Who's the most forgettable character in the game of smash ultimate?

Who do you forget is in the game the most?

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May 30, 2015
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Who do you forget is in the game the most?

also side-note, anyone noticed how 4 of the characters listed are the last/recent 4 mario characters added after Brawl?


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Jan 22, 2019
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I was going to say Toon Link, the weakest link (ha) of the three Links with nothing that notable or unique to the character mold... but the first two responses to this thread reminded me that Sheik existed, I probably wouldn't have remembered her otherwise if she hadn't been brought up.

I can't remember if I've ever fought a Sheik online. Maybe once, twice max? I can confidently say I've fought every other character in Ultimate at least enough times to not be able to count all the sets on a single hand. I recall playing as Sheik on a couple rare occasions when I'm screwing around with Random, but that's it. She has no real player base representation, the character herself was half of Zelda before the two were cut apart, with the latter growing into her own character and the former stayed mostly the same. I feel like if Zelda had been introduced after Melee, even in the Brawl era, I don't think Sheik would have been part of her character.

Sheik still being here after Melee is sort of a custom by now, ignoring Smash Ultimate's "Everyone is Here" mantra. I can see the justification for keeping her being her unique playstyle for a Zelda character in Smash, and the closest thing we have to someone playable outside of the Triforce Trio (she's Zelda, but not entirely, and certainly not a moveset clone of her, she has that going for her at least). On the other hand, all of her moves are pretty much original and draw barely any reference to her home game or series, and unlike Captain Falcon who does the same thing, isn't nearly as iconic, especially not now with, again, how underrepresented she is in high level play, or even mid level, I'd argue. Her popularity in past games mostly came from how good she was in the meta, but now that she's dropped off the map, she isn't seeing nearly as much love or attention. If we get a Smash 6, I feel like Sheik might be due for a replacement, a design overhaul, or just being cut altogether.

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Apr 3, 2015

I constantly forget he even exists. The character never made any real impression on me, good or bad.
Dec 24, 2001
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I constantly forget Olimar exists. No one I know plays him, no one I know is a fan of Pikmin but I don't think he's a bad roster inclusion at all so I haven't even got the disdain for him that I do for other weird roster choices like Dr. Mario, Ice Climbers or Young Link.

Other characters I accidentally Thanos mind on include Pichu, Lucario, Greninja, Lucas, Rosalina, Wii Fit Trainer, Ness, Snake, Richter, Meta Knight, Sheik, Joker, Toon Link and Falco all on rotation.

I forget a lot of characters as it turns out.


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May 10, 2017
Wait, isn't this thread subjective? I barely notice Lucas. Ness is also arguably. He's my dude, but Ness is seriously a character of the past. Olimar is fading for me. Bowser Jr. Rosalina and Roy are forgettable.


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May 13, 2018
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:ultrob: R.O.B. continues not to have their own stage so I nominate them. I'd forget the poor buddy is even in the game were R.O.B. not part of so many spirit battles.
Well ROB isn't forgotten competitively, but I see that point too...
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