What kind of gimmick would you give your most wanted?

Apr 8, 2018
San Clemente, California
Just as the title says. Personally, I like that the recent characters have their own kind of gimmick pertaining to their home game (Arsene, :ulthero:'s MP Gauge, etc.). What kind of gimmicks of this nature would you give your most wanted character, in this case? I'm gonna start with...

Crash Bandicoot

Aku Aku: If Crash takes too many hits simultaneously, Aku Aku appears and reduces the damage taken to .7x, appearing for a while before going away.

Crate Bounce (part of his :GCU::GCB:): One of these crates will appear during the selection;

>Arrow Crate (which is purely metal), a Crate that takes Crash a fair distance up despite briefly preventing horizontal movement.
>Bounce Crate, which has five uses before it breaks and gradually increases height with each use (you can press the jump button to jump higher, but it uses up two uses).
>TNT Crate, which explodes 3 seconds after being summoned. Crash can either use it as a platform before it explodes-whether he jumps away from it time or takes the hit to get a tremendous boost in height (20%, medium knockback)-or let it drop by pressing a dodge button. It can be picked by other fighters before it explodes.

Sometimes a Nitro Crate appears and explodes the second it makes contact with something (35%, far knockback), namely if Crash presses most buttons. However, he can still air dodge to use it as a trap for unwary opponents.


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Jun 7, 2016
Honestly not a big fan of the big gimmicks and how they seem to distort people's opinions of what makes a fighter unique.

That said, Rex would very likely have some sort of blade switching mechanic. The extent to which it would alter his moveset, I don't know honestly. I don't think it would switch it up entirely, but I could see it having give and take between the two. In my thinking which seems unlikely, it would completely alter his smash attacks as they would be done by his blade.


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Oct 29, 2019
Hornet with Silk mechanic, would work similar to MP but only regenerates by hitting enemies


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Jun 30, 2013
Lurking in the darkness.....
I like it when the moveset in general is enough to set a character apart from other people. I'll try to add gimmicks to them anyways. Though my most wanted are rather unlikely and I wouldn't be surprised if there's some character I want more that I just can't think of. Besides, I already got my most wanted in (Meta Knight), and Lucario was a nice surprise.

Spoiler cause I typed quite a bit.
Shadow the Hedgehog (him being an assist trophy makes him unlikely now though. Also he'd likely be an echo anyways) - All about chaos control. I haven't played every sonic game so I'm sure there's even more interesting stuff that could be done with it that I'm unaware of.

First of all I'd be a bit disappointed if his recovery wasn't a teleport because of chaos control, and be shocked if he didn't have chaos spear as one of his specials. You'd probably be able to hold the chaos spear as well. If Chaos Snap (teleporting next to an enemy which he does a lot of) gets added in as a separate special as well, that could be a VERY huge gimmick as well and there isn't really anyone like that in the game and the only thing that comes close right now is greninja's and lucario's counters. Teleporting next to an enemy is usually something seen as a gimmick of one character in 1v1 fighters (or DBZ/Naruto games). Perhaps if there's some sort of input you could decide to go behind or in front of an enemy, go to a close enemy or far enemy, or to your ally in teams or to the enemy. Of course there has to be some sort of limit because we can't have him teleporting from the blast zone to the enemy (unless he pulls a mewtwo and is super light because "he's always floating with Chaos control and uses his shoes to fly a lot"). Maybe it only works a certain distance, or maybe it gets laggier the farther away from the opponent you are. Though I haven't played all Sonic games so there are some things I probably don't know. Like I just glanced at a video showing off powers that Shadow has. Apparently in Sonic Battle there's a move where he sends out a projectile, but when it returns it's bigger and follows where shadow goes which seems very interesting because off the top of my head only Luma sorta does that, and Link's boomerangs (but they give up chasing Link after a while)

I would imagine Shadow having a meter for his chaos control since there's a meter for it in shadow the hedgehog and '06 (like I said, I haven't played all sonic games there might be better games to reference). When meter is maxed, it slowly starts to fade away as he has more access to chaos control like powers. Also he usually is invincible but that'd be a bit too much to give to him, so letting him having a rather tanky mode (Whether it's reduced damage, or tough guy armor, or both or something new I don't care). Going from bait+punish style to being super aggressive once you get chaos control going. So I guess it's kinda like Joker + Arsene like that, but instead of just having insanely strong and fast attacks that let you nuke the opponent like Joker canwith Arsene, it just allows Shadow more options and durability...... Also guns are rather controversial, but if they were in the game and were given an ammo limit, they'd temporarily not use up ammo since that's what happens in the games. (personally E-102 and sonic were my 2 favorite gameplay styles in Sonic Adventure, sooo Shadow the Hedgehog just combining those two gameplay styles where you run past everything blowing up twice the amount of enemies as you zoom past just feels awesome). Also might be able to end the chaos control early with Chaos Blast. Whether it's a static amount of damage, or if it's damage based on the remaining chaos meter like Hero's Magic blast, I don't really care. Though they might just make Shadow's final Smash Chaos blast if they don't make him Super Shadow (or him removing his rings)

But hey, I'll just be super happy if Shadow is just playable at all and is just an echo, and playing as the Dark Sonic color just isn't the same, especially since it just makes me think of Sonic X instead of Shadow (and I've only seen a few clips of Sonic X). Though if Shadow is just a power version of sonic it'll kinda hurt me a little because in all the games I've seen where shadow is different, Shadow has a much heavier emphasis on doing combo attacks since he's like the only character that ever does combos in a sonic game. Though Sonic in Smash already has some nice combos, so perhaps Shadow does less damage but has an easier time hitting them or stuff leads into each other better?

Ralsei - Deltarune only has one chapter released, but gosh darn I love this nice guy healer self-proclaimed "prince of darkness". Feels kinda like lookin' in a mirror for me. So I'd definitely main him if he got in. Anyways since only one chapter of Deltarune is out, we probably don't know a whole lot of stuff about Ralsei right now and I would assume he gets more attacks later on in the game. Problem with adding a character based around healing is that you have to limit the healing in some way, so you don't get matches where someone is just running away spamming heal whenever they get hurt.

Perhaps Ralsei would get rewarded with TP for blocking/parrying attacks, or making opponents just barely whiff their attacks just like in Deltarune. Also probably getting a small amount of TP for fighting as well, but that's a little less interesting since a few other characters in the roster get stuff from dealing damage too. Of course if Ralsei is just running away just blocking all the time, the opponent should be able to adapt that Ralsei is being too pacifistic and just grab him or break his shield.

So far in Deltarune, Ralsei only has 2 kinds of spells he can do with TP (Tension Points). Though Sakurai has played with Toby so Toby could tell him what other spells Ralsei will have or just let Sakurai do whatever so we'd probably get some spell we don't know of yet. Though we'd get a menu like Hero (except this isn't random since there's not so many spells) First spell is Pacify which puts enemies to sleep if they are tired so I'd imagine that being Ralsei's big gimmick, and the easier it is to land and stronger it is, the weaker Ralsei would have to be in other ways. Or perhaps Pacify would be the one of the few kill confirms he can get at higher %s. Then you got a heal that lets you select you or an ally if you're in doubles. Gonna say that the ways to get TP are either drastically reduced or not available with your ally since that might promote campy tactics where you run away to farm heals.

As for the rest of Ralsei, I'd imagine his scarf attacks being disjointed and that his final smash would be the other two team members helping out. I'd imagine he's afraid of people getting too close to overwhelm him as well so he'd probably not have the fastest attacks to make up for the disjointed range of the scarf and his spells.

Though I will admit what will probably end up with getting Kris if we were to get someone from Deltarune. Still have the TP mechanic and have the team member appear just when you use a spell. This also gives Susie and Kris more love. Also Kris is the only one who can ACT which is a big thing in Undertale + Deltarune. It could either be random between a few different things, or be more specific to some characters (or at least groups of characters).

But yeah, that's just a quick glance at what I'd think they'd do. I don't expect them in the game though, but you can bet I'll have to split my time up more so I can main them as well if they do get in though.