Wii + CRT. Is there input or monitor lag?


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Oct 17, 2017
Edit: Is there input lag or monitor lag with a CRT and a Wii for Melee?

So I decided to buy a Melee setup :)

I already have a Wii with the red yellow white plugs.

Is there input lag or monitor lag or display lag with a CRT and a Wii for Melee?

P.S. HDMI adaptor sounds expensive.

And hey, I might wanna practice perfect shields one day.

Another way to ask this is:

what are the pros and cons for all the types of setups?

e.g. HDMI converter, S-video, red, blue, green plugs, Wii vs Gamecube vs Dolphin, portable DVD player (lol).


P.S. is this the right forum to ask this in? Couldn’t find a technical support forum.
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Mar 31, 2017
Springfield, Ohio
There is no lag using a wii, it is still 60 frames per second.There are no real pros nor cons compared to other setups like Dolphin and a GameCube. The only problem I know with Dolphin is that your setup has to be good enough to run at 60 FPS online, plus a good connection. Thus, it is a little costly compared to just modding your wii. For my wii, I use an AV cord (the one with the multiple colors, along with red, white and yellow) and there is no lag in my CRT. I checked using 20XX and looking at the number of frames going by per second and slowing it to be accurate.

I am not sure about using an HDMI port, someone may have more knowledge on that.
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