Who is a surprising unsupported character that you think has a good chance?


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Dec 31, 2012
CLARIFICATION: I'm more referring to characters that people either think have no chance or have even thought about their chances to be playable.
Not characters everyone already knows has a chance or has talked about like Geno, Sora, DoomGuy, Dante, ect. More along the lines of Earthworm Jim, Frogger, Pitfall Harry. Characters no one mentions but surprisingly have a good shot of making it in due to their history, recent info or special connections.

For me it's a League of Legends champion. However; it's hard to say who exactly considering the fact there are so many. I'd say most likely Ryze since he is one of the originals and is seen as an unofficial mascot for the game. But for all I know characters like Teemo, Katarina, Jinx, Ahri, Ashe or Garen.

The reason I say this is for a number of reasons

1. LoL is now coming to the Switch through the new Wild Rift port.
2. Last year was Lol's 10 year anniversary
3. LoL is one of the most successful games of all time with 33 Million monthly players
4. Riot is owned by Tencent who has a good relationship with Nintendo and is helping bring the Switch to the Chinese market

But who would you say is a character that has a surprisingly good chance of making it in? I would love to hear your ideas and reasons!


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Dec 3, 2007
There's no such thing as an unsupported character. Seems every character in every video game has some degree of support for their Smash inclusion (even ones that shouldn't, like Steve and Freddy Fazbear).

I think genuine popularity is the only determining factor for whether a character makes it or not. So sadly if they're not strongly supported they probably will never get in, which leaves out a lot of my favorites.
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