What is the Best Stage For Your Best Characters?


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Jan 9, 2019

So what are your favorite stages to play with your favorite characters?? And more importantly, why? Is it there something about the stage that gives your character an advantage? Is it a stage that brings back fond memories of the character your playing? Or do you simply enjoy the level for its visual setting and/or level effects? Or something else?? Any will do! Here's some of mine:

:ultkirby: -Fountain of Dreams with Melee cover of Gourmet Race: If I'm rocking Kirby and have choice of level, I usually can't help but choose this level/music combo, simply brings back so many memories with melee. Also I still think the Melee cover of Gourmet Race remains as one of the greatest Smash tracks of all time! ^_^
- (Honorable Mention) -Temple: "So much land!! ....It's... It's beautiful...."

:ultridley:/:ultsamus:/:ultdarksamus:-Brinstar Depths with melee track: Love getting those Metroid Prime vibes.... and also I usually find that I'm actually able to play very well with Ridley on this particular stage.

:ultbayonetta: -Dracula's Castle: I actually think that Bayonetta's Witch/Demon theme kinda goes better with the overall horror vibe of the stage (Love me some Wolfman!), and i often find good angles with Bayonetta's pistols on this stage as well.

So what's some of yours??
Aug 27, 2018
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:ultdiddy: Kongo Falls/Jungle Japes Omega forms, best way to hear his new theme (Map/Bonus Room mix) for Kongo Falls and the remix of the final boss of Dkc2 for Jungle Japes.

:ultbowserjr: Find Mii with Trouble Brewing 2 playing, closest thing I'll get something like a Bowser level which is long overdue.

:ultjigglypuff: Electroplankton Omega form, fits her bubbly nature.

:ultvillager: Smashville I guess, I actually don't have a special reason why other than I love the new remix for the title of Animal Crossing. Also it kinda depends which alt I'm am too.

:ultisabelle: Dracula's Castle, makes me think of the days of watching Courage the Cowardly Dog.
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:ultlittlemac:Boxing ring with Minor circuit music because it just fits
:ultsonic:Green Hill Zone with Escape from the city music because it's a iconic duo and Escape from the city is my favorite video game song ever
:ultrob: New Donk City i don't know he just fits the aesthetic
:ulttoonlink:Dream land see R.O.B but better

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Jul 21, 2017
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Well...my girls :ultpeach::ultdaisy::ultrosalina::ultbayonetta: go to either the Umbra Clock Tower (with the song Mysterious Destiny: Theme of Bayonetta playing all the time by the way) or Mario Galaxy because they are set in the night. And I think Smash is best played at night. I cannot speak much about their best stages in terms of competitive play, though.

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May 28, 2014
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The wuhu stages (the plane one and the island tour one. They have the same concept). I love the relaxing vacation scenery, which goes with my want of traveling and visiting beautiful places.