Why you chose your mains?


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Jun 8, 2018
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I thought i'd do a little discussion thread about why you chose your main/mains and who you would main in games you do not own.

The reasons I main Dedede in every game he's in are primarily unrelated to him being my favourite character, I really just like playing heavy characters and thrashing the opponent around with heavy weapons, Dedede fits the bill best for that, and him being my favourite character is the cherry on top of the cake. If you don't already know I'll always be maining Dedede in the future.
Now as for 3DS and Project M i'd still main Dedede in those games of course, but i do not own either of them yet.
Melee i'd probably main Bowser since as i said, i enjoy heavy weights, Bowser is also my favourite Mario character with helps.
For 64 I'm not actually sure on which character i'd main, likely Kirby or Donkey Kong but i'm still not sure. (Would've obviously mained Dedede if he wasn't cut tho.)
Aug 11, 2013
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I like sword fighters, i love games like Xenoblade, FF, FE, rpgs in general, so you see who i main, though in the past i tended to avoid rpgs, but my mains where always based on what games i have been playing and addicted to at the time, that's why i mained Link, Samus, Snake in the past.
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Jun 30, 2013
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Meta Knight was the only character I wanted in Smash since Melee and I was so happy he got in. I laughed when I found out he was best character in Brawl and was like "Ah. so his tradition of being the toughest opponent in every game he is in continues". Though Smash 4 did nerf him a bunch and he did need that, so that's not really the case anymore.

There's a lot of reasons why I like Meta Knight. I'm biased towards swords. He's bat themed a bit so that's a big plus as well. I love characters with masks (I have no idea why). I'm a sucker for anti-hero type characters. He's always been super fast and I love playing fast characters. I'm sure there's characters in games I like more than Meta Knight, but Meta Knight is probably one of my favorite Nintendo characters, and easily my favorite character from the roster. Though it's hard to think of other characters I like more than Meta Knight because they are usually 1 offs, and Meta Knight appears a lot so he's on my mind more than most characters.

Nostalgia plays a big role as well. Similar to Ridley with the Metroid games (well based off of Super Metroid and Prime 1. I haven't fought other Ridleys so I always remember him as "the fast menacing rival boss"), he is a very huge reason why I play the Kirby series. The Meta Knight fight (and it's many clones) is always one of, or is my favorite moment from the games...... I was going to write an essay about how I love the Kirby's Adventure and Superstar boss fight, but that'd make this post twice as long as it is already.

As for how Meta Knight plays in Smash..... I was absolutely shocked when I found out he didn't have his Down Thrust attack as his down aerial. He's had that move in every single 2d side-scrolling fight. I do hope they give him that in smash 5 because his current down air I don't really care about at all because he never does that in the games and is basically just his up air, just downwards. I'm also surprised he doesn't have the sword beam projectile or tornado attack, hoping either of them will get in to spice up meta knight's gameplay a bit. Kinda hoping for the sword beam projectile a bit more because I do love having a projectile, I mean Meta Knight is the only character I love playing in smash that doesn't have a projectile (Well. minus shenanigans with Little Mac, Ganondorf, and other such characters. That's just for super casual fun though). I do want the tornado attack in, but I just worry that they'll make it some sort of super situational attack that won't get used much and/or the move is very unimpressive in some way.
In Brawl he was just so fun to play because he just looked cool, he had some nice range, and the mobility options with gliding and mach tornado were so nice as well. Of course he needed to be nerfed badly, just sadly in Smash 4 he's pretty straightforward in how he attacks and it bores me. Hoping Smash 5 changes that up. Doesn't help that Meta Knight's model and his attack visuals look so awful in Smash 4 compared to Brawl. I love the dimensional cape attack, it's so stylish and can be hype whenever you hit with it. Though I usually use it to get to the ground safely usually.
I love doing tons of up airs on people, even if it almost never leads to an UP+B (unless it's someone easy to combo like DK). Though with how insanely difficult it is to get the Up+B kill off of up airs, it makes it feel all the better when it does hit.
Another reason why I love playing Meta Knight is very similar to how I feel when I fight him in the games. He looks all calm and collected, but at any second he could be up in your face with some calculated fast attack. I love that feeling, and that feeling seems to transfer over to when other people play my Meta Knight and sometimes I get comments about that. It's actually one of the largest reasons why I love playing Samus in Smash, because once I have a charge shot people treat her so much more differently because they have to respect the charge shot (and I laugh every time someone swaps to fox or falco when I play Samus. I laugh harder when they keep shining to reflect that charge shot that I didn't shoot so I just punish them). I like playing characters in games that make people behave differently.
It does baffle me that Meta Knight has such poor air speed considering he's always been very fast in the air in the Kirby games ever since superstar. At least he's fast on the ground. However, his multiple jumps do kind of make up for it because it keeps the opponent guessing. Also nice for offstage play. Safe to say I was too scared to chase people off-stage before, but once I started playing Meta Knight in Smash 4 I realized that it can be really fun to have off-stage battles and I love going off stage to attack people and now I do it with all my other characters as well because not only does that make it harder to win if you never go off-stage, but you're missing a chunk of the game by refusing to go offstage to pressure.
Because of all these reasons, I mained Meta Knight. I'm sure I'm missing a few reasons too. Meta Knight used to be one of my worst characters for the longest time and it was incredibly discouraging and that occassionally makes me doubt whether or not he should be my main. However, after sticking with it long enough, he's probably my best character now. Also I've been trying to pick up Sheik on the side, and she's soooo much easier to learn now that I have experience using another fast character. So I'm probably going to stick with speed characters from now on because I just love the control over your movement and I love punishing characters even if that means I can die super easily if I let my guard down even a little. I don't see Meta Knight ever not being my main in Smash unless they somehow make him even more boring than he is in Smash 4, but even in Smash 4 he's pretty fun.


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Jul 20, 2017
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OP, I actually chose King Dedede as my main in Brawl Minus. He was a secondary of mine in Brawl (Purple costume all the way).
I was just messing around with characters to see what they got. Got to Dedede and learned that he can actually control the Waddles. That was very interesting as a modification in itself, but then I learned he was given even more busted sh*t. Let's list:
  • Dash attack launches him about halfway across Final Destination.
  • Waddles launch themselves in the air as an attack whenever he dash attacks, f-smashes, and (iirc) up-specials.
  • Can down-throw into dash attack and up-throw into up-tilt.
  • Down smash slides him forward.
  • Semi-automatic Waddle and Gordo tosses (this was nerfed [or retained?]) in Project M.
  • Big a** grab range.
He's basically a puppet character with a tinge of grappler in Brawl Minus. I don't normally play either of those archetypes in my adulthood, but the introduction of Waddle control made strategic play absolutely possible with Dedede in a way that it just wasn't with Falco.
It's addicting playing him in Brawl Minus. It is a brain exercise, and not just button mashing---well, there's a lot of button mashing with him still, lel.

I normally go for the ninja archetype because of their mobility options.
In non-smash games, I chose Hayabusa in Dead Or Alive 4, Chipp Zanuff in Guilty Gear 2, Lucien in Brawlhalla (funnily enough, I was introduced to the game by a friend when I knew absolutely nothing about it; I looked at the cast, gravitated toward him, and he turned out to be exactly what I was looking for, first character pick), Ibuki in Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Rolento in Capcom vs SNK 2; and of course, in Smash, Falco.
I like having to be tricky and confuse my opponents. A teleport is a good way to get me interested in a character, like Vergil in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. But another feature they typically have in common is a weak projectile that can be used to control space. So I kind of have a thing for zoning, too. I like being able to control the pace of the game.

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May 3, 2014
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I chose Luigi as my main in both Smash 64 and Melee simply because of how easy it is to use him [Even though he is widely considered to be the worst character in Smash 64], though I prefer him in Melee because in that game, he is ACTUALLY good, and is very viable, and on top of that, easy to use.

I chose Olimar as my main in Brawl because of how unique he is. Their's not much characters that are like Olimar in the Brawl roster, and he definitely is a very fun character to use. He was hard to use when I first played him, but once I trained with him, I started to realize how good of a character he is, and then he instantly became my main. And he is also ranked A+ 3 on the tier list so that's another bonus for me. :p But anyways, the reason why I DON'T main Olimar in Smash 4 is because of how HEAVILY nerfed he was from Brawl to Smash 4, which instantly made him not as fun as he was in Brawl. But Olimar is my main in Brawl for those reasons.

I chose Duck Hunt and Sonic as my main in Smash 4 for different reasons each. Duck Hunt was a character I was hyped for when he was revealed, and it instantly got me hooked on to the character, and he is fun and zany in everyway. So, I main Duck Hunt on the Wii U version of the game, though on the 3DS, I main Sonic. This is because of his insane fast speed, his good tech, and just how great of a character he is. He was heavily buffed from Brawl, in which he went from a Lower Mid tier character to a top tier instantly. Sonic has improved vastly which makes him more fun in Smash 4 then in Brawl.


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Jun 22, 2018
I usually play as the characters that I really like, from the franchises that I prefer.

Which is why I usually stick with: :ultrobin:ultlucina::ultzelda::ultlink::ultpeach::ultbowserjr:


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Mar 12, 2017
In every smash game it took me a while to figure out what character to play.

I only have played 2 matches of 64, one as mario and one as dk, I would like to play again but dont have a good way of playing.

When I started playing melee when I was younger I picked marth cause he had blue hair, blue clothes (blue is my favorite color) and a sword. After taking some time away from melee I came back and started to get into competitive melee, starting with Falcon, then Falco, then Sheik, then Marth, then Icies, then puff, then peach. Peach became my favorite characters but I couldn't put my finger on why. Then I started playing against a marth who I have now become good friends with, but switched from peach cause I hate the match up and ended up picking fox. I have gone back to peach for every match-up except puff and marth, which I go fox, mainly cause he does the best.

In brawl I played marth and sonic cause I played marth in melee and sonic was one of my favorite characters in general when I was younger.

In Project M I started with sonic because he was fun but my friends complained (I was starting to get competitive while they were casuals) which lead to me playing random which really screwed me over. After maining more than half the roster I stuck for sheik for about 8 months, then mario and then back to sheik. I ended up getting bored of sheik and have since started to play Snake cause he is tanking and has a similar feel to peach in the sense that he doesnt die quick and has projectiles, pit cause he is my most stylish character and is just the most fun for me to play, regardless of how "bad" he is and falco cause I lost a bet.

I spent the least amount of time with sm4sh, besides 64, and was a day 1 shulk main. I also tried to main random but that didnt work. I also play a fair amount of Rosa cause she is kinda cool, Ganon cause oddly this is the only version I have liked of him so far, Lucina cause she is marth but as a hot chick, and little mac cause boxing is cool imo.

Not really related but in Rivals I play kragg and pocket orcane, absa, ori, zetterburn and etalus. I like Kragg cause he is also super tanky, has a good projectile and earth is my favorite element.

I also figured out that I like characters that live a long time and have a projectile, so now that I know what I am looking for hopefully I can a main in ultimate.


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Jul 19, 2018
At first I never really felt particularly strong towards Game & Watch, I just thought he was kinda fun to use mostly as kind of a troll character, but he's actually kinda grown on me! Maybe it's just how humorous he plays, maybe I just like to gamble on the 9 judgment happer, who knows. All I know is that he's one of the funnest mains I've ever had in Smash and that says a lot to me considering I play a lot of people lol.
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Mar 20, 2015
When I was a kid, the Nintendo Gamecube was the first console I had, with Super Mario Sunshine being the first game that I ever played. That's when I got hooked on videogames. So when I was at Blockbuster, I rented out a couple more Nintendo games like Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, but I remember buying Super Smash Bros. Melee, and getting further interested in Nintendo's diverse set of characters. Marth in particular was my favorite, so I got into the Fire Emblem franchise. I bought Shadow Dragon and enjoyed the series' gameplay, so when the Fire Emblem Awakening demo was released on the Nintendo Eshop, I downloaded it and played it. Originally, I made My Unit/Avatar designed after Marth, but when the full game came out, I stuck to the default because customizing the character to resemble myself was weird to me. Eventually, I grew to love his character as who he was, and I became a dedicated Robin fan ever since. So dedicated, that I took up the mantle of roleplaying as him on various sites, such as YouTube, Tumblr, and even Google+. So when Smash 4 announced that he (and Lucina) made it into Smash, it was like my dream had come true. I knew I was maining him, right from the start. I wanted to be the best Robin main ever. I went through many different mains and secondaries, but I never once truly dropped him. I feel that he's an integral part of me, no matter where I go.


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Jul 21, 2018
I main link mostly because he’s got a bunch of projectiles and range, and his spin works well as a finishing blow so I have some fun with that :D


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Jun 20, 2018
I play a bunch of characters in Smash Wii U to varying degrees of success, but I picked my main 3 characters: Link, Mega Man, and Ness because they fit the best in my hands, plain and simple. Marth in Melee was just a perfect match for me. His playstyle fits in my hands so well and I've been able to figure him out without dumping hours into YouTube tutorials.


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Mar 25, 2012
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:ultpikachu: - Pikachu was the character I played mostly in the N64 version. The reason Pikachu was my main was that I was into the Pokemon anime series at the time and Pikachu was one of my favourite Pokemon.
:ultroy: - Roy was a character that I mainly used a lot in Melee. I felt his move set intrugues me despite being similar to Marth. Roy and Marth's inclusions is what got me into the Fire Emblem franchise ever since.
:ultike: - With Roy absent in Brawl, I turned to Ike as my main as he offers a unique and different move set in contrast to Marth.
:ultshulk: - I was into Xenoblade Chronicles at the time and Shulk's move set interests me.
:ultryu: - Been a long time fan of the Street Fighter series so I am particularly familar with Ryu's iconic moves.
:ultcloud: - Just like Street Fighter, I've been a long time fan of the Final Fantasy series with VII being one of my favourites. So I was surprised and happy to see Cloud making it in Smash.

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Hi nice to meet you. I solo mained Ice Climbers back in Melee and Brawl. one of the main reasons why I chose them as a main because of the history I had with them. Before I had a GC ( when I was young 11~ ) my dad still had his old NES console and I wanted to see it. To met at the time it was really cool and amazing to look at. when he hooked it up, the first game I played was Ice Climber which was their classic title. I spent hours playing it as it become more and more fun with every level. It was a simple game to play with harder levels as you continue. I remember making my sister play so I can see Nana but she wasn't having as much as I was. I loved it so much. When my dad purchased my first GameCube, I was hyped and at the time my first game for it was Super Smash Bros Melee. Just the thought of having so many Iconic Nintendo characters clash like that was mind blowing to me. I loved crossovers. When I seen the Ice Climbers, I knew there were going to be my first and as time went on, they were my last, even in Brawl on the Wii console. they are just super fun characters. smaller reason I got into them was:

  • Extremely unique and unorthodox being a 2 in 1 fighter
  • Tough learning curve which is miner but I love challenges
  • I remain neutral about Wobbling and Chain grabbing but I never learned them
  • desyncs is one amazing mechanic that allows: setups, space control, and cool combos
  • just look how adorable they are, they are even better in Ultimate
  • Damage output was doubled because of 2 character which is bonus
  • Sopo isn't the best but still make for a fun character
Overall just looking at them was enough for me. I was so surprise to see them and I'm many people were too since their series is a bit underrated. when Ice Climbers were cut from SSB4 it was a bit difficult for me. I did solo main them in both Melee and Brawl so finding another character to take their place was hard and annoying. I am still floating around the roster and since the game releases soon, I'm not really thinking about going in depth with anyone since I'm probably going back to them. so far I've been studying:

:4peach: I like Peach from the Mario series. I tried her and she is defiantly a complex and hard to use character so shout out to the Peach mains. watching Samorasa do her float cancels and turnip plays made me try my hand with her and she has a lot of potential. Nice aerials, great combo game, turnip setups, floating aerials, and good mix-ups makes her really good. her recovery is hard to challenge too, though I forget she can't grab the ledge when she is turned towards it. XD. anyway she was the first I tried but will take lots of dedication......

:4jigglypuff: I was never a Pokémon fan but I had my eyes on Jigglypuff since Melee and Brawl. She actually feels pretty good to me. I love her aerial game which possibly one of the best in the entire game. Her rest is also pretty cool to land as it takes some timing and good reads at times, but easy to forget about if your playing her. I do wish they buff her bit. She doesn't have to be good as Melee but least mid tier at best. she natural to me and did win many battles with her. She's my number one pick in terms of records and hopefully those buffs in Ultimate will do her Justice.

:4villager: Zoning character are my last choice because I was never good at projectile based attacks but I have to say that the Villager was a decent use at the time. using lyoid rocket as a way of approaching was always interesting to me and normal follow up with a grab since more than likely, they pull up their shields. I like Animal Crossing a lot but he is not for me here. or possibly ever.

:rosalina: My all time favorite Mario Princess and character. Rosalina and Luma are similar to the Ice Climbers in a way functioning as a duo character. however compared to Nana, Rosa is more of a puppeteer character because Luma basically copies the input and control of Rosalina. He is limited on what he can do on his own but together, they control space, setups, and interesting combos. However I don't seem to get the same enjoyment despite really liking her. even though they are similar, they are extremely different and now that I consider this, I still prefer Ice Climbers. But she is still my favorite Princess

:4wiifit: There's more I tried such as Wii Fit Trainer. she is really good to and situational which could be both good bad depending on the game you play. she can go on the offense and defense when she needs to. I do believe she has the kit to be mid tier or higher but I believe her weird hitboxes interferes with this so hopefully they fix it in SSBU but If they don't they do come in handy.

Overall I'm everywhere with the Ice Climbers and it does prevent me a bit from being the best but when they comeback, I will be good again. As of now, I'm just enjoying 2v2 in both for fun and glory not taking them too seriously. If you guys have any suggestions, I'll take them but the Ice Climbers will forever be my main. Nice meeting you all :)

Melee : :icsmelee:


Ultimate: :ulticeclimbers:

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Dec 24, 2013
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I like slower characters, because their moves require a little more thought and keep me more engaged. Technical characters like Peach are also pretty fun. But most importantly, I choose based on how the character acts and how they look. 1st is the main, then secondary, then flexes.

:4zelda: Sass Gawdess. She may be low tier, but her aesthetics are SS+ Tier. She kills you with fists full of glitter, twinkly toes, and sparklers/pyrotechnics. She even has a Heaux Begone Guard that she can summon.

:4peach: She doesn't even look like she's fighting, she's just prancing, dancing, ribbon twirling, heart-throwing, or floating around. You just happen to keep getting in her way rip. The definition of effortless victory. And if she does lose? Well, duh, she wasn't even TRYING to fight you in the first place. :^)

:4wiifitm:D E A T H • B Y • Y O G A (and muscles in tight workout gear aaaay). Kinda like Peach in the sense that he's not even trying to fight. He's just doing his yoga and you keep getting wrecked by his incredible posture, form, and muscle tone. rip

:4jigglypuff:Everything Jigglypuff does is cute. Floating around is fun too. She was my Smash64 main since someone named Puddin/Lil Puddin should obviously main Jigglypuff/use her character to some capacity. Literally not fighting you as well. It's just a balloon that's static-clinging to your face and you keep dying somehow.

:4palutena:Mid-tier sass, mid-tier cute. Tons of sparkles and glowing things and she's basically a baton twirler.

:4bayonetta::4bayonetta2:Sass Kween. She's just an E X T R A gal with all of her hilariously over-the-top moves/voicelines. English accent +10 points btw. Her sass is S Tier, but will never be SS+ Tier because she unfortunately relies on WEAVE for ha glam-bam-goodbye-ma'ams style. Zelda is 100% natural and doesn't have to worry about having her weave snatched (but at least her REAL hair is magic). Legs of strutting death. Basically Zero Suit Samus minus being a total wig wearing thot/boring heaux.

:4corrin:He a cute dragon boi, kinda cheesy, but has a really weird and fun kit. He is precious and must be protected. Can turn into a water dragon deer thing for some reason so that's OK I guess.

:4myfriends:B A R A • S W O R D

:4robinm:Cute nerd boi, magic is always fun since it's sparkly/glowy stuff. Kills people with books. Angry librarian boi.

:4ludwig:THE SINGLE TOOF AND DA HAIR GETS ME EVERYTIME OMG and the clown car is ridiculous.


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Sep 11, 2014
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I'll go game by game and give reasons why I used each fighter in each game. You're going to see a lot of repeating characters on this list, as I try to stick to a core set of characters, and simply adding in new ones when I enjoy playing as them.
This list is in descending order of character usage in each game.

Smash 64:

:link64: : The Zelda series is my favourite game series of all time, and at the time of Smash 64's release, Ocarina of Time was my go to game, so because of that I always gravitated towards Link.
:falcon64: : Was more of a secondary then a main. I didn't play the original F-Zero , or F-Zero X at the time, so Smash was my introduction to Captain Falcon. I loved his over the top Power Ranger-esque appearance, and I really loved his moveset.


:marthmelee:: For most of my time playing Melee, I once again mained Link. But after playing against a bunch of tough players in my town over the years, I realized that Link just wasn't good enough to keep up with them, so I decided to switch to Marth. Now, I'm currently undefeated since I switched to him. Love his moveset to death.

:linkmelee:: Like stated above, Link was my main for most of my Melee career, and I was pretty dang good with him. But currently he's been demoted to secondary.

:roymelee:: Funny enough, Roy was my secondary when I was maining Link. I just thought he was a cooler Marth with fire, and I was really bad at getting tippers back then, so I used him over Marth. If only I knew back then.

:ganondorfmelee:: My "have fun" character. Never used him seriously like I do in Smash 4, but man is Ganondorf a blast to play. Love his Melee design. Plus he's a Zelda character, so that alone did a lot for me.


:ike:: Strangely enough I first played Path of Radiance (my first Fire Emblem game) literally a couple days before Ike was revealed on the Smash Dojo website. I loved Ike in his own game, and since Roy was gone in Brawl, I decided to use him. I loved his moveset from the get go, and felt like it perfectly complemented Brawl's slower paced gameplay. Destroyed many friends with Ike.

:marth:: It's weird how I first started using Marth in Brawl, and went back and mained him in Melee. By now I had gotten a lot more accurate with my attacks, so I picked up Marth, as, once again, Roy was out.

:ganondorf:: Still my "have fun" character. Not nearly as good as Melee Ganondorf was, but I still loved playing as the Dorf. Love his grumpy grandpa costume too.

Wii U/3DS: (based off of amount of KOs online.)

:4marth:: After switching to him in Melee, I planned to main Marth in Smash 4 as well. But before he was buffed, I wasn't doing that well with him, so I dropped Marth and decided to once again main Ike. But once he was buffed, I tried him out again, and he quickly surpassed Ike as my most used Smash 4 fighter.

:4myfriends:: My Smash 4 main before Marth's buff. I loved playing as Ike in Brawl, so I was ecstatic when I heard he was returning, and with his beefcake Radiant Dawn outfit to boot! Loved the subtle changes to his attacks. Defeating opponents with Ike is incredibly satisfying.

:4ganondorf:: I don't know why, but Smash 4's Ganondorf just clicked for me. He was no longer just my "have fun" character, but instead became a character I could actually do well with. Regardless, he's still a lot of fun to ply as.

:4link:: After barely using him in Brawl (although I used him in Project M), I finally got back into using Link in Smash 4 because of his numerous buffs. Plus his new fierce Deity costume didn't hurt either.

:4littlemac:: Never played Punch Out!!, but I liked Little Mac from what I've seen in his Wii game. So I was pretty happy when he was announced. I'm either into strong punching characters, or swordsman when I play Smash, and Mac's move set definitely fits into the strong punching category. I lot of fun to play with.

:4feroy:: I was so happy to hear that our boy was returning to Smash. I enjoyed playing him in Melee, so I had to give Roy another chance. I like him much more this time around, as he's been semi de-cloned from Marth and sporting a pretty pimpin' new outfit. His new hitboxes took a long time to get the hang of, but once I did, he became a lot of fun to play. Maybe if he came out earlier he'd be higher up in this list.

:4cloud:: I've been wanting Cloud in Smash since 3rd party characters were revealed as a thing in Brawl. So you could imagine how hyped I was when he was announced. Although I try not to use him too much, as I feel kinda cheap when I do. (As you can tell, the only other top tier I use is Marth, but people get way more salty about Cloud.) I will use him every once in a while though. Hope to use him more in Ultimate though.

:4lucina:: Not really a character I avidly play with, but I choose Lucina whenever I'm having an off day and am failing to get tippers with Marth.
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Apr 4, 2013
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I don't remember the specifics, but I recall being sick of the CPU stunlocking me to death in Brawl, so I decided to try and give them a taste of their own medicine by trying out Zero Suit Samus. I wasn't expecting much at first because "ew, her Up-B isn't a normal recovery like Sonic's, Toon Link's, Kirby's, etc," But when I discovered the utility of the rest of her moveset, including what that Up-B of hers was really used for...

In hindsight, Smash 4's hype cycle was needlessly stressful compared to Ultimate's because my biggest hope was that my favorite characters from Brawl hadn't been cut. I knew wolf was probably getting the axe day one, and Snake was on shaky ground for being third-party, but a little part of me always feared that Zero Suit Samus was too niche of a character to keep. Needless to say, I was super happy to find out she was coming back. I was laughing my *** off at the start of the game's lifecycle when I discovered out that Samus received a buff of all things. I played so much of her in Smash 4, that returning to Brawl is difficult because "oops, no Rocket Shoe Combos XD." And while they did eventually make that particular move much harder to use as anything other then recovery, ZSS remains my go-to main (mainly because I suck as everyone else ayy lmao).

Looking forward to playing as her again in Ultimate, but I'm not banking on her being my main, though, because you never really know until you actually play the game.
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Jul 5, 2018
I started playing Smash bros brawl as a young child, so all the characters I decided to play frequently were all children and cutesy looking characters. I played pretty much anyone who was a child (or I thought looked like a child, these being game & watch and olimar) or had Ness eyes except for Kirby for some reason. Due to this, I became very familiar with these characters and stuck with some them in Smash 4. Lucas, Ness, and Toon Link were my favorite characters in Brawl, so when Smash 4 came out I was mostly playing toon link and ness. Eventually I ended up ditching toon link and began maining Ness. Even after Lucas came back, I didn't switch back, as I was already accustomed to Ness. It also helps that I find Ness really fun in every game, even in Melee where he's considered pretty bad. I've really got to get around to playing Earthbound though.


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Aug 20, 2018
:mario64: I really liked Mario as a kid when I first played, and his moveset and speed felt right for me.
:drmario: Same deal, but he's better than regular Mario and I like to say "Doc".
:mario2: Doc was absent in this one, so I went with old trusty.
:4villager:Awesome moveset (the tree is brilliant), and the character I find most fun to play.


Smash Ace
Jul 29, 2018
The blast zone
:falcomelee: - I remember unlocking this weird birdman who played like Fox in melee and liking him. That's all I can remember about my time playing Melee (I was very young then).
:sonic: - I don't want to talk about it.
:pit: - Looked at an old Brawl tier list, saw he was near the top, picked him up.
:4shulk: - Thanks to chuggaaconroy, I played Xenoblade and loved it, picked Shulk up, realized he was trash, stuck with him because I'm totally a fanboy.
:4cloud2: - Got the DLC, tried Cloud, loved him, played him more than Shulk.


Smash Journeyman
Apr 6, 2018
California, US

Zelda is the best girl, don't @ me.

But to be serious, ive mained her since brawl and I will admit, its difficult. But I love a challenge, and I love the salt I receive when I win with her. Patience is key. Sure she is bad, top tiers do juggle her around, and she has a lot of weaknesses, but that's what makes her a challenging and hard character to master. She isn't for everyone, but she IS for me!
Sep 7, 2018
I usually pick them because I really like them in their source game... Hasn't steered me wrong yet, but i'm more of a casual player.
Aug 27, 2018
Into Sandy's City
:ultjigglypuff: It's always fun to troll with a character who's easy to underestimate like her.
:ultdiddy: I love this guy, full of excitement to use, operates like the game he came from and looks so cute in his pink and blond costume.
:ultwolf: Wolves are my favorite animals, he's has an awesome feral style of fighting and his voice is smooth.
:ultvillager: An unorthodox move set fit into this little trouble maker is why they are really fun to use, plus the pink girl reminds me of Strawberry.


The Surreal Deal
Oct 6, 2018
Flat Zone X
Switch FC
:ultgnw::ultpacman::ultduckhunt: They're weird, retro characters! That's why I picked them up.
:ultvillager: Noticed the challenge in Smash Wii U instructing the player to beat Crazy Orders with Villager. I decided to do it, and I've been addicted to Villager (and Crazy Orders) ever since!


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Jan 1, 2011
Hungary, Europe
So inretesting to see the reasons behind the characters. I never play competitively (as in tournaments) so I never chose based on tier lists. I started with Melee and went with characters that simply felt comfortable: :zeldamelee::falconmelee:

Then in Brawl :olimar: and:wolf:. Olimar because he looked fun and I find his movement to be the most appealing to me. I like his jumps and light weight more than other characters’, for some reason he was easier to control for me. And the Pikmin make him unique. Wolf had nice strong attacks, wasn’t light but was agile, with a reflector and a projectile, well rounded.

Sm4sh: :4olimar::4charizard: Kept Olimar but I was really sad about having only 3 carrots. The recovery was a nice buff though. Still like him a lot. I picked up Zard because I accidentally discovered that he’s surprisingly strong and lives long because of his weight, and he’s got much better in this game. Also I’m a fire pokemon fan. (Blaziken, where art thou?!)

Ultimate: I will probably keep :ultolimar: and pick up :ultwolf: again. :ultridley: seems quite interesting, and I’m also open for any new main I might find comfortable. I’ll be sure to get better with :007: and :002: to add to :006: so that I can properly main :ultpokemontrainer: too. RIP roxmash, I hope switching between them will be at least as useful as that move was. Switching really should be on the d-pad replacing a taunt though.


Smash Apprentice
Oct 7, 2018
I decided on Young Link because I love both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, also because I have a thing for old-school Zelda and I have no clue why.
I just wish they would've brought back adult oot link for this one.. here's hoping for smash 6 if it even happens.


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Oct 8, 2018
New Orleans, Louisiana
I honestly choose whoever I have the most fun with rather than whoever I am best at, gives me the motivation to learn. Outside of that principle, I just like Luigi aesthetically and I really appreciate the quirky personality.
Jan 17, 2014
If the character doesn't suck so badly that it is actually worth playing as that character, then I might play as that character regularly.


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Oct 18, 2018
I main Luigi in all Smash bros respectively as one of my earliest experiences with Nintendo was Luigi's Mansion for the GameCube.
I've loved the green underdog ever since. He brings this personality to the table that Mario just simply does not. While Mario is the poster hero, fearless and brave, excelling naturally, Luigi struggles. He's cowardly, and quirky never receiving the recognition of his brother. Seeing him overcome his flaws to rescue his sibling from peril made me respect him and I've always seen him as a personal hero of mine growing up.
I've grown to play many characters overtime but I will always play the mean green hero for this alone.
Even if he won't be my main in Ultimate, make no mistake I will pull him out of my pocket frequently.
Some people hate Luigi for his seamless aerial combo game and wacky unpredictable RNG elements, and it's understandable as fighting games can make you like and dislike a great many characters due to their individual styles of play, but my love for the lesser plumber is deeply seeded in my childhood and I'll never stop loving Luigi for being Luigi.
Jul 26, 2018
Switch FC
I pick characters that I like and sometimes like them enough to get good with them the end


Smash Master
Feb 19, 2015
Switch FC
I picked Ness because he's the original zoning character in Smash and I find it satisfying to pelt enemies from afar with guided projectiles and flame eruptions.