What is your top 5 most OP characters in the smash series?

Jan 10, 2018
Ever since Omni released his opinion on the 5 most OP characters in the series, I am wondering what is your guys opinions on who is the strongest characters in the series. Here is my order:

1.:metaknight:- The Brawl meta pretty much revolves around him. Stupid fast / safe attacks, transcendent priority in almost all his attacks, busted recovery, easy combos, the list goes on. The only real weaknesses are: relatively light weight, somewhat small shield, and somewhat weak to stale-move-negation for KOs, but they are negligible. He has zero losing matchups, and arguably no even matchups either, with him taking the majority of tournaments in all levels of play. There are 27 Meta Knight players in current rankings out of 100 (which doesn't count the ones that use him as a secondary or pocket, which he is quite notorious for that) with 8 of them being in the top 20.
2.:foxmelee:- Blip blip blip. Before anyone says "Oh, but he is easily chaingrabbed and edgeguarded. He definitely a much more fair character than Bayonetta." It is true that those are two noticeable weaknesses, he has strengths through the roof that make them obsolete at many scenarios. He has fast attacks, excellent comboing and damaging ability, long recovery options, and numerous approaching methods boasting some of the best neutral game options among the entire cast. His aerial game also includes several low-lag yet effective and powerful moves to complement his ground game, especially when SHFFL'd, and is incredibly effective at approaching and edgeguarding. His best move, his reflector, is plain BS. Aside from its intended purpose, it activates on frame 1, has set knockback, is invincible on frame 1 can be jump canceled; this allows for shine spikes gimps, neutral stance resets, getup option mixups, and even combos when wavedashing is incorporated. He has a whopping 37 players out of 100 in the rankings maining him (which doesn't count the ones who use him as a secondary or pocket him, which would increase his count to 56), with 8 of them in the top 20.
3.:popo:- This character is stupid. They have an infinite chaingrab on every single character in the game, and are immune to chaingrabs themselves. To add insult to injury, their tag team mechanic helps them tremendously in the defensive world of Brawl, as they can break out of combos with ease, set up walls with projectiles and disjointed hitboxes, and give them a large damage output. Their main weakness is if they are separated, a lot these mentioned benefits are mostly disabled. Nevertheless, they have only 4 slight disadvantageous matchups (with MK being the only top tier matchup he loses to) and secure strong results (although there are 6 PGR'ed players in the current rankings, four of them are top 15 in the world).
4.:4bayonetta:- Controversial, but for blind reasons. She is a very strong character, and almost indisputably the best character in the game. She has a very powerful combo game, an efficient punish move in Witch Time, great edgeguarding, and one of the best (if not, the best) recoveries in the game. However, she possesses a large frame and relatively light weight, a noticeable punish window when her combos end (or whiff), and mediocre frame data on the ground. Part of what makes her controversial, is players exaggerating her dominance and her "lack of disadvantages". However, she is not very dominant, especially in comparison to the top 5 characters in the game (and this list), which holds especially true in the current meta. Her dominance in mid to low levels of play has went down, with more and more players figuring out how to SDI and DI her combos and punish her. Although she does have three top 8 appearances in majors, it comes from the same players (which proves that is comes down to skill as well), and there is her glaring lack of winning major tournaments (with Tweek being the only Bayo player winning PGR'ed events). "Just SDI" may not the only thing needed to beat her, but only the most skilled Bayo players will thrive in the current metagame as more players continue to figure her out. Nevertheless, her strengths are real, and she only has a handful of characters she loses to (although her dominant matchups aren't as dominant as other character's matchup spread, such as Rosalina).

5.:pikachu64:- SSB64 Pikachu fits SSB64 very well. Having no losing matchups similar to Melee Fox and Brawl MK, Pikachu in this game possesses a very strong combo game, kill thows, and a nearly unedgeguardable recovery (similar to Bayonetta, and to an extreme extent, MK). However, it is a light characters, with limited tech options, and has some issues to getting combo'ed. Despite being the most common character in the game, with strong tournament results and wins, other characters in the game have demonstrated tournament success as well, making 64 Pikachu less dominant. Seriously, SSB64 is pretty balanced.
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Dec 28, 2016
I put 15 characters because these characters are just way better than anyone else in the series

1. Meta Knight (Brawl)
2. Pre-patch Diddy
3. Pre-patch Bayonetta
4. Ice Climbers (Brawl)
5. Fox (Melee)
6. Pre-patch Sheik
7. Olimar (Brawl)
8. Falco (Melee)
9. Pikachu (Smash 64)
10. Pre-patch Cloud
11. Pre-patch Zero Suit Samus
12. Pre-patch Meta Knight
13. Pre-patch Luigi
14. Marth (Melee)
15. Diddy Kong (Brawl)
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