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Jun 6, 2006
Armstrong B.C Canada. It's in the Okanagan, so if
Yoshi Video Links
topic by MDZ

Straight and simple. This is a topic that displays as many links to good
Yoshi videos as possible. They will all be listed below in an organized
fashion for easier viewing. The current four categories are:

1v1 Melee
2v2 Melee
and N64 Videos.

Once I receive more N64 videos, it will be organized into a 1v1, 2v2
and combo section aswell.

The videos will be organized alphabetically until further notice. The Yoshi
player's name will be used when placed in alphabetical order to avoid

Please PM as many links as you have at the moment, and try and upload
your videos to easy-to-use sites like Youtube. I will not be providing
any download links at the moment, but this does not mean they are forbidden,
but rather they are encouraged. So if you have any download links aswell, do
not hesitate to PM them.

I say PM them to provide a cleaner, more organized topic. I also say this so I can
go over the video and view it to make sure it is not a fake or anything to avoid
confusion. Now before you think that I'm trying to take all the thunder, you're
completely wrong :p Your name will go under the credits section and the number
of video links you've PMed will be placed beside your name in brackets.


Jimmy (7)
Alex (1)
Mike (11)

So you will still go noticed, and your name will surely be seen by all who view this thread.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -V-I-D-E-O-S - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

= = 1 v 1 = =

Aho (Yoshi) Vs. Chinesah (Fox) v1
Aho (Yoshi) Vs. Chinesah (Fox) v2
Aho (Yoshi) Vs. Chinesah (Fox) v3
Aho (Yoshi) Vs. Kirbster (Kirby)
Back (Yoshi) Vs. Axy (Falco)
Back (Yoshi) Vs. Axy (Samus) v1
Back (Yoshi) Vs. Axy (Samus) v2
Back (Yoshi) Vs. Axy (Samus) v3
Back (Yoshi) Vs. Noe (Fox)
Back (Yoshi) Vs. Pwto (Fox)
Back (Yoshi) Vs. Sley (Ganon)
Back (Yoshi) Vs. TK (Ness)
Back (Yoshi) Vs. TK (Ness) v2
Back (Yoshi) Vs. TK (Ness) v3
BETA (Yoshi) Vs. SmashMac (Falco)
Bloshi (Yoshi) Vs. Peach's Pan (Falco)
Bloshi (Yoshi) Vs. Peach's Pan (Mr. Game and Watch)*
Bloshi (Yoshi) Vs. Peach's Pan (Peach) v1
Bloshi (Yoshi) Vs. Peach's Pan (Peach) v2
Bloshi (Yoshi) Vs. Peach's Pan (Zelda)
Bloshi (Yoshi) Vs. SGNM (Samus)*
BringerOfDeath (Yoshi) Vs. CaptainJack (Sheik)
BringerOfDeath (Yoshi) Vs. Kupo (Sheik) v1
BringerOfDeath (Yoshi) Vs. Kupo (Sheik) v2
BringerOfDeath (Yoshi) Vs. Quetzalcoatl (Peach) v1
BringerOfDeath (Yoshi) Vs. Quetzalcoatl (Peach) v2
Bullfrog (Yoshi) Vs. Mr. X (Fox)
Bullfrog (Yoshi) Vs. Shadow Bomb (Mario)
Chocho (Yoshi) Vs. Kay (Samus)*
Cort (Yoshi) Vs. MoFo (Ness)
David (Yoshi) Vs. Jason (Samus) v1
David (Yoshi) Vs. Jason (Samus) v2
David (Yoshi) Vs. Jason (Samus) v3
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs. ??? (Ganondorf) *
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs ??? (Ice Climbers)*
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs ??? (Ice Climbers) v2*
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs. ??? (Marth
Fumi (Yosh) Vs. Koma (Falco) v1
Fumi (Yosh) Vs. Koma (Falco) v2
Fumi (Yosh) Vs. Koma (Falco) v3
Fumi (Yosh) Vs. Koma (Falco) v4
Fumi (Yosh) Vs. Koma (Falco) v5
Fumi (Yosh) Vs. Koma (Falco) v6
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs. Nago (Sheik)
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs. Nessby (Ness) v1
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs. Nessby (Ness) v2
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs.AK (Pikachu) v1
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs. AK (Pikachu) v2
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs. Kou (Falco)*
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs. Zeuro (Captain Falcon) v1
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs. Zeruo (Captain Falcon) v2
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs. Zeruo (Captain Falcon) v3
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs. Zeruo (Captain Falcon) v4
Fumi (Yoshi) Vs. Zeruo (Link)
Gabe (Yoshi) Vs. HugS (Samus)
Gabe (Yoshi) Vs. Omar (Sheik) v1
Gabe (Yoshi) Vs. Omar (Sheik) v2
Gabe (Yoshi) Vs. ROFL (Luigi)
Gabe (Yoshi) Vs. Wolf (Falco)
Jdawg (Yoshi) Vs. Shoshone (Captain Falcon)
Jdawg (Yoshi) Vs. Shoshone (Ice Climbers)
Jigglymaster (Yoshi) Vs. Tipo Mastr (Bowser)*
Jigglymaster (Yoshi) Vs. Tipo Mastr (Captain Falcon)*
Lay (Yoshi) Vs. Stealth Yoshi (Pichu)
Link (Yoshi) Vs. JohnnyF (Falco)
Red (Yoshi) Vs. Ryoko (Zelda)
Season (Yoshi) Vs. D. Disciple (Pikachu)*
Seba (Yoshi) Vs. Hellsing (Sheik) v1
Seba (Yoshi) Vs. Hellsing (Sheik) v2
Seba (Yoshi) Vs. Hellsing (Sheik) v3
Seba (Yoshi) Vs. Hellsing (Sheik) v4
Seba (Yoshi) Vs. Usleon (Captain Falcon)*
Svampen (Yoshi) Vs. CaptainJack (Sheik) v3
Svampen (Yoshi) Vs. CaptainJack (Sheik) v4
Svampen (Yoshi) Vs. DUDE (Samus)
Svampen (Yoshi) Vs. Ek (Fox) v1
Svampen (Yoshi) Vs. Ek (Fox) v2
Svampen (Yoshi) Vs. Ek (Fox)
Svampen (Yoshi) Vs. EK (Marth) v1
Svampen (Yoshi) Vs. EK (Marth) v2
Svampen (Yoshi) Vs. Helios (Captain Falco)
Svampen (Yoshi) Vs. Helios (Fox) v1
Svampen (Yoshi) Vs. Helios (Fox) v2
Svampen (Yoshi) Vs. Smash Alex (Sheik) v1
Svampen (Yoshi) Vs. Smash Alex (Sheik) v2
T-Money (Yoshi) Vs. DuLL_RazeR (Link)
Totoro (Yoshi) Vs. x ___ (Fox)
Velox (Yoshi) Vs. G@BE (Marth)*
Velox (Yoshi) Vs. G@BE (Pikachu) v1*
Velox (Yoshi) Vs. G@BE (Pikachu) v2*
Velox (Yoshi) Vs. G@BE (Pikachu) v3*
WarriorKnight (Yoshi) Vs. Dire (Pichu)
Wetman (Yoshi) Vs. SOLAR (Mario)
YaYa (Yoshi) Vs. Neil (Falco)
Yonepii (Yoshi) Vs. Tetsuya (Jigglypuff) v1
Yonepii (Yoshi) Vs. Tetsuya (Jigglypuff) v2
Yonepii (Yoshi) Vs. Tetsuya (Jigglypuff) v3
Zeno (Yoshi) Vs. Dmon (Marth)*

= = 2 v 2 = =

= = CombO / MiSC = =

Yoshi Anthem
Gabe (Yoshi) Vs. Bowser Challenge
Fumi(Yoshi) Combo
Look at Dem' Boots
Fumi Stuff 1
Fumi Stuff 2
Pixel Sized Yoshi
Zeno's Ressurection
Natukasisu - Fumi Combo Video*

= = N 64 = =

Sossy (Yoshi) vs. 358 (Fox)



technomancer (1)
Antiself (1)
Svampen (4) [And all his videos xDD]
Erusmors (1)
ÖwnÄ (2)

Iggy K

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May 18, 2006
All right, you got some Yoshi vids! Nice going!

Off Topic-W00t, 100 posts, no more noob ranking for me!


Sep 15, 2002
Perth, Western Australia
I could be wrong, but I think the Pikachu is Ak. He's the only Japanese Pikachu I know of, and I've seen multiple vids of his.

Also, was that N64 one on Hyrule Temple (or it's N64 equivalent)? If so, I've probably seen it, and don't want to download it again =P

Oh, and good job MDZ. This will be useful for people who just want to see good Yoshis.

*Calls for sticky*

EDIT: Omg, that was quick. I looked away for a minute maybe? Good job mods!


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Jun 6, 2006
Armstrong B.C Canada. It's in the Okanagan, so if
O_o, didn't expect this to become a sticky since I'm so new to being Yoshi. Oh well, now I hafta work extra hard :p

But yea, chances are you've seen the N64 one since they're kinda rare to come across since there's most likely a limited amount, and if you've seen a few you've probably seen em' all :D


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Jun 10, 2006
How do you upload videos on Youtube? I have like 2 gigs of yoshi videos. You already have a lot of them but there are still more.


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Jun 6, 2006
Armstrong B.C Canada. It's in the Okanagan, so if
You have to sign up for a free account at www.Youtube.com, (http://www.youtube.com/signup), and once that is done, you simply go to 'Upload' (http://www.youtube.com/my_videos_upload?) type in the title and description, fill in a few tags (how it is described in the search option) select the category, press continue, browse for the file, upload it, then get the link to it and copy paste it.


-x- Added a 'BETA' Vs. 'SmashMac' match, and a 'Yonepii' Vs. 'Tetsuya' Japanese series! Nice matches here, give em' a look.


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Jun 6, 2006
Armstrong B.C Canada. It's in the Okanagan, so if
Great videos, Svampen! Not only those four, but all of them :D They're very inspirational; good job with being a great Yoshi.

If I may ask, how long have you played Yoshi?

-x- Added a bunch of 'Back' matches. Not the greatest, but are suffice for this list.
-x- Now past the 65 episode mark


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Nov 7, 2004
The Sunset Sudio
:yoshi: That match was amazing.

The platform games were pretty cool. I think that was my favorite part of the match cuz I'm a loser like that! x_X;

Was it in one of your matches that he also did that sweet downsmash powershield? It was way too good.

Iggy K

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May 18, 2006
Watched most of these video's and ****, these Yoshi's are to skilled. Oh well, being the #62, 546 Yoshi in the world is good enough.


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Jun 6, 2006
Armstrong B.C Canada. It's in the Okanagan, so if
Heh, well then.. this is super. It turns out my computer was on the verge of completely screwing me over, so just as I realized this when I was making my backup files onto my spare harddrive, it completely got whiped.. so now I have nothing left and it's still screwing up. It seems like it'll be a while before new videos come, so bare with me for a while ;(

Sorry guys!
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