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Xbox/Microsoft Character Speculation For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

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Lucas Harder

Smash Rookie
May 3, 2014
Freedom, New York
Hello everyone!!! Today, I want to theorize a potential character(s) that could appear as apart of the DLC Fighter Pass for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! The characters I am referring too are the highly speculated Xbox/Microsoft characters. I thought today I could sit and theorize who I think will in fact be chosen as the rep. Some people might say we might not get one at all, but I think that would be crazy and surprising. Nintendo and Microsoft's relationship has been really great, especially since their is Xbox Live compatibility with the Switch version of Cuphead, and Xbox Game Pass and Rare Replay have also been highly rumored of coming to the system as well. This may not sound like anything, but this is really huge news, as characters who were for the longest time exclusives to Xbox, are now coming over to the Nintendo Switch. So as such, I feel if any Western company is gonna get a character in Smash, it will most obviously be a Microsoft character. But the question on everyone's mind is, who? Their are so many possibilities for who the rep could be, but I am only gonna talk about who the most popular speculated characters are: Banjo & Kazooie, Minecraft Steve, Master Chief, and Cuphead. Anyways, let's get on to the Xbox and Microsoft character theory!

I am just gonna get these two out of the way. I can say for a 100% fact that these two will not be the reps, as these two were both deconfirmed in some way. First I'll start with Cuphead. Cuphead was deconfirmed because right after Cuphead was announced for Switch (which was February of this year), the creators of the game said that it would be a dream if Cuphead and Mugman made their way in to Smash. Obviously, they wouldn't say this if Cuphead was coming to the game, and the Fighters Pass was already decided prior to that, so as such, I think it basically is concrete deconfirmation of Cuphead's inclusion. I never thought he was likely anyways since I don't think this would've been the character Microsoft would choose to represent their company (Not that it's a bad game, but it certainly is the least recognizable and least influential compared to the other characters and series)

Now on to Master Chief. I still hear from many people that Master Chief could still have a chance as DLC, however, I think people heavily overlook this tweet: https://twitter.com/franklez/status/1076911083909132289 As you can see, this tweet was made by someone named Frank O'Connor, which if you didn't know him, he is the lead developer of the Halo series, which if Master Chief was going to be in Smash, then he would obviously know. Also, the official Halo account answered a question on Twitter about who they would want to see in Smash, and they responded with a Master Chief gif, which was also tweeted two months ago, when the DLC was finalized. As much as I think it'd be cool to see Master Chief, I think he is deconfirmed and I think people need to remember that.

Alright, now we're getting in to the fun part. We're gonna talk about the most likely Microsoft rep out of these two and figure out who is more likely, Banjo & Kazooie or Minecraft Steve. First I am gonna start with Steve. I think people over exaggerate Steve's chances greatly. The only reason that I feel Minecraft Steve is even remotely likely is because Minecraft is popular. That's it. That is the only reason I hear as to why Steve has a chance. Sure, Minecraft is such an influential game, but I don't think it warrants a character spot. I just don't see how Steve would fit in the theme of Smash. He is a very stiff character, and he would run and jump around really awkwardly. Also, people forget that Minecraft has barely any music, and music is an important factor to this Fighters Pass. The only music from this game is the Overworld music, but I don't feel like that song would fit in a fighting game like Smash. Sure, Sakurai could hire someone to remix the song to make it suitable for Smash, but that would still only be like one song. I feel when Sakurai said that these Fighter Packs will have music, I think he meant a wide array of soundtracks, not just one song. However, I think if we are getting something Minecraft-related, I think it'll be a Steve Mii Fighter outfit and a Steve spirit, but other then that, that's really all I see. Also, a lot of leakers have called Steve, but none of them are all that credible like people make them out to be. I think Steve has a 40-50% chance of making it in, but not a 100% like everyone keeps saying.

Now, I am about to talk about the character that I think will in fact be the Microsoft character and the one that makes the most sense: Banjo & Kazooie. I think people underestimate Banjo's chances, as their are even clues found in the data of the game that suggests their inclusion. In case you don't know, their were some datamined spirits that were found at the beginning of the games lifespan: Jet Force Gemini and Blast Corps. You might think this doesn't mean anything, but these characters are from Microsoft and Rare IPs. This proves that Microsoft and Rare have been approached about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and including Rare's most iconic character, Banjo & Kazooie, just makes sense to tie in to these other Rare spirits (Also, if Steve were to get in Smash, I do not think he would come with Rare spirits. It just seems to specific of choices that I think this could be more in Banjo's favor). Also, I feel Microsoft has been heavily promoting Banjo & Kazooie for no real reason. Like sure, I LOVE that they are acknowledging the series exists, but I just feel like they are planning something special for these guys. They have released Banjo & Kazooie action figures, and they recently put an ad on their Microsoft website to buy Banjo-Kazooie (At least I found that on Google Images). Also, Phil Spencer has stated in the past that he would love to see Banjo & Kazooie in Smash, and I do think he probably approached Sakurai and his team to add Banjo. And back to the music argument, Banjo-Kazooie has one of the best soundtracks of any video game ever made, and including them in Smash would make much more sense then Minecraft's overworld "music". The only thing that could possibly point against Banjo & Kazooie is the fact that Nintendo is choosing the DLC, and it would make sense for them to include a character who is more relevant like Steve or Master Chief over someone who is not, but I feel they would want to choose Banjo as another fan-requested character (since I am pretty sure they are aware of the demand for them in the game), and I wouldn't be surprised at all if they are single-handedly the most requested characters for the game as of now. I honestly feel like Banjo & Kazooie DLC would sell way more then Steve DLC if you want me to be completely honest. So with all of this, I think Banjo is a 90% chance of being in the game. He is so close to being at 100%, but I still have my occasional doubts about him, so that is why I gave him a 90%. Besides, he is one of my most requested characters SO PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN DADDY SAKURAI!!!

In conclusion, I think I have pretty much covered this entire topic, and I hope you guys can see things in a different light. So, I think Cuphead and Master Chief are the least likely Microsoft reps since they were deconfirmed, with Steve being the second most likely at 40-50%, and Banjo being the most likely with 90%. However, if you disagree with this, let me know in the comments who you think the most likely Xbox/Microsoft character is!
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