(WIP) Smash Fangame

Sep 15, 2017
Me and my brother are trying to make a high quality smash fangame. Our goal is to create a balance of the best of Melee and Sm4sh. We want to incorporate autolinks to reliably connect multihit attacks ex(fox f-air) We don't really know how we could implement that in a completely different engine like Unity. I can't say much about the game, my bro says until we make some decent progress someone could just take our idea and make it first, our idea for the central "gimmick" of the game is pretty cool, I''ll update you guys when we have gameplay footage.

ryuu seika

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Jul 21, 2010
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So the way auto-linking moves work, according to the Melee mods that I've looked at, is that they use a special angle which doesn't really exist (say 363) and the game then changes that angle (and only that non-existant angle) to match the angle that the user is moving when the move connects. Basically a "if player A move knockback angle = 363 then set player A move knockback angle == player A momentum angle" replacement effect on every hit.

I would assume that characters are far from finalised at this stage.
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