Why you chose your mains?

Jun 8, 2018
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I thought i'd do a little discussion thread about why you chose your main/mains and who you would main in games you do not own.

The reasons I main Dedede in every game he's in are primarily unrelated to him being my favourite character, I really just like playing heavy characters and thrashing the opponent around with heavy weapons, Dedede fits the bill best for that, and him being my favourite character is the cherry on top of the cake. If you don't already know I'll always be maining Dedede in the future.
Now as for 3DS and Project M i'd still main Dedede in those games of course, but i do not own either of them yet.
Melee i'd probably main Bowser since as i said, i enjoy heavy weights, Bowser is also my favourite Mario character with helps.
For 64 I'm not actually sure on which character i'd main, likely Kirby or Donkey Kong but i'm still not sure. (Would've obviously mained Dedede if he wasn't cut tho.)
Aug 11, 2013
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I like sword fighters, i love games like Xenoblade, FF, FE, rpgs in general, so you see who i main, though in the past i tended to avoid rpgs, but my mains where always based on what games i have been playing and addicted to at the time, that's why i mained Link, Samus, Snake in the past.
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Jun 30, 2013
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Meta Knight was the only character I wanted in Smash since Melee and I was so happy he got in. I laughed when I found out he was best character in Brawl and was like "Ah. so his tradition of being the toughest opponent in every game he is in continues". Though Smash 4 did nerf him a bunch and he did need that, so that's not really the case anymore.

There's a lot of reasons why I like Meta Knight. I'm biased towards swords. He's bat themed a bit so that's a big plus as well. I love characters with masks (I have no idea why). I'm a sucker for anti-hero type characters. He's always been super fast and I love playing fast characters. I'm sure there's characters in games I like more than Meta Knight, but Meta Knight is probably one of my favorite Nintendo characters, and easily my favorite character from the roster. Though it's hard to think of other characters I like more than Meta Knight because they are usually 1 offs, and Meta Knight appears a lot so he's on my mind more than most characters.

Nostalgia plays a big role as well. Similar to Ridley with the Metroid games (well based off of Super Metroid and Prime 1. I haven't fought other Ridleys so I always remember him as "the fast menacing rival boss"), he is a very huge reason why I play the Kirby series. The Meta Knight fight (and it's many clones) is always one of, or is my favorite moment from the games...... I was going to write an essay about how I love the Kirby's Adventure and Superstar boss fight, but that'd make this post twice as long as it is already.

As for how Meta Knight plays in Smash..... I was absolutely shocked when I found out he didn't have his Down Thrust attack as his down aerial. He's had that move in every single 2d side-scrolling fight. I do hope they give him that in smash 5 because his current down air I don't really care about at all because he never does that in the games and is basically just his up air, just downwards. I'm also surprised he doesn't have the sword beam projectile or tornado attack, hoping either of them will get in to spice up meta knight's gameplay a bit. Kinda hoping for the sword beam projectile a bit more because I do love having a projectile, I mean Meta Knight is the only character I love playing in smash that doesn't have a projectile (Well. minus shenanigans with Little Mac, Ganondorf, and other such characters. That's just for super casual fun though). I do want the tornado attack in, but I just worry that they'll make it some sort of super situational attack that won't get used much and/or the move is very unimpressive in some way.
In Brawl he was just so fun to play because he just looked cool, he had some nice range, and the mobility options with gliding and mach tornado were so nice as well. Of course he needed to be nerfed badly, just sadly in Smash 4 he's pretty straightforward in how he attacks and it bores me. Hoping Smash 5 changes that up. Doesn't help that Meta Knight's model and his attack visuals look so awful in Smash 4 compared to Brawl. I love the dimensional cape attack, it's so stylish and can be hype whenever you hit with it. Though I usually use it to get to the ground safely usually.
I love doing tons of up airs on people, even if it almost never leads to an UP+B (unless it's someone easy to combo like DK). Though with how insanely difficult it is to get the Up+B kill off of up airs, it makes it feel all the better when it does hit.
Another reason why I love playing Meta Knight is very similar to how I feel when I fight him in the games. He looks all calm and collected, but at any second he could be up in your face with some calculated fast attack. I love that feeling, and that feeling seems to transfer over to when other people play my Meta Knight and sometimes I get comments about that. It's actually one of the largest reasons why I love playing Samus in Smash, because once I have a charge shot people treat her so much more differently because they have to respect the charge shot (and I laugh every time someone swaps to fox or falco when I play Samus. I laugh harder when they keep shining to reflect that charge shot that I didn't shoot so I just punish them). I like playing characters in games that make people behave differently.
It does baffle me that Meta Knight has such poor air speed considering he's always been very fast in the air in the Kirby games ever since superstar. At least he's fast on the ground. However, his multiple jumps do kind of make up for it because it keeps the opponent guessing. Also nice for offstage play. Safe to say I was too scared to chase people off-stage before, but once I started playing Meta Knight in Smash 4 I realized that it can be really fun to have off-stage battles and I love going off stage to attack people and now I do it with all my other characters as well because not only does that make it harder to win if you never go off-stage, but you're missing a chunk of the game by refusing to go offstage to pressure.
Because of all these reasons, I mained Meta Knight. I'm sure I'm missing a few reasons too. Meta Knight used to be one of my worst characters for the longest time and it was incredibly discouraging and that occassionally makes me doubt whether or not he should be my main. However, after sticking with it long enough, he's probably my best character now. Also I've been trying to pick up Sheik on the side, and she's soooo much easier to learn now that I have experience using another fast character. So I'm probably going to stick with speed characters from now on because I just love the control over your movement and I love punishing characters even if that means I can die super easily if I let my guard down even a little. I don't see Meta Knight ever not being my main in Smash unless they somehow make him even more boring than he is in Smash 4, but even in Smash 4 he's pretty fun.


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Jul 20, 2017
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OP, I actually chose King Dedede as my main in Brawl Minus. He was a secondary of mine in Brawl (Purple costume all the way).
I was just messing around with characters to see what they got. Got to Dedede and learned that he can actually control the Waddles. That was very interesting as a modification in itself, but then I learned he was given even more busted sh*t. Let's list:
  • Dash attack launches him about halfway across Final Destination.
  • Waddles launch themselves in the air as an attack whenever he dash attacks, f-smashes, and (iirc) up-specials.
  • Can down-throw into dash attack and up-throw into up-tilt.
  • Down smash slides him forward.
  • Semi-automatic Waddle and Gordo tosses (this was nerfed [or retained?]) in Project M.
  • Big a** grab range.
He's basically a puppet character with a tinge of grappler in Brawl Minus. I don't normally play either of those archetypes in my adulthood, but the introduction of Waddle control made strategic play absolutely possible with Dedede in a way that it just wasn't with Falco.
It's addicting playing him in Brawl Minus. It is a brain exercise, and not just button mashing---well, there's a lot of button mashing with him still, lel.

I normally go for the ninja archetype because of their mobility options.
In non-smash games, I chose Hayabusa in Dead Or Alive 4, Chipp Zanuff in Guilty Gear 2, Lucien in Brawlhalla (funnily enough, I was introduced to the game by a friend when I knew absolutely nothing about it; I looked at the cast, gravitated toward him, and he turned out to be exactly what I was looking for, first character pick), Ibuki in Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Rolento in Capcom vs SNK 2; and of course, in Smash, Falco.
I like having to be tricky and confuse my opponents. A teleport is a good way to get me interested in a character, like Vergil in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. But another feature they typically have in common is a weak projectile that can be used to control space. So I kind of have a thing for zoning, too. I like being able to control the pace of the game.