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Yoshi 3.5 Changelist


R64/Brawl- Dev; AI Coder; Balancer
Jan 18, 2011
Bowling Green, Ohio, USA
Discuss about Yoshi's changes from 3.5.

Yoshi Changelist

-Up tilt collisions shrink slightly on frame 9 and 10 to better match head

-Up Aerial's outer collision shrunken.
-Down Aerial's landing collisions send foes sideways instead of vertically

-Forward Special (Egg Roll)
--Hitboxes moved inward.
->-Can now grab ledges at frame 15
--Egg Roll exit duration is now 30 frames
--No longer gains momentum after first use in air
-Down Special (Yoshi Bomb)
--Body height is slightly lower on descent
--Initial ground collision moved inward
--Ground Bomb now deals 16 Damage, 52 BKB, 100 KBG
--Air Bomb hitbox now deals 16 Damage, 46 BKB, 96 KBG
--Can now grab ledges behind him during descent
--Now enters special fall after 112 frames of falling

-Terminal Velocity is now 1.93 from 1.92
-Double Jump
--Turns around on frame 6 of Double Jump to allow execution of reverse double jump aerials
--Will now Double Jump Cancel if jump is not held on the first 7 frames of any aerial attack


Smash Rookie
Sep 17, 2014
Davis, California
With the new nerfed eggroll we'll see a lot less good Yoshi's. I started noticing people depending on it way too much, to the point of being punished. Can't say I didn't like it though. I feel like a lot of players started leaving behind his bread and butter DJC game

One thing I will never understand is why it takes Yoshi forever after air dodge to grab ledge. It's his only recovery! He should be able to grab ledge faster. . . .

anyways, Yoshi4ever <3


Smash Cadet
Jun 3, 2014
Eastern PA
The Egg Roll changes make sense. The move was too free, and created a crutch that too many Yoshi players relied on.

The Down-B changes are fine by me. It gives us another option for edgeguarding, and will help me not look like an idiot when I fail to reverse it off stage x.x

The Dair change was completely needed IMO. The move already does a ton of damage, and with its pop-up in 3.02, you could easily combo someone for a free 40-50% damage, or even get a kill off of it. It's not too hard to hit, so nerfing it makes sense to me. The new angle forces Yoshi players to get creative with it, rather than just mindlessly up-tilting or up-smashing after it. I'm curious to see what people can do with this move after its change.

I personally think the biggest changes to Yoshi are the ones not specific to Yoshi. I'm referring to the general movement improvements/platform detection, and the ability to hit jump even when one jump button's pressed already. The fixed platform detection allows Yoshi to zip around the stage easily now, while the button fix makes it much easier for Yoshi to DJL. I think 3.5 will truly show who has their fundamentals down and who doesn't.

...I know I certainly don't x.x I'll be practicing more than ever!


Smash Rookie
Oct 25, 2014
I feel like ece just got that much harder. I had just gotten it down about 2 weeks before the release and now im like _-_, good thing is it feels slightly faster.
woo!!! forgivable down b ledge grab, gives us some great otpions for edge guarding from ledge now when you need to go off to the right with a dj turn around, .... also it helps me not randomly sd due to my stick being slightly off center T.T
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