What if the three stage bosses were NORMAL bosses?


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Apr 8, 2018
San Clemente, California
You know the current stage bosses? Yellow Devil, Metal Face and Dark Lord? Well, I compiled a list of which characters would fight them in Classic Mode if they were upgraded to normal bosses in a rerelease.

Yellow Devil (Mega Man 2 Medley)
:ultsonic: (team battle w/:ultmegaman:; Live and Learn)
:ultmegaman: (moved from Galleom)

Metal Face (An Obstacle in Our Path)
:ultike: (Against the Dark Knight)
:ultminmin (moved from Galleom)

Dark Emperor (Dark Lord)
:ultkingdedede: (The World to Win)
:ulthero: (moved from Rathalos; Fighting Spirits - DRAGON QUEST 3)

Of course, these bosses would also be fought in World of Light as well.

Yellow Devil: Light Realm, Power Plant
Metal Face: Final Battle (Dark)
Dark Emperor: Dark Realm, Sacred Land
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