What if Fighter Spirits (besides Min Min) had effects?


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Apr 8, 2018
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You know how Fighter Spirits are only there to mark that each fighter has a Spirit? Well, I decided to give them effects and Classes of their own. Feel free to give feedback if you want.

-Mario (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, First-Strike Advantage)
-Donkey Kong (:starman::starman::starman:, Stats + After Eating)
-Link (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Undamaged Attack ++)
-Samus (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Screw Attack Equipped)
-Dark Samus (:starman::starman::starman:, Trade-Off Attacks +)
-Yoshi (:starman::starman::starman:, Stats + After Eating)
-Kirby (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Invincibility After Eating)
-Fox (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Landing Lag -)
-Pikachu (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Zap Floor Immunity)
-Luigi (:starman::starman::starman:, Jump +)
-Ness (:starman::starman::starman:, Franklin Badge Equipped)
-Captain Falcon (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Impact Run)
-Jigglypuff (:starman:, Slumber Immunity)
-Peach (:starman::starman::starman:, Improved Escape)
-Daisy (:starman::starman:, Fire Flower Equipped)
-Bowser (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Lava Floor Immunity)
-Ice Climbers (:starman::starman:, Team Power Up)
-Sheik (:starman::starman::starman:, Move Speed +)
-Zelda (A Link Between Worlds) (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Fast FS Meter)
-Dr. Mario (:starman::starman:, K.O.’s Heal Damage)
-Pichu (:starman:, Lightweight)
-Falco (:starman::starman:, Trade-Off Ability +)
-Marth (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Critical Hit)
-Lucina (:starman::starman::starman:, Shield Damage +)
-Young Link (:starman::starman:, Bunny Hood Equipped)
-Ganondorf (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Chances of Double Final Smash)
-Mewtwo (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Fast FS Meter)
-Roy (:starman::starman::starman:, Fire/Explosion Attack +)
-Chrom (:starman::starman::starman:, Critical-Health Attack +)
-Mr. Game & Watch (:starman::starman:, Item Gravitation)
-Meta Knight (:starman::starman::starman:, Super Armor)
-Pit (:starman::starman::starman:, Super Leaf Equipped)
-Dark Pit (:starman::starman:, Staff Equipped)
-Zero Suit Samus (:starman::starman::starman:, Gravity-Change Immunity)
-Wario (Overalls) (:starman::starman:, Transformation Duration +) -> Wario (Biker) (:starman::starman::starman:, Item Gravitation)
-Snake (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Undamaged Attack +)
-Ike (Path of Radiance) (:starman::starman::starman:, Unflinching Charged Smashes) -> Ike (Radiant Dawn) (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Critical Immunity)
-Squirtle (:starman:, Swimmer)
-Ivysaur (:starman::starman:, Poison Resist)
-Charizard (:starman::starman::starman:, Up Special +)
-Diddy Kong (:starman::starman::starman:, Assist Killer)
-Lucas (:starman::starman:, PSI Power +)
-Sonic (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Move Speed ++)
-King Dedede (:starman::starman::starman:, Additional Midair Jump)
-Olimar (:starman::starman::starman:, Instadrop)
-Alph (:starman:, Thrown Items +)
-Lucario (:starman::starman::starman:, Critical-Health Attack +)
-R.O.B. (:starman::starman:, Screen-Flip Immunity)
-Toon Link (:starman::starman::starman:, Fairy Bottle Equipped)
-Wolf (:starman::starman::starman:, Rage Blaster Equipped)
-Villager (:starman::starman:, Bury Immunity)
-Mega Man (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Transformation Duration +)
-Wii Fit Trainer (:starman:, Physical Attack +)
-Rosalina & Luma (:starman::starman::starman:, Item Gravitation +)
-Little Mac (:starman::starman:, Fist Attack +)
-Greninja (:starman::starman::starman:, Jam FS Charge)
-Palutena (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Chances of Double Final Smash)
-PAC-MAN (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Invincibility After Eating)
-Robin (:starman::starman:, Special Move Power +)
-Shulk (:starman::starman:, Critical Health Healing)
-Bowser Jr. (:starman::starman::starman:, Invisibility)
-Larry Koopa (:starman:, Green Shell Equipped)
-Roy Koopa (:starman::starman:, Bullet Bill Equipped)
-Wendy O. Koopa (:starman:, Falling Immunity)
-Iggy Koopa (:starman::starman:, Beam Sword Equipped)
-Morton Koopa Jr. (:starman::starman::starman:, Slow Super Armor)
-Lemmy Koopa (:starman:, Tiny)
-Ludwig von Koopa (:starman::starman:, Star Rod Equipped)
-Duck Hunt (:starman::starman:, Shooting Items +)
-Ryu (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, First-Strike Advantage)
-Ken (:starman::starman::starman:, Easier Perfect Shield)
-Cloud Strife (:starman::starman::starman:, Critical-Health Attack +) -> Cloud Strife (Advent Children) (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Critical-Health Stats ++)
-Corrin (:starman::starman:, Transformation Duration +)
-Bayonetta (:starman::starman:, Air Attack +) -> Bayonetta (Bayonetta 2) (:starman::starman::starman:, Fast FS Meter)
-Inkling (:starman::starman::starman:, Healing Shield)
-Ridley (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Lifesteal)
-Simon Belmont (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Special Move Power ++)
-Richter Belmont (:starman::starman::starman:, Death’s Scythe Equipped)
-King K. Rool (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Super Armor)
-Isabelle (:starman: :starman: , Item Gravitation)
-Incineroar (:starman::starman:, Grabs & Throws +)
-Piranha Plant (:starman:, Foot Attack +)
-Joker (Student) (:starman::starman:) -> Joker (Phantom Thief) (:starman::starman::starman:, Friendly Assist Trophy)
-Hero (Dragon Quest XI S) (:starman::starman::starman:, Autoheal)
-Hero (Dragon Quest III) (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Critical Hit +)
-Hero (Dragon Quest IV) (:starman:, Dark Resistance +)
-Hero (Dragon Quest VIII) (:starman::starman:, Poison Floor Immunity)
-Banjo-Kazooie (:starman::starman::starman:, Team Power-Up)
-Terry Bogard (:starman::starman::starman::starman:, Critical Fast FS Meter ++)
-Byleth (:starman::starman::starman:, Great Lifesteal)
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