(Winter) Warehouse Throwdown: 2 Results - 11/23/2013


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Feb 12, 2013
Sartell, Minnesota
Hey everybody! Here are the results for the tournament!

Melee Doubles:

1: Frootloop and sanchez
2: Kels & Zeus
3: Slayer, mundungo (Slay and nudungo)
4: CowBoy Blue and RRR
5: Kenneth Kradi
5: Steel and Tempest
7: Heibel and Luka
7: Furphy and Veklor
9: master of my domain and Fumps
9: Tight Ass G and Cam
9: D Disciple and Bay<
9: Vanilla Bryce and Ocho
13: PianoMan and kevo
13: Knight and Fish
13: Unmasked and UJ
13: Snow Storm and Coast
17: TMC and Obstructive
17: Biggles and KV
17: Nate and Thys
17: 0660 and Riff
17: Emma and Lazy
17: Perfect Darkness Sseik

Melee Singles:

1: Kels
2: Slayer
3: Zelgadis
4: Mundungu
5: Froot Loop
5: Sanchaz
7: D Disciple
7: Cow Boy Blue
9: Chexr
9: Amanze
9: Star reaver
9: Kradi
13: Tempest
13: RRR
13: Aarosmashguy
13: YoshQ
17: Ocho
17: Jax
17: Master of my domain
17: PD
17: kenneth
17: UJ
17: Furphy
17: Coast
25: Sinnypoo242
25: 0660
25: Heibel
25: Vanilla Bryce
25: Heppa-Tight-Ass G
25: Luca
25: Veklor
25: No Tag
33: Andrew
33: Eddie
33: Melon Monkey
33: Unmasked
33: Cam
33: Toast
33: Nate
33: Thys
33: Loki
33: Loring
33: Obstructive
33: TMC
33: Fumps
33: Biggles
33: Bay<
33: Flat Zone

Project M Doubles:

1: Frootloop and Kels
2: Aarosmashguy & Chexr
3: Tempest & Cowboy Blue
4: D Disciple & Slayer
5: mundungu and sanchez
5: Jax & Ian
7: Dandy's Tight Ass
7: Toast and Monk
9: Nova & Spicey
9: Coast & Snowstorm
9: Kenneth Kradi
9: Heibel & Bay <
13: Furphy & Riff
13: Veklor & 0660
13: Z-nel & Glen
13: Sseik & Perfect Darkness
17: baltic & knight
17: Steel & Dex

Project M Singles:

1: Froot Loop
2: Kels
3: Slayer
4: Cow Boy Blue
5: Kradi
5: Spicy
7: kenneth
7: 0660
9: YoshQ
9: Zeus
9: Sanchaz
9: Coast
13: Dandy
13: Captain Zod
13: Heppa-Tight-Ass G
13: Knight
17: Chexr
17: Furphy
17: Jax
17: Toast
17: Monk
17: D Disciple
17: Baltic
17: SMK
25: Veklor
25: Riff
25: RaZ
25: Psychonaught QQ
25: Bay<
25: Loki
25: Flat Zone
25: Andrew
33: Bruv
33: Heibel
33: Aarosmashguy
33: Tugie
33: Glen
33: Eddie Bear
33: Ian
33: Melon Monkey
33: Perfect Darkness
33: Gazer
33: No Tag
33: Sseic
33: Shad
33: Nova
49: Gambl

A HUGE thank you to everybody who came out to the tournament. I sincerely appreciate everyone's attendance and I'm exceptionally looking forward to next time!


Nov 26, 2009
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
So glad I advanced that far.

You already know the next one needs to be run way more efficiently. I would really suggest asking juggleguy or someone else with experience running large tourneys to help with figuring out run this under the time constraints.

good stuff to disciple beating triple r

bayless, we'll get a money match in next time assuming it doesn't run until like 2 am again lol

I brought our friend, Pschonaught QQ, to this for his first tourney and he can't wait to get to another tourney


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Jun 30, 2009
^ Wow awesome sig!

I had a great time and it was awesome to see everyone.

Thank you very much for hosting bayless. I see that some people are telling you about how the tourney could have been run differently - don't get too discouraged by it. We mean it constructively and you still hosted a great tournament yesterday! I used to host tournaments and people had a few things to tell me when I started out too.


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Sep 7, 2008
Howell, MI
slayer repping Michigan. And to think he was only #6 on our p/r. Maybe he should be higher.

Good **** Logan. Making us all proud.


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Nov 22, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
I'm Vanilla Bryce

I had a lot of fun at this event, learned a lot, etc. etc. I achieved my singles goal (which was make bracket when we thought it was 32-man and make Top 32 once it became a 48-man bracket) so I'm quite content with my performance. Enjoyed talking with people, getting good games, yada blahda boo.

Shoutouts to various people I played and stuff:

Car people--FACE-SIZED DONUTS Thanks much to FlatZone for the ride, fun times w/ Steve and Star reaver on the way back (Steve I don't know your tag lol). The leftover sandwich wasn't as good but it was still hype.
Ocho--Teaming was fun, sorry I wasn't near you enough to get more rests
Chexr, momd, Yoshq, D. Disciple (read: the people I lost to in pools and in bracket)--I'M COMIN' FOR BLOOD Good games, I probably enjoyed playing you four the most out of anyone (particularly the folks in bracket) because I feel like I learned a fair bit from our sets. Looking forward to playing you all again.
Pools people besides Chexr and momd: Sinny I enjoyed our dumb Puff arguments and your tips for v. campy Falco. Enter Melee next time too dude. PianoMan / Perfect Darkness we didn't talk a whole lot but good games. Special shoutouts to Knight--I loved our set and I loved our salty MM and I love your drive. Even though I won the runback you played much, much better in it and I was almost alarmed by how much you seemed to adapt to my playstyle. Let's be rivals for life. Ten dollar MM at next tourney?
Nate + Danny: It was awesome to see you guys again and awesome to meet a few more folks in the Fargo crew. Nate I'm sorry we keep meeting in bracket :/
KV + Biggles: Good having you guys there, sorry you didn't accomplish all your desired goals. Keep working it, you've both got potential and stuff. Melee's a tough game.
Hepa--GGs in friendlies
Heibel: I really enjoyed our friendlies, we should play more at stuff
UJ: I'll grind out more Fox v. Puff with you anytime, I loved having the practice. There are too many Fox players in this state o.o
Anyone I'm forgetting: Sorry lol I'm in class right now and sort of jamming this out during a boring part that I already know. I'll think about this more later and edit it if I remember anyone else.
Bayless: Thanks for putting on the event! I had a blast. Take the tips from the OGs that are willing to help with some of the running of the tourney and offering advice and such. With some tweaks to improve the efficiency I think this could become something really excellent. I for one will certainly be attending the next installment barring life circumstances that prevent it.


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Sep 10, 2007
In a lighthouse.
Had a blast at this. This is Knight, by the way. Thanks for the shout out Bryce, and I definitely accept your MM and lifetime rival declaration! I'll be at least twice as good next time so don't let up on your practice. I learned so much and had so much fun, most notably my matches with Vanilla Bryce, Heibel ( Your wolf was so much fun to play, I REALLY look forward to playing you again), Chexr, and my money matches with Bayless. So glad I got to play with you guys, and everyone else that I played. I'm happy with how things turned out and I'm already very excited for the next Warehouse. OH, and a big thank you to the guy who was running the brackets and stuff that helped my group out with jumping our car. I feel bad that I can't remember his name, but without his help we would have been stranded in the cold 3 hours from home so again, THANK YOU!!! Thank yous' to everyone actually, to all the players for showing up, Bayless and the others running the show, and anyone else who was involved with this. Glad to see it's going places.


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Jun 13, 2013
Dude, Knight, I wanna play you.

Shoutouts to the former Marth main/Falcon main from St. Cloud. I don't remember your name, hell, I don't know your name, but those were amazing Falcon dittos, my friend.


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Feb 12, 2013
Sartell, Minnesota
Hey everyone, thanks so much for the shoutouts! I sincerely appreciate you all coming and being so patient with all of us. You have no idea how much it means to me that you all keep showing up!

Knight, his name is Garrett and he's one of the coolest dude's around! I'll let him know what you said.

Knox, the guy you're thinking of is Ben/Terker, also a super cool guy. I'll let him know what you said as well!

Alex, thanks for posting the bracket screenshots I was too lazy to do. ;]


Nov 26, 2009
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
I'll be uploading these matches soon. Ignore the times next to them. Those are just for my own notes on splitting the files.

Melee Doubles Losers Quarters - Kenneth & Kradi vs Slayer & Mundungu 0:00-15:17
Melee Doubles Losers Semis - Bluezaft & Triple R vs Slayer & Mundungu 18:40-34:19
Melee Doubles Losers Finals - Zeus & Kels vs Slayer & Mundungu 36:05-50:10
Melee Doubles Grand Finals - Zeus & Kels vs Frootloop & Sanchez- 52:50-1:09:06

Melee Singles Winners R1 - Sin (Falco) vs Toast (Sheik) 0:00-10:20
Melee Singles Winners R1 - Luca (Falcon) vs Frootloop (Fox) 11:07-16:20
Melee Singles Winners R3 - Amanze (Samus) vs Aerosmashguy (Fox) 0:00:37-14:40
Melee Singles Winners R4 - Frootloop (Fox) vs Starreaver (Marth) 17:00-25:10
Melee Singles Winners R4 - Amanze (Samus, Fox) vs Kels (Sheik) 25:57-38:22
Melee Singles Losers R5 - D. Disciple (Pikachu) vs Triple R (Kirby) 39:50-57:07
Melee Singles Losers R6 - D. Disciple (Pikachu) vs Amanze (Falcon, Link, Marth) 1:00:10-1:13:56
Melee Singles Winners Semis - Frootloop (Fox) vs Slayer (Marth) 0:00:00-0:18:20
Melee Singles Winners Finals - Slayer (Marth, Sheik) vs Kels (Fox, Sheik) 0:19:30-31:47
Melee Singles Winners Quarters - Sanchaz (Sheik) vs Mundungu (Fox) 0:32:52-0:48:55
Melee Singles Losers R7 - D. Disciple (Pikachu) vs Zelgadis (Fox) 0:53:16-1:04:10
Melee Singles Losers Quarters - Zelgadis (Fox) vs Frootloop (Fox) 1:08:27-1:24:17
Melee Singles Losers Semis - Zelgadis (Fox) vs Mundungu (Fox) 1:25:10-2:08:02
Melee Singles Losers Finals - Zelgadis (Fox) vs Slayer (Marth, Falcon) 1:42:00-1:56:32
Melee Singles Grand Finals - Kels (Sheik, Marth) vs Slayer (Falco, Fox, Falcon) 1:57:34-2:08:00

Project M Winners Finals - Frootloop (Pit) vs Kels (Falco, Falcon)


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May 4, 2006
Madison, WI
This was a ton of fun. Huge props to Bayless and the crew for running this and getting the upper midwestern community together for a big event. Also huge props to the Eau Claire brothers as always for recording and bringing a lot of setups. You guys really put in some great work for the community, thanks for setting all that up!

It was awesome seeing so many new people at this thing. I hope the newbies had a good time, and are motivated to stick with it and get better rather than give up and quit. The community is awesome, and people are willing to help if you are having trouble.

I will try to make the next one. It is sounding like it is going to be at least regional status next time, hope to be there!

Triple R

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Feb 1, 2009
Hopkins, MN
Super late shoutouts

Good games to everyone I played.

Bluezaft - After look at our doubles matches. It looks like I was playing really bad. Sorry about that. We had a good run while it lasted though.

WI Crew - Thanks for coming. It's always good to get people to MN tournies. Definitely spices it up a bunch.

Bayless and crew - Thanks for hosting. Definitely some things to smooth out. Don't be afraid to ask other people for help too. All of us want these tournies to run smoothly and be a success.
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