it in time, otherwise Diddy Kong):zeldamelee::052::peachmelee::nessmelee::falconmelee::4duckhunt:20 limit for unique characters reached :warioc::dedede::sonic:(if allowed):ganondorfmelee:(Unique)/Ganon either a third retro rep being themed to be more obscure (Japan only release for example) or more oddball/accessory based characters (Like Diskun or :rob:) and a new Pokemon, this would be it with the current development time in terms of priorities.

Echoes: TBA
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May 26, 2012
He mostly did a great job. What I'd do differently is go the extra mile with everything. Examples:

Make sure ganondorf was introduced with his own moveset, even if it meant delaying the game, or maybe finding a way to release some kind of expansion pack or "melee delux" a hear later.

Go through with all his character ideas in full. Like the Diddy Dixie team rather than just Diddy, toon zelda/tetra, plusle minum (or whatever they're caled), Geno etc. And I'd do the same thing as I said above for ganon. Delay the game or release exansions or updated versions. Which by the way should have been a thing all along. Smash bros is a popular game, every system could have had multiple iterations. We get new ea sports games every year, I think smash can have multiple iterations per system.

Besides those things, he's honestly done a great job. He just has put to many limitations on the game for unknown reasons to me.
Apr 13, 2014
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64: Replace :ultjigglypuff: with :ultmarth:. Marth was canonically a sword and shield fighter before his Melee design (which somehow became canon in actual Fire Emblem games), so I think the same amount of resources used to make Jigglypuff from Kirby could probably be applied to making Marth from Link. Just needs two special moves to replace Bombs and the boomerang. I know Jigglypuff was absolutely a more popular character than Marth in 1999, but Sakurai considered Marth from the beginning, and in hindsight we can definitely say now that Marth is the more popular character. Other than that I'm fine with the 64 roster. Ness feels a little superflous but an F-Zero game had just come out during SSB's development, so Falcon feels like a necessary addition. Just wish he had a stage.

Melee: Keep the clones. Building a new game in such a short time on new hardware must have been the most quietly tumultuous stories that's never been told. And having just eight newcomers rather than thirteen sounds like an unacceptable figure for how much work got put in. Anyway, if we can swap out those clones, the easiest one is Falco. :ultwolf: even appears in the damn game's opening, so why go with :ultfalco:, the member of the team with the least characterization? And in this alternate universe, since Jigglypuff doesn't exist and I refuse to put her in, spend the time that would have been spent making Marth and make :ultkingdedede: Love villains.

Brawl: Brawl's character additions are 100% stellar in my opinion. Keep everything. Declone Wolf to the degree Falco was, and in "Wolf"'s place spend that time getting back :ultmewtwo:. All other cuts are fine with me. Also spend the time that would have been on King Dedede (since he already exists) adding :ultridley:.

Smash 4: Let's this alternate universe, Mewtwo's already still in so his DLC slot can go to :ultsnake:. I'm extremely bothered by Ganondorf being copy pasted from Brawl with no changes and an outdated design. Replace this nerd with Beast Ganon wielding a trident. Give us a reference to a pre-OoT Zelda game. So much moveset potential too. He can warp, cast magic, set the ground on fire, telepathically wave the trident independently of the body. I know I haven't picked anything to be cut in his place, but Smash 4's development was very long for how little they added to Smash, so I'm sure they could make it work. Cut Wii Fit Trainer, Charizard, or Sheik if you have to. Smash 4's character additions, outside of the Guest characters, all feel very....designed by committee. Every one can be backed up by sales numbers or popularity polls. But the only one that really bothers me is Wii Fit Trainer who feels more appropriate to have been a stage element or assist trophy.

TL;DR: Jigglypuff never exists with Marth taking her place. Wolf gets in over Falco who I never put in. King Dedede gets in a game early. Ridley gets in two games early. Mewtwo is never cut. Snake returns in his place for DLC. Ganondorf and likely Wii Fit Trainer are cut to get Beast Ganon in. And Ultimate gets enough resources for another newcomer.
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Sep 17, 2009
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64: :ultmario::ultdk::ultlink::ultfox::ultpikachu::ultkirby::ultsamus::ultyoshi::ultluigi::ultness::ultmewtwo::ultfalcon:

Melee: :ultmario::ultdk::ultlink::ultfox::ultpikachu::ultkirby::ultsamus::ultyoshi::ultluigi::ultness::ultmewtwo::ultfalcon:|:ultbowser::ultpeach::ultdiddy::ultganondorf::ultzelda::ultyounglink::ultsheik::ultwolf::ultmarth::ulticeclimbers::006::ultkingdedede::ultvillager:

Brawl: :ultmario::ultdk::ultlink::ultfox::ultpikachu::ultkirby::ultsamus::ultyoshi::ultluigi::ultness::ultmewtwo::ultfalcon::ultbowser::ultpeach::ultdiddy::ultganondorf::ultzelda::ultyounglink::ultwario::ultwolf::ultmarth::ulticeclimbers::ultpokemontrainer::ultkingdedede::ultvillager:|:ultsheik::ultpit::ultmetaknight::ultzss::ultsonic:(Gen 3/4 Pokemon):ultike::ultfalco::ultlucas::ultolimar:

4: :ultmario::ultdk::ultlink::ultfox::ultpikachu::ultkirby::ultsamus::ultyoshi::ultluigi::ultness::ultmewtwo::ultfalcon::ultbowser::ultpeach::ultdiddy::ultganondorf::ultzelda::ultyounglink::ultwario::ultwolf::ultmarth::ulticeclimbers::ultpokemontrainer::ultkingdedede::ultvillager::ultsheik::ultpit::ultmetaknight::ultzss::ultsonic:(Gen 3/4 Pokemon):ultike::ultfalco::ultlucas::ultolimar:|:ultrosalina::ultgreninja::ultisabelle::ultlittlemac::ultmiifighters::ultpacman::ultmegaman::ultpalutena::ultrobin(Lyn):ultsimon::ultshulk::ultduckhunt::ultmiifighters::ultsnake::ultcorrin:(Geno) || DLC: :ulttoonlink::ultdarksamus::ultryu::ultcloud:(Tails) :ultinkling:

Though hindsight is 20/20, and doing it my way would probably bring less hype for when cut characters return and whatnot, since I would feel illogical in cutting characters. The only cut I'd make is turning Charizard into PT with the option of keeping each character completely separate (not even needing to switch after a stock). Plus it'd probably be really difficult to add in characters the way I do since I try not to emphasize clones, so it's very "idealistic" since I don't know what Sakurai's limitations were.

I wanted to put Ridley in way back in Melee, but somehow I felt like blueballing the Metroid fanbase kinda gave us some character, lol. Plus, that way Ultimate can be a little more "Ultimate" since the wind got thrown out of its sails by not having "everyone is here" hype, etc.
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Jun 18, 2018



Wii U/3DS:


Changes (General)
Less 3rd parties (Only the biggest and most iconic: Pac-Man, Mega Man, Sonic)
Donkey Kong + Metroid Get New Character in Each Installment
Less Fire Emblem Characters
Pokemon Changes
Retro Characters Added in 2

Changes (Specific)
Mewtwo Replaces Jigglypuff in 64
Pit, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Ridley, and Diddy Kong all debut in Melee
Roy, Pichu, Dr. Mario, and Young Link cut from Melee
Villager and Dixie Kong debut in Brawl
Olimar, R.O.B., and Snake cut from Brawl
Olimar, King K. Rool, Captain Toad, Dark Samus, and R.O.B. debut in Wii U/3DS
Wii Fit Trainer, Dark Pit, Ryu, Cloud, Corrin, Robin, and Bayonetta cut from 3DS/Wii U
Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, Spring Man, Isaac, Medusa, Chrous Kids, Sylux, Wii Fit Trainer, Jigglypuff, and Waluigi debut in Ultimate
Chrom, Simon Belmont, and Richter Belmont cut from Ultimate
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Apr 28, 2008
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I think the four hidden characters in Super Smash Bros. were both meant for popular characters and obscure characters. Luigi and Jigglypuff were well-known, but Ness and Captain Falcon were obscure. I think Luigi was made because there was a Mario model and Jigglypuff was made because of a Kirby model. That probably explains why Jigglypuff has multiple jumps, which needs to be limited to two jumps. Sing needs to be replaced with something else, since landing Rest isn't that difficult once you got it down. Duck Hunt, Ice Climbers, Little Mac, Marth, R.O.B., or Wario could have been added on the list. Marth would have a harder time being added, only because his first game was never released outside of Japan.

Oct 14, 2016
Smash 64:
Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Fox, Samus, Little Mac, Marth, Bubbles, Banjo & Kazooie, Young Link (Semi-Clone)

Smash 64 minus Banjo & Kazooie because of Rare buyout (Meaning 1 more unique newcomer slot)
Unique Newcomers: Yoshi, Peach, Zelda, Eevee, Wario, Bowser, Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Mr. Game & Watch
New Semi Clones/Echoes: Luigi, Pichu, Wolf, Young Zelda, Armored Mewtwo, Donkey Kong Jr.

All Melee (Meaning 5 less newcomer slots)
Newcomers: Meta Knight, ZS Samus, Snake, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer, Sonic, King Dedede, Olimar, ROB*, Tom Nook, Mii
*Implemented different, is a sprite who turn into other NES era sprites for attacks like a balloon fighter up special, Ice Climber neutral special, etc. think of how G&W seems to now transform in his attacks now to closer mock source of attack, not sure if this would work this way but had the idea and thought it would be interesting

Smash 4
All Brawl minus Snake because Konami (meaning 5 less newcomer slots, use 3 DLC veterans slots for new echoes)
Newcomers: Mega Man, Pac Man, Shulk, Bowser Jr., Waluigi, Marshal, Ridley, King K. Rool, Tiki, Genesect
New Echoes: Daisy, Dixie Kong
Newcomer DLC: Ryu, Cloud, Anna, Hayabusa
New Echoes DLC: Metal Sonic, Ken, Zack Fair

Ultimate so far:
Everyone is here (Banjo & Snake, use slots from characters never removed for more echoes so plus 5)
Newcomers: Inkling, Simon, Captain Toad, Elma
New Semi Clones/Echoes: Dark Samus, Isabelle, Ms. Pac Man, Birdo, Octoling, Dry Bowser, Ms. Game & Watch, Rival Trainer

Not going to lie was running out of ideas for echoes i wanted with melee and ultimate.
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Sep 27, 2013
This is cute and fun! There are lots of characters I love to play as now like Jigglypuff and Ice Climbers, but if they were never introduced, I wouldn't know any better and wouldn't miss them! I love analyzing yalls lists and making my own, such fun data and possibilities~ So, here I go, I'll also ignore the additional challenge and mess with the original 8 a bit.


Melee(26): No Cuts

Unlockable: :ultbowser::ultganondorf::ultridley::ultmewtwo::ultsonic:
6 Clones(Also all unlockable)::ultluigi::ultdaisy:(Dixie):ultfalco::ultwolf::ultlucas:

Overall New Additions: (5 Starters):ultpeach::ultdiddy::ultzelda::ultmetaknight::ultroy:
(9 Unlockables):ultluigi::ultdaisy:(Dixie):ultganondorf::ultridley::ultfalco::ultwolf::ultlucas::ultsonic:

Brawl(39): No Cuts


New Additions: (4~6 Starters):ultpokemontrainer::ultike::ultvillager::ultolimar:
(8 Unlockables):ultwario::ultbowserjr::ultkrool::ultdarksamus::ultkingdedede::ultlucario:(Lyn):ultmegaman:

4 Wii U & 3DS(51): Pokemon Trainer and Falco cut. Note, Mii is just one moveset based on moves from Wii Sports, Tomodachi Life, stuff like that. Another note, Lucina is a flameless clone of Roy and Chrom is a faster but weaker clone of Ike! Also Bowser Jr is more true to himself as his alts aren't Koopalings anymore... They're cool alts, but a truer moveset will be better in the long run.

Unlockable::ultluigi::ultdaisy::ultbowserjr::ultrosalina::ultwario:(Skull Kid):ultdarksamus:(Bandanna Dee):ultwolf::ultlucario::ultgreninja::ultroy::ultike::ultlittlemac::ultshulk::ultsonic::ultmegaman::ultpacman:
3 Clones::ultdarkpit::ultchrom::ultlucina:

New Additions: (5 Starters):ultyoshi::ultrobin:ultisabelle:(Isaac):ultmiifighters:
(10 Unlockables):ultrosalina:(Skull Kid)(Bandanna Dee):ultgreninja::ultdarkpit::ultchrom::ultlucina::ultlittlemac::ultshulk::ultpacman:

DLC(7): (Geno):ultfalco::ultryu:(Banjo&Kazooie):ultcloud::ultinkling::ultbayonetta:

Ultimate Everyone is here! Only Pokemon Trainer, Squirtle/Ivysaur/Charizard would be having a grand return because they wouldn't work on the 3DS, but still! So, the difference would be that I'd already have :ultdaisy::ultkrool::ultridley::ultdarksamus::ultchrom::ultisabelle::ultinkling: Dixie Kong, Lyn, Isaac, Skull Kid, Bandanna Dee, Geno, and Banjo&Kazooie!

But I wouldn't have:ultjigglypuff::ulticeclimbers::ultsheik::ultdoc::ultpichu::ultyounglink::ultmarth::ultgnw::ultzss::ultsnake::ultrob::ulttoonlink::ultwiifittrainer::ultpalutena::ultduckhunt::ultcorrin:and two more Mii movesets. I regret losing Snake the most, but I dunno if I'd be friends with Kojima like Sakurai is, I'd like to be but I dunno haha, seems too random and magical! I also have Roy promoting his upcoming game solo and then introducing Lyn as the series lead, since she dominated the FEH fan poll, with Ike behind her, and Roy and Lucina following close behind. Marth can be the assist trophy instead of Lyn! Other characters like R.O.B., Duck Hunt, and Wii Fit Trainer can be assist trophies, Palutena and Sheik can appear in Pit and Zelda's final smashes, and others like ZSS and G&W simply wouldn't be missed since people wouldn't know what they were missing. I love playing as G&W now, but yeah.

Along with the Smash Ballot, I'd pay attention and maybe secretly orchestrate some sort of worldwide Pokemon popularity poll, to find out who to show off besides Pikachu, Greninja, and other popular Pokemon already here. I'd feel it would be too late to put in a Gen 7 Pokemon just because they're from the most recent game, especially because by the time Ultimate would come out, Gen 8 would already be on the way (they're already teasing Meltan now so...) And I'd put whoever wins that poll and then a Gen 8 Pokemon (or Trainer) as DLC later. I know Japan did their own poll that Greninja won, but I think the poll being worldwide would change things! I dunno what the actual results would be, but I think I can safely guess Gengar would win a poll like that. So I'm just ganna go with that for this.

Anyway! I'd only be up to 61 characters. I'd go on to try my best to add:
Newcomers(8): :ultsimon:Simon, Phoenix Wright, Paper Mario, Waluigi, Ashley, Tetra, :094:Gengar, Sora
Echoes(8): :ultrichter:Richter, Edgeworth, Funky Kong, Ninten, Blood Falcon, Matthew(Isaac's Son), Shadow, Ken

DLC Newcomers(7): Gen 8 Pokemon Trainer with 3 Pokemon(Different stages of evos of the 3 starters, just like the Kanto Trainer we already have), Midna&WolfLink, Toad, Larry:4larry:(the Smash 4 moveset with a different Final Smash), Tails
DLC Echoes - Come in waves similar to Mii costumes!(16): Shadow Mario, Toadette, Dark Meta Knight, Galacta Knight, Black Shadow, Captain Louie, Captain Alph:4alph:, Octoling, Knuckles, Akuma, :4roy::4wendy::4iggy::4morton::4lemmy::4ludwig:

I thiiink that would make the most people happy! I went a bit crazy there, but reached 100 characters. I would then hope to, uh, retire haha

Uhh...well this was fun!!! I'll go back to analyzing yalls lists now~


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Feb 16, 2019
If I could change the roster, well the first game will stay the same, because it is perfect the way it is

Note, this is the safe version of it, there's a more wild version later on

Game 1 Roster: :ultmario::ultdk::ultlink::ultsamus::ultyoshi::ultkirby::ultfox::ultpikachu::ultluigi::ultness::ultfalcon::ultjigglypuff:

Melee Roster (Note, :ultdoc: will still be in the game, but as an alternate costume):

King Dedede was added as he shared moves with Kirby and Ice Climbers

Brawl Roster:

:ultmewtwo: and :ultpichu: were considered

Game 4 roster: Note :ultcharizard:, :ultzss: and :ultsheik: are not sperate characters

:ultmario::ultdk::ultlink::ultsamus:/:ultzss::ultyoshi::ultkirby::ultfox::ultpikachu::ultluigi::ultness::ultfalcon::ultjigglypuff::ultpeach::ultbowser::ultzelda:/:ultsheik::ultfalco::ultmarth::ultlucina::ultganondorf::ultkingdedede::ultgnw::ultmetaknight::ultpit::ultdarkpit::ultwario::ultike::ultpokemontrainer:(:ultsquirtle::ultivysaur::ultcharizard:):ultdiddy::ultsonic: Shadow :ultolimar::ultlucario::ultrob::ulttoonlink::ultvillager::ultmegaman::ultwiifittrainer::ultrosalina::ultlittlemac::249::ultgreninja: Miis (:ultbrawler::ultgunner::ultswordfighter:):ultpalutena::ultpacman: Midna :ultrobin::ultshulk::ultbowserjr::ultduckhunt::ultmewtwo::ultlucas::ultroy::ultryu::ultcloud::ultcorrin::ultbayonetta:

Ultimate roster (Note, Dark Samus has her Early form as an echo of :ultzss:), also Miis only take one slot instead of 3:
:ultmario::ultdk::ultlink::ultsamus:/:ultzss::ultdarksamus:/ Early Form :ultyoshi::ultkirby::ultfox::ultpikachu::ultluigi::ultness::ultfalcon::ultjigglypuff::ultpeach::ultdaisy::ultbowser::ulticeclimbers::ultzelda:/:ultsheik::ultpichu::ultfalco::ultmarth::ultlucina::ultyounglink::ultganondorf::ultmewtwo::ultkingdedede::ultroy::ultchrom::ultgnw::ultmetaknight::ultpit::ultdarkpit::ultwario::ultsnake::ultike::ultpokemontrainer:(:ultsquirtle::ultivysaur::ultcharizard:):ultdiddy::ultlucas::ultsonic: Shadow :ultolimar::ultlucario::ultrob::ulttoonlink::ultwolf::ultvillager::ultmegaman::ultwiifittrainer::ultrosalina::ultlittlemac::249::ultgreninja: Miis (:ultbrawler::ultgunner::ultswordfighter:) :ultpalutena::ultpacman::ultrobin::ultshulk::ultbowserjr::ultduckhunt::ultryu::ultken::ultcloud::ultcorrin::ultbayonetta::ultinkling::ultridley: Fawful :ultsimon::ultrichter::ultkrool::ultisabelle: Bandanna Dee :ultincineroar::ultpiranha: and :ultjoker:, Hero and Banjo and Kazooie, with 2 more fighters on the way.

Now the Wild version.

First game stays the same

Melee interestingly would only have 23 characters to save time

Note: :ultdoc: is an alternate costume, as with :ultyounglink:
Roster: :ultmario::ultdk::ultlink::ultsamus::ultyoshi::ultkirby::ultfox::ultpikachu::ultluigi::ultness::ultfalcon::ultjigglypuff::ultpeach::ultbowser::ultkingdedede::249::ultpichu::ultzelda:/:ultsheik::ultfalco::ulticeclimbers::ultgnw::ultmewtwo::ultganondorf:

Brawl's turn

Note: :ultroy: is an alternate costume

Roster: :ultmario::ultdk::ultlink::ultsamus:/:ultzss::ultyoshi::ultkirby::ultfox::ultpikachu::ultluigi::ultness::ultfalcon::ultjigglypuff::ultpeach::ultbowser::ultkingdedede::249::ultpichu::ultzelda:/:ultsheik::ultfalco::ulticeclimbers::ultgnw::ultmewtwo::ultganondorf::ultmetaknight::ultpit::ultwario::ultsnake::ultmarth::ultpokemontrainer:(:ultsquirtle::ultivysaur::ultcharizard:):ultdiddy: Dixie Kong :ultsonic::ultolimar::ultlucario::ultwolf:

Game 4 Roster: :ultmario::ultdk::ultlink::ultsamus:/:ultzss::ultyoshi::ultkirby::ultfox::ultpikachu::ultluigi::ultness::ultfalcon::ultjigglypuff::ultpeach::ultbowser::ultkingdedede::249::ultpichu::ultzelda:/:ultsheik::ultfalco::ulticeclimbers::ultgnw::ultmewtwo::ultganondorf::ultmetaknight::ultpit::ultdarkpit::ultwario::ultsnake::ultmarth::ultlucina::ultpokemontrainer:(:ultsquirtle::ultivysaur::ultcharizard:):ultdiddy: Dixie Kong :ultsonic: Shadow :ultolimar::ultlucario::ultwolf::ultvillager::ultmegaman: Midna :ultrosalina::ultpalutena::ultgreninja::ultpacman::ultlittlemac::ultshulk::ultbowserjr::ultduckhunt:, with Fawful :ultlucas::ultike::ultryu: Adeline :ultcorrinf:and :ultkrool: (Ballot Winner) as DLC

Ultimate version

Note: :ultchrom: is an alternate costume

Roster: :ultmario::ultdk::ultlink::ultsamus:/:ultzss::ultdarksamus:/Earlier version :ultyoshi::ultkirby::ultfox::ultpikachu::ultluigi::ultness::ultfalcon::ultjigglypuff::ultpeach::ultdaisy::ultbowser: Dark Bowser :ultkingdedede::249::ultpichu::ultzelda:/:ultsheik::ultfalco::ulticeclimbers::ultgnw::ultmewtwo::ultganondorf::ultmetaknight: Dark Meta Knight :ultpit::ultdarkpit::ultwario::ultsnake::ultmarth::ultlucina::ultpokemontrainer:(:ultsquirtle::ultivysaur::ultcharizard:) :ultdiddy:Dixie Kong :ultsonic: Shadow :ultolimar::ultlucario::ultwolf::ultvillager::ultmegaman: Midna :ultrosalina::ultpalutena::ultgreninja::ultpacman::ultlittlemac::ultshulk::ultbowserjr::ultduckhunt: Fawful :ultlucas::ultike::ultryu::ultken: Adeline :ultcorrinf::ultkrool::ultinkling::ultridley::ultrob::ultwiifittrainer::ultsimon::ultrichter::ultincineroar::ultisabelle: Shantae, Ray-Man, Spring-Man, :ultrobinf::ultbayonetta: with :ultpiranha: :ultjoker:, Steve, Bandanna Dee, Banjo and Kazooie and Bio-Rex as DLC, until further notice)

Just to Clarify for this alternate version, Dark Meta Knight got revealed in June, R.O.B and Wii Fit Trainer got revealed in July, Ken, Incineroar and Dark Bowser got revealed in August, Shantae got revealed in September, Ray-Man and Spring-Man got revealed in October and Robin and Bayonetta got revealed in November

Update: I replaced Nidoking with Robin

New Update: Replaced Toon Link with Spring-Man, put Robin in the base game and added Banjo and Kazooie
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May 4, 2019
Here are my rosters

64: :ultmario::ultlink::ultpikachu::ultkirby::ultdk::ultfox::ultsamus::ultlittlemac::ultfalcon::ultluigi::ultness::052:


:ultmario::ultlink::ultpikachu::ultkirby::ultdk::ultfox::ultsamus::ultlittlemac::ultfalcon::ultluigi::ultness::052::ultdoc::ultpeach::ultbowser::ultzelda::ultsheik::ultganondorf::ultfalco::ultgnw::ultmarth::ulticeclimbers::ultzss::ultsnake::ultdiddy::ultsonic::ultpokemontrainer::ultpokemontrainerf::ultpit::ultolimar::ultlucas::ultlucario::ultmetaknight::ultkingdedede::ultwolf: Wario with a moveset based Wario Land and Waluigi

Smash 4:
:ultmario::ultlink::ultpikachu::ultkirby::ultdk::ultfox::ultsamus::ultlittlemac::ultfalcon::ultluigi::ultness::052::ultpeach::ultbowser::ultzelda::ultsheik::ultganondorf::ultmewtwo::ultfalco::ultgnw::ultmarth::ultroy::ulticeclimbers::ultzss::ultsnake::ultdiddy::ultsonic::ultpokemontrainer::ultpokemontrainerf::ultpit::ultolimar::ultlucas::ultlucario::ultmetaknight::ultkingdedede: Wario, Waluigi :ulttoonlink::ultbayonetta::ultbayonetta1::ultcloud::ultgreninja::ultpalutena::ultrobin::ultrobinf::ultrosalina::ultryu::ultshulk::ultwiifittrainer::ultwiifittrainerm::ultlucina:


:ultmario::ultlink::ultpikachu::ultkirby::ultdk::ultfox::ultsamus::ultlittlemac::ultfalcon::ultluigi::ultness::052::ultpeach::ultbowser::ultzelda::ultsheik::ultganondorf::ultmewtwo::ultfalco::ultgnw::ultmarth::ultroy::ulticeclimbers::ultzss::ultsnake::ultdiddy::ultsonic::ultpokemontrainer::ultpokemontrainerf::ultpit::ultolimar::ultlucas::ultlucario::ultmetaknight::ultkingdedede: Wario, Waluigi :ulttoonlink::ultbayonetta::ultbayonetta1::ultcloud::ultgreninja::ultpalutena::ultrobin::ultrobinf::ultrosalina::ultryu::ultshulk::ultwiifittrainer::ultwiifittrainerm::ultlucina::ultridley::ultdaisy::ultkrool::ultinkling::ultinklingboy::ultpiranha::ultken::ultsimon::ultrichter::ultdarksamus::ultwiifittrainerm:Decidueye, and Funky Kong
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May 10, 2017
Smash 64 would be the same. Diddy Kong, K. Rool and Ridley would be in Melee. I would have added Dixie Kong, Lyn, and Skull Kid in Brawl. Andross, Ghirahim, Adeleine, Samurai Goroh and Dark Samus would be top priority newcomers of Smash Wii U/3DS. Mimikyu, Doc Louis, Cranky Kong, Sukapon and Pokey are absolute must have Smash Ultimate newcomers.

My roster inputs aren't AT ALL dismissive of third party representation.
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Jul 16, 2018
I think it's time I update my opinions on all of this since the thread is back.

In Smash Melee, my roster size is 20. There are technically 26 fighters, but I was abiding by the one unique newcomer or six clone characters rule and chose to add one unique newcomer. I will count Zelda and Sheik as one character in all regards since they can transform into each other in that game.

In Smash Brawl, my roster size is 37. There are technically 39 fighters, but I will count Zelda and Sheik as one character in all regards since they can transform into each other in that game. The same applies to Samus and Zero Suit Samus starting now. Pokémon Trainer is three seperate fighters in one, and since I do not plan to add a three in one fighter, I will not subtract it from the counter.

In Smash 4, my roster size is 56. There are technically 58 fighters, but I wish to keep Sheik and Zero Suit Samus able to transform into their respective counterparts, so I subtracted two from the total in order to count them as one.

In Smash Ultimate, my roster size is 80. There are technically 82 fighters, but I wish to keep Sheik and Zero Suit Samus able to transform into their respective counterparts, so I subtracted two from the total in order to count them as one. Pokémon Trainer is three seperate fighters in one, and since I do not plan to add a three in one fighter, I will not subtract it from the counter.

Smash 64 - It’s a roster of 12. There are no veterans to consider.
Smash Melee - It’s a roster of 20. No veterans are cut.
Smash Brawl - It’s a roster of 37. No veterans are cut.
Smash 4 - It’s a roster of 56. No veterans are cut.
:ultrosalina::ultbowserjr::ultkrool:Wolf Link and Midna:ultridley::ultdarkpit:Lyn:ultrobin::ultgreninja::ultlittlemac::ultduckhunt::ultolimar::ultshulk::ultpacman::ultsimon::ultmegaman::ultcloud:Banjo and Kazooie:ultbayonetta:
Smash Ultimate - It’s a roster of 80. No veterans are cut.
Waluigi:ultpiranha:Dixie Kong, Skull Kid:ultdarksamus:Hades:ultcorrin:Bandana Dee:ultincineroar:Unnamed Final Evolution of Grookey:ultrob::ultisabelle:Issac:ultwiifittrainer:Elma, Rex and Pyra:ultinkling:Springman, Alucard:ultken:Steve, Sans:ultjoker:Hero
Not Included - Veterans that I would have never included up to this point in time.