What inspired you to main Bayonetta?

Galaxy Queen Rosalina

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Jul 21, 2017
Princess Peach's Castle
Basically what the title asks. My girl :ultbayonetta1: appears to not have a thread on this, and the social is a bit too quiet to ask there.

Here is my story: it began when I pre-ordered a :4bayonetta2: amiibo (not :4bayonetta, mind you). I received it just a couple days before I joined SmashBoards. That same day, I watched plenty of archived Smash 4 :4bayonetta2: footage. The Witch Time, her pre-1.1.6 craziness, her stellar damage-racking ability and tournament results to date were the things that inspired me to pick her up and learn her. I do not know how to quantify her level of execution, but it cannot be that low. Now that Ultimate is out, I will once again main Bayo alongside my other girls :ultpeach::ultdaisy::ultrosalina:. In fact, unlocking these four will be my first order of business when I buy the game. Now, I know she had been nerfed nastily but that will not deter me. Makes it all the more satisfying when I win matches as her.

Sa...that is my story. Now it is time to hear what inspired you to main the Umbra Witch. :kirby:


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Nov 29, 2018
Austin, Tx
I main her because of the ridiculous amount of time I've put into her games. I'm still trying to get a Pure Platinum on Hard in Bayo 1. Not interested in doing that for Bayo 2, though.

I feel like her character in Ultimate doesn't really reflect her personality and gameplay. But I do love her win screen animations, those make it all worth it.


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Jan 19, 2019
New smash player no smash experience prior to ultimate. Then I saw that video that Zero uploaded of CapZack where Zero got taken out from spawn platform to death without having a moment to recover. Looks damn cool, thought it would be a fun goal to strive for. Definitely is, hitting straight combos is very satisfying, and I don't believe anybody else in the game have a combo potential on the same level.